The Love of A Death Eater

Chapter 12

As soon as James left the hill, he went to Malfoy Manor, the place where Voldemort would be living. Getting there, James sees a small portion of Death Eaters sitting at a long table with Voldemort sitting at the head of it.

"James, I'm glad you could make it" Voldemort says, "We've saved you a seat"

James sits down in the chair, right in-between his parents.

"It's good to see you again honey" Lucy, James' mother, says

James' father merely nods to him, but his eyes showed a sense of pride. Once the meeting was underway, Voldemort led up to getting a prophecy of some sort. He decided to train James personally while everyone carried out him plan.

They also decided to send James back to school, since he could be a very valuable asset.

"What about Potter?" James asks, "He knows about me being a Death Eater"

"We'll have Carter wipe his memory of that moment" Voldemort says, "It should buy us some time"

"It'll be easy" Carter says smugly

"Besides, Lucius would be more then willing to help the Minister drop the case"

"As you wish, my lord" Lucius says

After that Voldemort dismissed everyone, leaving James to visit with his parents.

"How have you been?" Lucy asks

"I'm doing OK" James says

"From what we heard you've found yourself a little bird" Will, James' father, says

"Oh...well..." James says, getting nervous

"Don't worry, we both approve" Lucy says

James gives his mother a skeptical look, and she responds by smiling at him and giving his a light shove.

"Really, your father actually agrees with me" Lucy says

After a short laugh, James left the building and went back to his own house while his parents went to their own living space. James started packing for Hogwarts again. Since he was sure he wouldn't be able to return, he didn't even bother.

James only packed a small briefcase with a few things that he would need. Since he left his Trunk at Hogwarts last year, the things would already be there for him. Carter also arrived a while after James and went to his own room. In there, he started ranting in his mind about why James should get the special treatment.

Another question was how James' parents got out of Azkaban. Deciding to sleep on it, Carter jumps onto his bed and falls asleep.

A couple of months later, Lucius asked James to sit in with him while a trail would be underway. He said it was never to early for someone to learn about their "law". James is merely standing next to Lucius while talked with the Minister. It was suprising when James saw Harry being lead to the Courtroom.

Once the trial actually began, the Minister read the charge, and was interupted by Dumbledore. After a long and boreing trial, in James' opinion, the jury started to seperate and leave. James saw Tonk's parents and quickly went up to talk to them.

"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Tonks" James says, "How are you"

"Why hello James, I'm doing well, thanks for asking" Miranda says

"Uh...I was wondering, how's Tonks doing?" James asks

"She's doing...well" Marcus says, "Why are you asking? After what happened at Hogwarts last year I should be arresting you"

"Uhh...I'm just concerned, that's all" James says, "Anyways, I'd better get going. Gotta get ready for school"

James then walks away, leaving Tonk's parents to go back to their work. He then left for the train station to wait for the ride back to Hogwarts.

Soon James was sitting with Malfoy on the train again. Luckily the trolly passed by, giving them a chance to get some sweets. Soon the train stopped, letting everyone off. James left with Malfoy and his lackeys, but ran into the Golden Trio and Tonks. Malfoy and Harry got a bit aggressive, but didn't start anything.

One thing James noticed about Tonks was that she was avoiding looking at him, and her hair was changing from it's purple color to a white-ish hue towards the bottom parts of her locks.

Sighing to himself, James just continues walking with Malfoy. Luckly they were able to get on a caridge on time and were taken down the road.

Once they got there, James helped the others get their things un-loaded and brought to the outside of the Great Hall. Taking a seat, James tries to find the four Gryffindors, but doesn't find them. Maybe they were late. It turns out they were late, since they walked through the doors a quarter of the way through dinner.

James tried talking to Tonks again, but was given the cold shoulder. A bit hurt, James focuses back on the food. Soon Dumbledore announces the return of the Care of Magical Creatures professor and the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher: Dolores Umbridge.

While speaking, Umbridge interupted him and walked up to the Owl Lecturn. She speaks about "improving" the school by restricting all of the things that make Hogwarts fun.

