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Session Zero


Akaysha, Kardor, Moco, and Xevana learn of a plan made by Jugboot, the Goblin King, to kill Lord Kaiseus of Triboar and take over the Kingdom.

Fantasy / Adventure
Ryan Van Dyke
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"Hey everybody," said Jake. "Thank you for joining me for our Session Zero. I will be your Dungeon Master. Before we get into the campaign, why don't we take turns telling each other about our characters that we've made. Would anybody like to go first?"

"I guess I'll go first," said Jill after a long, awkward silence. "I will be playing Akaysha Ravenhorst, a normal human girl turned Minotaur Warlock."

"That sounds neat," said Jake. "I can't wait to see how that came about. Why don't we just continue around the table. Rob, that means you're next. Tell us about your character."

"I will be playing Kardor Brighthand, son of Bakdor the blacksmith. He is a Hill Dwarf Barbarian with an longsword that is a part of his life source and glows the color of any magic nearby."

"That sounds awesome," said Jake. "Do you explain how he came to possess the longsword in your backstory?"

"I do indeed," replied Rob.

"Terrific! I'm excited to learn about that. Jimmy, you're up next."

"I will be playing Moco of Conifer, a Wood Elf Ranger," stated Jimmy proudly.

"What made you choose a Ranger, Jimmy?" asked Jake.

"I thought it would be cool to have an animal companion," said Jimmy. "That and the backstory makes a bit more sense with the Ranger class."

"OK, good," said Jake. "We don't need a new player trying to play Aragorn from Lord of the Rings and quickly losing interest because it wasn't working out that way. Anyways, Sarah, you're up."

"My character's name is Xevana Mortis. She is a Life Domain Cleric Orog," stated Sarah.

"Isn't that a cousin to the Orc?" asked Jill.

"Yeah, and aren't they evil?" added Jimmy.

"Those statements are both correct," answered Sarah. "To a point. It's part of her backstory. She is Neutral Good aligned."

"Hmm..." pondered Jake. "Interesting concept, Sarah. With that, why don't we get started with backstories, shall we? Jill, since you started the first time, why don’t you start us off with backstories as well?” asked Jake.

“I am absolutely OK with that,” replied Jill. She pulled out her old, faded Hello Kitty notebook marked D&D NOTES in big red letters on the front, opened it up, and began telling the story of Akaysha, the Minotaur Warlock."

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