The Love of A Death Eater

Chapter 10

Three week before the Champions first challenge, everyone was waiting and preparing themselves for what was to come. During dinner, Filch came running into the Great Hall and spoke with Dumbledore very quickly before giving him a burnt piece of paper.

Dumbledore lost the normal spark in his eyes for a second, only a second. After dismissing all the students back to their Common Rooms, Dumbledore asked Professor McGonagall to fetch James. She found him snogging with Tonks on the couch.

After an embarrassing moment, James was taken to Dumbledore's Study. Upon entering, James was asked to take a seat before being questioned. It was close to what Dumbledore did with Harry, minus the grabbing and pushing against things.

They finally decided on not publicly announcing a fifth Champion, since it would probably cause a major uproar. Instead, they would use James as a demonstration before the Champions did the First Task, and security for the Second and Third Task. After that was finished, James was sent back to the Gryffindor Common Room.

James went to bed to rest, and prepared for the First Task.

The in a couple weeks everyone was crazy with excitement as the four Champions prepared to face their dragons. After the Weasleys took the bets, they waited for James to have a demonstration before the Champions.

In the Champion's Tent, Fleur gave Harry a good luck wink while they waited.

James walked through a small tunnel with his wand ready as everyone quieted down. Seeing his dragon, a Hebridean Black, he quickly ducked behind some boulders, dodging a flamethrower. He then called for his broom and started moving to more boulders.

Soon James was able to jump onto his broom and fly around on it. He flew circles around the dragon, literally. James kept it distracted, and once it got dizzy enough, he launched a couple of stunning spells at it's head.

The dragon fell down from dizziness and force of the spells. James then grabbed the egg, which the audience thought was a fake, and flew through the exit.

James was hugged to death by Tonks to whacked him a couple of times for agreeing to do help with the Tournament, if only she knew. All they needed to do was watch the other Champions.

Once they all received their dragons, Cedric started first with the Swedish Shortsnout. Then the other 2 went after him, leaving Harry to be the last. (A.N. I don't know what order they went in so... :/)

The crowd started cheering Harry's name as he walked through the entrance. They all quieted down, letting Harry focus. As soon as he took a few steps, a spiked tail smashed the ground behind Harry, causing him to stumble forward. He then ran forward, trying to escape the double jets of flames, and went for the egg.

After being pushed back, Harry called for his wand before hiding behind a large boulder. The Horntail nearly melted the whole thing. Harry then jumped onto his broom right before being burnt to a crisp. He then tried to go for the egg, but the Horntail shot a blast of fire at him, throwing him off course. The Horntail then broke free from it's chains and flew after Harry.

Harry was then chased out of the arena, with the Horntail in pursuit.

A little while later, everyone heard the roar of the dragon before everything went quiet. After some extremely tense moments, they saw Harry flying back on a smoking broomstick. Everyone burst into cheers, and Fleur nearly screamed in joy. Harry then flew in and snatched up the egg.

Back in the Gryffindor Common Room, Harry was lifted up by the Weasley Twins who started chanting.

"Good one Harry" Fred says

"Lose an arm-"

"Or a leg-"

"Pack it in all together, never!" Both Twins say at the same time

Seamus then tosses the egg to Harry and shushes everyone. After some jeering, Harry opens the egg, only to cause a shrieking sound to explode from it. Harry quickly closed it back up as Ron walked into the room.

"What the bloody hell was that?" Ron says

Fred and George then dismiss everyone, saying it would be awkward enough without them listening. After a small discussion, and a remark about boys from Hermione, everything settled down.

The next day, everyone was sitting at their tables. Doing some homework and munching on some food. Nigel brought a package over to Ron and left looking a bit disappointed. Ron said he promised to get him Harry's autograph. He then pulled out a strange looking suit.

He tried giving it to Ginny, but was disappointed when Hermione told him they were dress robes for him.