Hermione says, "The Ministry is taking over", and everyone was inclined to believe her. Once dinner was finished, everyone was sent to their Common Rooms. James quickly entered his own Common Room before the others could get there, since they would probably start asking questions.

Later he hears everyone else enter, but then it went eerily quiet. James quickly walked out of the Boys Dorm and looked over the edge of the balcony. Harry and Seamus were arguing about something when Ron intervened. James went back into the dorm when he saw Harry and Ron go up the stair.

James plopped himself onto his bed as he waited for the two to show up. They entered rather quickly and failed to notice James laying down on his bed. Once Ron left, James made his presence known.

"'Sup Harry" James says

"Oh...hey James" Harry says

"How was your summer" James asks, "Besides the trial of course"

"It was alright, I guess"

Heh, well the trial was pretty boring if you asks me"

"Well, you weren't the one on trial"

The two shared a couple laughs with each other, until James brought up a certain subject.

"Hey you know why Tonks has been avoiding me?" James asks

"Oh...uhmm...well, you might not like the answer" Harry says

"Just tell me"

"Right, well, from what I know, she was pretty distraught about what happened. She told us that she didn't want to see you again because..."

"What? Just tell me Harry, I need to know"

"She said it wouldn't work out"

"What? Why?"

"I don't know, but when Hermione brought her to the Girls Dormitory, I thought I heard her say, 'Who could love a Death Eater'...sorry mate"

This news completely shocked James. It wasn't like Tonks to pull something like this. He decided that he'd confront her about this later, and hopefully, he'd get some answers.

The next day, James, Tonks and the Golden Trio had the pleasure to be in the same classroom with Umbridge. Naturally it turned out to be the second most boring class in history.

Once they were dismissed, poor Harry had to stay behind for a detention. At the Gryffindor Common Room Fred and George we making a profit selling their merchandise. Soon Harry came back, and was flanked by Ron and Hermione. While they were talking, James decided to talk with Tonks.

James found Tonks sitting on her bed in the Girls Dorm. He walked into the room and closed the door, which gave away his presence. Noticing James, Tonks turns her head away and avoids eye contact.

"Tonks, how're you doing?" James asks


"We haven't spoken in a while"


James walked up to Tonks, causing her to grow her hair to shield her face from view.

"Tonks, look at me"

Tonks shortens her hair and looks James in the eyes.

"What's this about?" James asks

"I can't be with you" Tonks responds

"What? Why?"


"Then try explaining it to me"

"I can't..."


James then gets up and walks out of the Girls Dorm, with a cold look on his face.

"There has to be a reason" James thinks to himself. He then walks back downstairs and plopped himself on a chair near the Golden Trio.

"Hey guys" James says

They respond with their own greetings.

"What's wrong with your arm?" James asks

"Umbridge made him to lines with a Blood Quill" Hermione says

"Dude, that's not right"

"It's fine..." Harry responds

They decided to drop that conversation since it would probably end in an argument. Instead, they focused on why Tonks was avoiding James.

The next day, Harry went to visit Hagrid's Hut and met Luna Lovegood while she was feeding the Threshals. After there little moment Harry went to the Great Hall to meet the other 2 members of the Golden Trio, but they were all interrupted when a conversation could be heard between Professor McGonagall and Umbridge.

Eventually Umbridge addressed the crowd of students that had gathered and said that the ministry would basically be taking over. Over time she began making changes that had negative after affects. She even interviewed each teacher during class and nearly had Professor Trelawney kicked out of Hogwarts.

The Golden Trio decided that they all needed a real teacher and gathered a group of people a Hog's Head. From there, things went relatively well, given the fact that Tonks was still trying to avoid James.

After the small gathering, the Golden Trio and a couple others went back to the Common Room while James went to visit Draco. Luckily, he found him in the Great Hall, snacking on some food. James walks over to the table and takes a seat next to him.

"Hey James, how's it going?" Draco asks

"I'm doing good" James responds, "How about you?"

