The Love of A Death Eater

Chapter 11

A couple days later, the Second Task had arrived. Harry and Fleur started getting significantly closer, which bugged Ron, and started helping each other in figuring out what the task was going to be.

All five Champions waited for the cannon fire to signal the start. Harry stuffed some Gillyweed into his mouth and eat it. It looked like he was choking on something while breathing. The cannon was shot and four of the Champions jumped in while Harry was pushed in.

Once the gills grew and other changes, Harry jumped out of the water for show before swimming away. Once he got to a large seaweed wall, he saw James, apparently waiting for him with a bubblehead charm.

The two then gave a nod to each other and started swimming away. Soon they stumbled upon a large seaweed infestation. The fish around Harry bolted away when the sound of the mermaids was heard.

They then started swimming through and eventually made it to the other side. Looking at a large stone arch, they see five people floating there. Both of them head towards a certain person. James went to Tonks while Harry went to Ron. James quickly pulled out his wand to cut the seaweed holding her.

Cedric came swimming up and cut his own person as well. He then tapped his watch, telling them that there was only a couple minutes left.

Harry tried to get to Hermione, but was cut off when the mermaids pointed their tridents at him. They suddenly swam off when a shark head charged them. It turned out to be Krum. Not seeing Fleur, Harry cut a little girl free and started pulling them both.

James grabbed onto one of Ron's arms and helped pull. The Grindylow took that moment to swarm around them. Harry quickly pushed Ron and the other up while James did the same.

James then pushed Harry up since his Gillyweed was wearing off. Since Harry was out of the way the Grindylow targeted James. James quickly shot an electric spell, stunning the sea creatures, but also partially stunning himself.

Above water, Ron and the girl had resurfaced, next was Tonks, then Harry. All of them swam for the docks (?) and got out of the water.

"Wait a second, where's James?" Tonks asks

"I don't know, he sent me up" Harry says, coughing up some water

Back with James, he finally got over the stunning spell and started swimming back up. Soon after straining his arms and legs, he finally broke through the water's surface.

He then lightly floated back to the docks where the others were waiting for him.

Getting up, he has a towel placed on him as Tonks rushes over to him.

"James! You stupid bugger!" Tonks yells, "What the hell were you thinking!?"

"Heh, you know I'm to stubborn to kill" James says with a smirk

Tonks then gives James a kiss and says, "You're lucky I love you"

Dumbledore then announced Cedric as the first place winner and Harry as the second, due to his great "moral fiber". He also gave James his personal thanks for keeping watch in case anything went wrong.

Everyone was then sailed back to the shore, where Barty Crouch pulled Harry away to talk with him.

Meanwhile, James and Tonks went back to the Gryffindor Common Room with everyone else to celebrate a successful Second Task.

While everyone was celebrating in the "living room" James and Tonks went into the dorm.

"Don't do something stupid like that again" Tonks says, receiving another kiss on her neck

"No promises" James responds, rubbing her back

James then captures Tonks in a passionate kiss, which she gladly responds to. Soon they decided to go back down to celebrate with the others. Soon Harry came back with a worried look no his face. That look disappeared when everyone crowded around him, congratulating him on his performance.

Everyone eventually went to bed, but James and Tonks decided to have a go at the couch again. James kept his sweatpants and T-shirt on, while Tonks got a nightgown.

James went downstairs first to see if anyone was still there. Seeing that there wasn't, James decided to sit on the couch and wait for Tonks. A few minutes later, James hears the sound of footsteps coming from the stairway. Looking around, he sees that it's Tonks.

James actually takes a good look at Tonk. He sees that she's gained a beautiful form, guess puberty was agreeing with her. Tonks sees James staring at her and smirks to herself. She walks up to the couch, swaying her hips a bit, nearly causing James to pass out on the couch.

James then lays his body down, giving Tonks room to lay herself down, and quietly levitates a blanket over them. Tonks wraps her arms around James and feels his toned chest. Guess puberty did good for him too.

James gave Tonks a small kiss goodnight before closing his eyes, as did Tonks. However, there was one concerning thought that kept coming into James' mind; how would Tonks react when she finds out that he's a death eater.

The following days, the Champions started preparing for the Third Task, that is two weeks away. Most of that time was spent with Harry and Fleur hanging out with each other...and...some heated snogging. Of course James and Tonks shared their own moments of...intimacy.

One moment, James suddenly remembered something that he had neglected to check up on. After lunch, James qent back to Myrtle's Bathroom. He quickly open the entrance to the chamber and rushed through. Walking back into the spacious room, James looks at the broken stone model of a face.

He could hear something slide up to him, the Basilisk.

~Snake Translation~

"Ssso you didn't forget about me"

"You're not something that can easily be forgotten"

"Well...what do you want"



"Yes, nothing. Just wanted to see how you were doing. Since you lost your sight, I thought I'd come visit"


From there, James was able to "catch up" with the giant serpent, and learned about what had been happening. Something interesting was that the Basilisk scented Polyjuice Potion (A.N. Don't ask me how it knows what it smells like), which sparked James' curiosity.

Soon James left and re-sealed the entrance way. He then went back to the Gryffindor Common Room to try and relax before dinner. Taking a seat on the couch, James closes his eyes and rests. However, someone decided to rub their hands around his chest from behind him.