Professor McGonagall gathered all Gryffindors into a room to discuss the Yule Ball. This news drew excited conversation from the girls and groans from the guys.

Professor McGonagall then called for silence and made a couple metaphors. She then called Ron up and demonstrated a dance, embarrassing poor Ron. She then called everyone onto their feet, making all the girls stand up, and all the guys stay sitting.

The only guys who stood up, were Neville and James. Neville started dancing with Ginny, surprisingly, and James started dancing with Tonks.

"I never knew you knew how to dance" Tonks says as she was twirled by James

"Well, I had a lot of free time, so I decided to learn" James says

Soon everyone was focused on the pair as they started wandering the dance floor, enraptured in each others eyes. Soon the music ended as they started leaning towards each other. They were suddenly surprised when they heard everyone clapping.

They both saw Professor McGonagall with an approving look before dismissing everyone.

On the day of the Yule Ball, Harry and Ron took the Patil Twins while James took Tonks. They found out that Hermione had been asked by Viktor Krum when the four Champions walked onto the dance floor, shocking Ron.

Once the music started playing and the Champions started dancing, James made his way to the stage, where a surprise was waiting. Once a good amount of people were dancing, James started playing.

Baby I'm preying on you tonight

Hunt you down eat you alive

Just like animals,

Animals, like animals

Baby I'm-

(A.N. I'm not doing the whole song, look it up. It's Animals by Maroon 5)

Once James and the band finished, James left to let the band play on their own. He went over to a table where Ron, Harry, and the Patil Twins were sitting.

"Hey guys, how's it going?" James says, taking a seat

"We're doing OK, a little bored though" Harry says

"Well, I'd better find Tonks before she finds me, and probably damages me" James says as he gets up and walks away

James finds Tonks talking with Bri by the stairway. He walks up the her and taps her shoulder to get her attention. Tonks says a quick goodbye before focusing her attention on James.

"Wotcher James, thought you left me for a second there" Tonks says, wrapping her arms around his neck

"Now why would you think that" James says, wrapping his own around around her waist

"Oh, no reason, just being cautious" Tonks says with a smirk

"Well, why don't I prove that I love you?" James whispers into her ear

Tonks lightly shivers at his voice, and responds by saying, "Why don't you show me?"

James then pulled Tonks into a deep kiss, both of them focusing only on each other.

Fleur decided to get some fresh air, and get away from the dance for a bit. Her date was a nice guy, but she started to feel a bit uncomfortable with all the looks she was getting.

She was walking down the corridor when she realized that she was being followed. She turned around to see a guy jogging a bit to catch up to her. Not wanting to deal with him, Fleur started walking faster, but suddenly felt a stunning spell hit her in the back of her neck, knocking her out.

The figure walking up to her body and started feeling her body.

"Hmm...I've never had a Veela before, even if she's only a Quarter. No matter, she'll so"

The figure then started removing her dress, and didn't hear someone approaching.

Harry saw Fleur leave the Great Hall and started after her. Since there were a lot of people getting in the way, he saw someone else trail after her. He recalled the guy being called, Carter. At least, that's what James told them.

If he was as bad as James told them, then Harry had better hurry and find Fleur as soon as possible. He found then in a hallway that would have led to the stairway. He saw Carter just start to remove her dress. Angered, Harry threw a warning shot at him, causing Carter to jump up and pull out his own wand.

They started a small skirmish before Harry was able to chase him off. Harry then ran over to Fleur, but kept his wand at the ready in case Carter came back. He then pulled the straps of her dress back up and tried waking her up.

Fleur starts to stir when she feels someone shaking her shoulder. Looking at who is was she tried gettnig up.

" 'Arry? What iz going on" Fleur asks

A bright light suddenly enveloped both of them before fading away.

"What was that?" Harry asks

"We...we're bonded" Fleur says

(A.N. I apologize ahead of time for not going indepth with the bond. There are a lot of bond fics out there and I'm sure there are authors that would be glad to have you read their story)

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