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King Kim inc. Kim Cosmetics. Jeon's Club. JG Entertainment. Four names that were famously known, the companies bringing in more than a billion a year, and three of the heirs being the most eligible bachelors of South Korea. Life for the rich and famous stood apart from the mundane, every day, average persons.  Four companies that seemingly had nothing to do with each other, but more than you would think bonded them. Especially for the four boys that circled in the spotlight. — A T T E N T I O N — There are many different stories within this book, but every story is related to each other in some way. At some point in the story, you'll see all the characters come together and the relation to everything will become clear.

Romance / Erotica
J ♡
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I n t r o : S e o k j I n

Rain pattered off of the large skylight that laid perfectly in the middle of an overly luxurious office.

Piles of papers were scattered around, as well as a large, broad body laying on his arms as quiet snores left his mouth.

"Mr. Kim?" A sweet voice called over the intercom, causing the man to shift in his spot, but carrying on with his sleep.

"Mr. Kim?" The voice called out again, just a little louder causing the man the open his eyes, only barely as he groaned, body stretching out his uncomfortable position.


"Mr. Kim, your wife's on line one, she's called several times sir..."

The man sighed out a thank you as he dreaded picking up the phone, knowing very well that he was expected at home on time this evening, and here he was, drooling on more than likely important papers, absentmindedly keeping his secretary stuck up in the office as well.

The phone dialed, tones only heard for the first few seconds before an answer was held on the other line.

"Kim Seokjin! Do you have any idea what time of the night it is? I've had chicken waiting on the stove for over an hour!" The man couldn't help but smile at his nagging wife, knowing how adorable she was when she got mad.

"Sungie, please don't be angry, you know how hectic it's been over here since we launched the new product line, everyone's been working their time..."

It was not a lie.

Only hours ago, loud shouts and rustling rang through the office as the launch of a new set of creams were being prepared to be shipped out.

Working in the beauty industry was indeed a rewarding career path, but there were enough rivaling companies that caused set backs in even the biggest brands.

Kim Cosmetics was set apart as it's young heir was always seemingly one step ahead, word spreading two months ago about the possible introduction to their rivaling companies new string of beauty creams, and yet KC was already done with mixtures and design as packing was all that was left, causing them to be releasing their products before the others could even be sent out.

"You're going to end up working yourself to death love, I know you have reliable employees who would do anything for you, but don't you think everything would be more productive and successful if you were to bring Tae—"

"Don't..." Seokjin scowled at the name that was about to slip from his wife's tongue.

"That child is nothing but a disgrace to the Kim name and would drive this company to the ground..."

"When was the last time you even called Taehyung? Do you even know where he's living, if he's doing okay?"

Seokjin sighed, playing with the phones cord as he looked around his large office, hoping that the conversation would eventually turn to another topic...

And yet the silence continued.

"I know how he's doing..." Seokjin broke.

"He's working at that lewd club as a bartender, and last I heard he was renting an apartment looking over the streets of Seoul and causing trouble like he always does..."

The kid, though was a bartender, happened to work under one of the most influential families in South Korea, Jeon's Club being a luxurious escape for its customers.

Though it was not a secret that within its walls was the beautiful blonde bartender that slipped women drugs as he gave them an escape and step into ecstasy.

The man, even through his harsh words, cared for his younger brother.

Taehyung was a spoiled brat who believed that through his looks and charms could gain anything he wanted, which was why his father sent him out into the world at eighteen to try and let the kid gain some sense of respect and responsibility, while Seokjin was raised in the company and given the title as the rightful heir.

"Seokie, Just think about it okay? He's a man now and the two of you haven't spent time together in weeks, who knows, maybe he's changed..."

The married couple argued only for a few more minutes before the conversation took a more intimate turn, causing the man to want to rush home, knowing his wife's arms were calling for him.

As they said their goodbyes, Seokjin was finishing up gathering his belongings, placing his large leather bag upon his shoulder as he took one last sip of his coffee and made his way out, not before looking over to the left.

"Lisa..." The girl looked up to her boss as she shared a sweet smile, placing her phone down.

"Yes, sir?"

"I'm sorry for causing you to wait around for yet another night, is there anything I can do to make it up to you?" The girl blushed as she smiled up to her kind boss, looking back down at her phone she nodded as she stood up, gathering her own things.

"My friend, from Marketing, was asking if I could join her for an early lunch tomorrow... would that be okay, Mr. Kim?"

"Of course..."

He would be lying if he said he didn't think Lisa was stunning.

Her eyes a dark brown with speckles of blue, long blonde hair cascading over her shoulders in curls as bangs laid perfectly under her dark brown brows.

Seokjin was definitely intrigued.

Not in a romantic way, but in the pleading way of wanting the beautiful girl to become one of his models.

Though his hopes lessening as she kept turning down the offer, perfectly content with how her life was at the moment.

Seokjin waited around to walk his secretary to her car, both parked within the same area.

And as his eyes fell over her once again, he was struck with the words 'my friend, from marketing'.

"Lisa?" The girl turned as she was about to open her car, smile still elegantly placed on her lips.

"Would this friend happen to be a Miss Park Chaeyoung?"

Lisa was curious as to how her boss knew, but was reminded of their constant closeness at work.

"Yes it is..."

"Do you happen to know if she's single?"

"Oh Mr. Kim, I- I'm not sure if she would be okay dating a married man, a-and what would Mrs. Kim think..." Lisa grew flustered.

"Oh god no..." he chuckled, "no, not for me, I believe my wife keeps me plenty satisfied, I meant for someone close to me..."

The blonde laughed as she placed a strand of hair behind her ears, embarrassed that she would assume such a thing.

"Yes, she's single.."

The two bowed as they parted ways, Lisa more than ready to fall into her bed and rest until the cycle starts over tomorrow, while Seokjin was enthralled in his thoughts of Miss Park, and wandered if she would be the perfect girl to tame a wild bachelor.

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