"Wotcher babe" Tonks says

"Hey love, anyone else here?" James asks

"Nope" Tonks responds as she jumps over the couch next to James

Well, why don't we take this time to relax" James says with a mischievous smirk on his face

"Really?" Tonks says

"Yeah, you're right-" James says, quickly capturing Tonks lips with his own in a passionate kiss

"-I think i like this better"

James and Tonks continue their snogging until they realized that it would be dinner soon. They quickly rushed down and went to their seats next the the Golden Trio. After eating, everyone went back to their normal sleeping quarters, waiting for the next day to keep training.

Soon the Third Task was upon them as the Champions were led out onto a field. Harry and Cedric were to go first since they were 1st and 2nd place. After Harry and Cedric entered, James goes next, then Fleur, and finally Krum.

After waiting a couple minutes after they left, James quickly ran into the maze, and was followed by Fleur and Krum. James quickly met up with Fleur as they started looking for Harry. After a brief duel with a Imperiused Krum they ran into Harry and worked their way to the cup.

Suddenly, Cedric appeared out of nowhere and was being attacked by vines. Harry sent Fleur to help Cedric while James and himself would get to the cup. Once both of them got close enough, the maze separated them, causing them to make a run for the cup. They grabbed it at the same time, causing them to be portkeyed to a new location.

Looking around, Harry sees the gravestone of the Riddle's and starts panicking slightly. He tries telling James to run when Pettigrew walks out from under a building.

"James, how nice to see you again" Voldemort says, well...the crippled version of Voldemort

"What's he talking about" Harry asks

"Sorry Harry...but..." James says

James pulls back his shirts to show him the snake, and it was actually visible.

"You traitor!" Harry yells before being lifted up to the Grim Statue (A.N. I'm just gonna call it that)

"We trusted you! Tonks trusted you!"

James merely looks away as the ritual begins.

Once the gruesome task had been completed, Lord Voldemort had returned. Pettigrew gave Voldemort his wand and was used to call the others. Crabbe, Goyle, Macnair, Lucius, and a couple others. Voldemort then de-masks them. He then approaches James, who had put himself into a kneeling position.

"Rise, James" Voldemort says

James lifts himself up into a standing position.

"As I recall...your parents were one of the strongest on my followers" Voldemort says, "No doubt you've gained that same level of power, if not more"

"It is an honor to be in your presence once more my lord" James says

"Of course...oh Harry, I've almost forgot about you" Voldemort says

After a long monologue (A.N. OK, what is it with monologues. I mean, you've got him, but...just...*sigh*) Voldemort released Harry from the Grim Statue and back up a bit, telling him to pick up his wand. Meanwhile James walked over to the other Death Eaters.

Soon a Priori Incantatem was created as they dueled it out, creating spirit forms of three people. One was the old man that was killed, and the other two were Harry's parents. Once the connection was broken they rushed forwards, creating a mist, while Harry grabbed the cup and escaped.

Getting portkeyed back to the stadium, everyone started cheering at Harry's return. Dumbledore quickly rushed up to him to ask what had happened. The others quickly rushed up to him as well. Harry was brought to the Hospital Wing, where Madam Pomfrey was waiting for him.

Only one person seemed to notice something.

"Hey, where's James?" Tonks asks

"Um...Tonks...he...he's one of them" Harry says

"What do you mean?"

"He's...a Death Eater"

At that comment, the Hospital went deathly quiet.

"Uh...I...I don't know what to say..." Tonks says as she lowers herself onto a cot, "There has to be some reason"

"Tonks, he betrayed us" Harry says, but flinches a bit at the glare that was thrown his way, "I don't want to believe it myself, but..."

Tonks quickly ran out of thee Hospital, close to tears, as the others watched her run. She ran to the Common Room and rushed to the fireplace. Luckily no one was there so she could talk to her parents through the floo network.

Tonks quickly told her parents about what happened, and was told that they would be there with a team of Aurors. Tonks only needed to wait.

Upon hearing the news of Death Eaters, Marcus and Miranda (A.N. I know that they aren't their real names, but I wanted to choose something different for a change) gathered a team of Aurors to investigate.

Getting to Hogwarts, they immediately went to the Hospital to ask what Harry knew. He pretty much knew about as much as everyone else, nothing. They couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed, but they couldn't blame Harry or the others.

Miranda decided to visit Tonks while Marcus went to talk with Dumbledore. She walked into the Gryffindor Common Room with the password that a girl named Hermione told them. Miranda sees Tonks sitting on a couch holding onto a guitar.

"Hello dear" Miranda says

"Wotcher mum" Tonks says

Miranda then takes a seat next to her daughter and embraces her.

"I failed him" Tonks says as a tear makes it's way down her cheek

"No you didn't dear...we failed him" Mranda says, "I'd have hoped that we could've saved James before something like this happened"

Miranda then continues to comfort her daughter at the recent occurrence. No one could have known that a certain person with a Death Eater mask on was standing on a hill overlooking Hogwarts.

"I'm sorry...I will day" The figure says as he leaves his life at Hogwarts behind

The mask is dissipated to reveal the cold emotionless face of James. The snake on his back was moved to his arm to make his mark official. Voldemort saw to is personally.

"Maybe one love" James says as a single tear runs down his face

And with that, he apparated away.

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