Angel Wings and Chevy Impalas

By RubyScars

Romance / Action

A Sleepy Diner and a Werewolf

For some reason bird kids are bleeding into all of my fandoms so I am sorry!

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Alida sat on the stool for a moment, nursing her coffee and enjoying the quiet diner. It was almost empty and nearing closing time but the kind waitress waved away any need to leave and so she sat there enjoying the peace. It was rare, these moments and she intended to enjoy it for as long as she could. She could see both exits, a half asleep truck driver was the only person other than the waitress present and Alida and she had cash to pay. There didn't seem to be any problems for once.

You wouldn't think she was out of the ordinary, maybe a college student catching a late night snack after studying. She was wearing brown leather boots up to her knees and skinny jeans. A loose leather jacket to match the boots with extra zippers was over a loose pink dressy blouse. She had smiled politely at the waitress who had admired her red hair pulled back into a wavy ponytail. Her light blue eyes were heightened by a spattering of freckles across her nose and considering everything she was a pretty young thing, but easy to overlook.

None of them knew that she had a knife in each boot and one at the small of her back. Her ponytail had lock picks and a thin wire was looped through the rubber band holding her hair, for emergencies. If one of them had a keen eye and could decipher the way her clothes fell on her hidden weapons, well then they were probably the type of person to steer clear of someone so obviously equipped to be dangerous.

But even they wouldn't have been able to figure out what lay against her back, stiff and unmoving it could be seen as her coat settled on it every once in a while. No body noticed, no one cared to look that close and if they did they were abruptly caught by bright aqua eyes and an arresting smile but nobody had noticed. She could sit peacefully, knowing that the bandage wrapped loosely around her chest and stomach would hold the the large wings on her back down, and the loose shirt would diminish that awkward shape. The jacket covered it completely and so unless someone knew what to look for no one would detect that the pretty young girl wasn't completely human.

She was only ninety seven percent human to be honest, two percent avian, and what some friends of hers liked to refer to as a birdkid. She had an extra dose of bird, but for some reason it didn't seem to show even though it had secretly worried her for years. She didn't even have mutations that turned into powers like they did, a group of young people with wings lead by a girl named Maximum Ride. The Flock. They were almost normal if you considered children that could fly, breath under water, and read minds normal. Well, perhaps she should call them special then. They were her mission, for better or worse, and she had decided it would be for the better.

Alida was a couple of years older than their leader, but she had not had as much contact with the outside world and so she often felt like a directionless child. They hadn't even known she had existed until Itexicon sent her to kill them. Made specifically to be a predator, a hunter for a time when a bird kid needed to be eliminated, she had been trained for the day when she was sent out to kill one of the precious assets.

She hadn't expected these so called rogue assets to be loyal children ready to die for one another, and she had been quickly outnumbered when she had finally been sent to hunt Maximum Ride. She had survived, and had succeeded in taking down her target to their surprise, but with the blonde girl so ready to die for her family Alida hadn't gone for the kill. And so for the first time in her life she disobeyed an order and she did not kill the girl who named herself Maximum Ride.

Instead she had elected to save her, returning from her assignment to destroy the building that had been her home, her prison, for nineteen years. She had been deadly, furious, and terrified as she attacked, but there was no other option for her. They would be destroyed or the Flock and herself would never be safe.

The Flock arrived in time to aid her as she was becoming outnumbered and helped her battle her way through the prison. For the first time she did not fight alone, and the sensation of being surrounded by a sky full of wings was one of the dearest Alida had. They set free those children who were still there, not many for this had been a secret place left over from when Max had rebelled and destroyed Itexicon, or as much as she could.

Max hadn't even known there had been any left, and as they dismembered the labs they realized that meant there were probably other places, secret labs like the one that had held Alida. The Flock hadn't been as safe as they had thought and Alida mourned the loss of the freedom they thought they had won.

Alida protected them for months, learning how to be free and healing from her imprisonment but soon she was stifled by the Flock that she wasn't really a part of no matter how welcoming they were. She soon decided to search out the last embers of Itexicon and protect the children from a distance. They had agreed, letting her go with guilty relief but she needed to find who she was, more than just choosing a name and being a soldier. And so here she was in the middle of a small town in Wyoming, drinking coffee close to midnight and hiding her wings.

All things considered, she was thankful for the silence and the smell of baked goods still permeating the air. It was a new memory, perhaps a normal human wouldn't remember this place, but it was one of the few Alida was collecting to combat the numerous ones filled with the scent of disinfectant or blood. She stood with a sigh, dropping the money she had stolen from some rich man's bank account next to her coffee cup and then she left a generous tip also.

She didn't feel guilty, the kind hearted woman had spoken fondly of the three children she had at home. It would do more good there than in the bank account of someone who would barely notice it was gone. Alida left quietly, not wanting to get the waitresses attention and have to suffer through a thank you or goodbye. She never handled those well, and it was easier to just leave while the woman was distracted.

She strode out the back door, pretty sure she wasn't suppose to be using it considering the dust and boxes down the hallway. She looked up at the night sky with another sigh as the door creaked closed behind her, leaving her in a dark alley with nothing but the stars.

In some small town in the middle of no where USA a Chevy Impala roared down the street, turning down a dark alley. It was actually a pleasant town, sleepy at this close to midnight and a diner was cheerfully lit and welcoming near by. The men inside the black car hoped to visit it soon, but they were a little bit distracted by the werewolf now running from their headlights.

It was quickly cornered at the end of the alley, the diner having been built right up next to a towering bank. This was the old part of town, buildings built together and leaning together made of old stone and there was consequently no where else for the werewolf to go unfortunatley there was girl there as well, face pale as the cars lights flashed and the werewolf snarled. The car rolled to a stop, and the men quickly got out, tensed at the way the werewolf crept closer to the girl. The werewolf turned with a snarl, eyes flashing in the headlights as the men came towards him, dark sillouhettes holding guns.

The one on the left was taller, hair feathering to his broad shoulders that were now tensed as he raised the gun in his hands. To his right strode a bowlegged man who stood a few inches shorter than him but he almost casually raised his own gun, a nearly silent shot ringing out quicker than the werewolf expected.

It howled in pain, the silver bullet burrowing into its shoulder and making it leap away from the girl it had cornered against the wall. It snarled, wraking its claws at the approaching men, darting towards the shorter building and attempting to climb the wall. The men stood in front of the girl, now forgotten behind them as they made sure that the monster didn't get away.

The taller man shot it in the leg, his gun also suspicioulsy silent and if the werewolf had retained any of its human reasoning it would have noticed the silencers placed on the end of the weapons. As it was,the werewolf howled in pain, the noise cut short with a snarl as it had to dodge the shorter man's attack.

"Shut up and die, ugly," the man grunted, and the werewolf snapped at him not understanding the words but hearing the threat there. And then a howl echoed down the alley and it did not come from the werewolf cowering before them. The men cursed, turning to face the entrance where a woman was hunkering in the shadows. But it wasn't a woman any longer, her eyes were yellow, teeth jutting out into sharp fangs while claws curved from her fingers to carve out human hearts.

"It has a mate, Dean," the taller hunter exclaimed, gun not wavering from the werewolf before him as the shorter one turned to face the new werewolf. A quick bullet aimed at its heart killed the one before him, and the mate howled in grief and anger that made the hair on their arms stand up.

"I didn't notice, Sammy! Son of a bitch," the other man exclaimed, Dean, who was now trying to aim at the quick she wolf running towards him. He didn't take a shot, not yet, to preserve the silver bullets. It moved closer, suddenly lit up by the headlights. He smirked as it leapt towards him, gun ready to take the shot. Perfectly aimed at its heart and his finger moved to squeeze the trigger.

Someone leapt in front of him, and Sam's hand shot out and grabbed Dean's arm pointing the gun away as Dean cursed at the girl whose red hair lit up in the head lights. What the hell did she think she was doing?!

"Stay back!" a female voice called back and he was surprised to hear it confident and not wavering in the face of the snarling werewolf. She snapped out, fist catching the werewolf in the jaw and snapping her back so fast it left Dean breahtless. The slim girl who stood in front of them had just hit a werewolf so hard in mid attack that she had been knocked aside.

Dean and Sam moved at the same time, Sam moving to protect the girl while Dean brought his gun up to shoot the werewolf and end this but the girl was moving as well and it wasn't away. The werewolf had returned to her feet and had lunged for the girls throat. She gasped in pain as the werewolf hit her in the chest, her hands up to hold the snapping fangs away from her and she fell back into Dean as the full force of the attack bowled her over.

Dean grabbed her with a grunt, twisting her to the side as Sam bowled into the werewolf, ripping it away from the girl. Sam pulled out a knife, easily stabbing it through her chest but he moved away confused when he found the knife already buried in its heart. He turned back, to find the girl shoving Dean away from her with a scowl that women usually didn't turn on his brother, especially after being rescued. Dean gave him a bewildered look, obviously thrown by her reaction to him as well, and Sam smirked.

Dean looked at her ridiculously pink shirt now covered in dirt and blood, but she was otherwise in order. She was slender, almost too thin for how tall she was but he couldn't tell if she was unheathily so under her loose clothes. Her hair was loose around her shoulders, and Dean was surprised to see the red color look almost ruby instead of the bright orange of earlier. It fell to the middle of her shoulder blades around a pale face. Bright aqua eyes were staring at him, and Dean would have given her his flirtatious grin if they weren't bright with annoyance.

"What do you think you were doing!" she snapped angrily at them and the brothers shared another startled look, blinking in surprise at the small woman. This was obviously not what they were expecting.

"What?" Sam intelligently asked, eyebrows furrowing as his lips started to turn into a pout at the woman exhuding anger. She was actually pretty tall, almost the same heighth as his brother, but of course Sam still had to look down to stare into her glaring fierce blue eyes. He felt himself slouching at the firm look and turned to Dean to see if he understood what was happening.

"Who are you?" She demanded, tired of waiting for an answer and this time Dean glared back.

"Who do you think you are, sweetheart? I'm Dean, this is my brother Sam and we just saved your ass, after you jumped in front of a werewolf like an idiot," Dean scolded and Sam rubbed the back of his neck guiltily.

"Um, actually Dean, I think she had that one handled. We didn't know anyone was working this case," Sam admitted and Dean glared at his brother, giving him the 'explain right now or I'll hit you' look. Sam just pulled the spare knife out of the werewolf's chest, holding it up to the girl who took it quickly out of his hand without touching him. She smirked at Dean before wiping it off on the inside of her jacket and sliding it back into one of her tall boots. Then she froze, fingertips touching the hilt as her eyes glanced up at the brothers, eyes wide and lips slightly parted.

"Did you just say werewolf?" she asked and Dean and Sam froze. They stared at the blank look on her face, trying to catch up with the victim that was actually a hunter but now wasn't a hunter because what kind of hunter didn't know about werewolves?

"You never said who you were," she said simply, straightening slowly but now she was watching them warily. Dean scowled at her, not sure what was happening and he looked to Sam letting him handle it. He was better with people.

"We help people that are in danger. We hunt monsters," Sam assured her, halting as he saw her eyes narrow and she stiffed, obviously preparing to run.

"Look, you didn't have any problem stabbing that thing in the heart, so how about you tell us who you are?" Dean demanded suspiciously and the girl's eyes flickered to where he still held his gun. Dean shifted at the look and her eyes met his and for one brief moment he could see the fear there. And then she punched him in the face, sending the hunter toppling backward.

She ran, darting around the man now holding his bleeding nose, and she was quickly down the ally, avoiding Sam's grapsing hands. He had went after her the moment she struck, hesitating over his brother but his muffled curses assured him he was okay, but she was closer to Dean and the end of the alley than he was. As soon as he moved to restrain her she was at the end of the ally and then she was gone.

"Wha didn' yew shoo 'er?" Dean asked angrily as he pushed to his feet and Sam sighed at teh sight of blood streaming down his chin. They moved back to the car, Dean refusing to get in until Sam handed him some napkins from the last buger joint. He pressed it to his face, making sure he wouldn't bleed on the seat.

"Want me to drive?" Sam asked, expecting the glare and profanity that followed his offer and Sam just leaned back in his seat, watching his brother's dark mood grow.

"I can't believe you got knocked down by a small girl," Sam teased, grinning as his brother glared at him and then shrieking in a way he would forever deny as he tossed the blood covered napkins at him.

"Shu' up. You saw the way she took owt tha' woof," Dean told him grumpily, pressing another napkin to his face as he put the car in reverse and backed out of the alley. What kind of monster was she? There was no way a regular girl could put down a werewolf like that and only that fact was holding Dean's pride together. He was totally gonna gank her if he saw her again. Even if she hadn't hit him, she had been all together annoying and ungrateful. He had ganked beautiful women before, he could do it again.

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