"I'm doing alright. I might head back to the Dungeon, care to join me?"


From there, James was led to the Slytherin Dungeons by Malfoy, and planted himself on one of the couches.

"James, I know something wrong" Draco says, taking a seat so that he was facing him

"What do you mean?"

"What I mean, is that I've known you for a long time, and I see you as a brother"

"Well thanks, but I don't see how this relates to what your talking about"

"Well, I've learned how to tell whether or not you're OK or not. And you are not OK. So tell me what's up"

"Well...I'm having girl troubles"

"With who, if I may ask"

"A girl named Tonks"

"Huh...that's interesting"

"What's so interesting about it?"

"It's just that, Carter told us that he just got a girlfriend named Tonk, huh, think there's a connection?"

At that, James realized what was going on.

"That son of a-GRRR I'm going to kick his ass-no, not his ass. I'm gonna make sure his vitals scream in pain" James says, getting pissed off

"Well, if you want to 'talk' with him, he told us that he's going to be taking her to a spot by the lake" Draco says, "If you want I can help"

"Sure, get the other two. I'll get the others and we'll meet at the courtyard" James says

Both of them get up and start running to find them. Draco didn't need to look far because Crabbe and Goyle sin e they were walking towards the dungeon anyways. James ran off to the Gryffindor Common Room, quickly said the password, and rushed in. James sees the Golden Trio sitting around and quickly fills them in on what's going on.

Ron was a bit reluctant with working with Draco, but agreed to help anyways. The four of them then met up with Draco and his two lackeys. They all ran down to the lake and followed a trail of trampled sticks and ground.

"They obviously went this way, but it looks like there's more people" James says

They all slow down and venture further through the trail. Soon they found them. Carter brought 4 lackeys along who were keeping watch. Since more trees were blocking their view, they decided that it was time to...negotiate. They all walked out and pulled out their wands, which Carter's guards responded by pulling out their own wands (A.N. O.O Umm...don't think about that too much... ... .).

Draco and his guys disarmed 3 them while James stunned the fourth. Ron, Hermione, Crabbe, and Goyle guarded them while James, Harry, and Draco went through the trees. What they saw made James extremely pissed.

Carter was snogging with Tonks, with his hand under her shirt on her chest, and one of his hands at the rim of her pants. Harry and Draco quickly threw stunning spells while James ran up and tackled the stunned Carter. He then started pounding his face with his fist until he was knocked unconscious.

While that was going on, Tonks suddenly perked up, as if she had been shocked, or startled.

"What's going on?" Tonks asks, getting extremely confused

"James! That's enough!" Draco says, pulling him off an injured Carter

"Tonks, are you OK?" Harry asks

"I'm a bit sore-uhh..." Tonks says, just noticing skin showing

Tonks covered herself with her arms as Harry started filling Tonks in on what happened.

"So I was avoiding James?"

"Yeah, it was weird, no one knew why"

Both of them could see James walk up to them, with red on his knuckles. James then kneels next to Tonks while Harry and Draco went back to the others to explain what happened.

"Wotcher James..." Tonks says, a bit depressed, "Harry filled me in on what happened, and I'm sorry"

"You have nothing to be sorry for" James responds, taking her hand, "I should be the one saying sorry. I told you I'd be there for you, but I wasn't"

"I don't blame you"

"You should. I should've known what was happening"

"James, it doesn't matter now. Let's just put this behind us"

"OK...OK, yeah...yeah..."

Tonks then pulled James up and led him back to the others, leaning on him in the process. Once there, they sent the 4 lackeys to fetch Carters body as they all left for the castle.

Once the Gryffindors got back to their tower, Tonks decided to make up for lost time by planting her lips onto James' own lips. The Golden Trio left then be, and Ron gave up the fight. James lifted Tonks up and placed her on the couch. They stopped only for a second so Tonks could pull off James' shirt, and then pull him onto the couch next to her.

They continued their snogging session, which Tonks had to admit was a lot better than Carter, until it got late. They held each other close, not willing to let either of them go.

"James...can I ask you a question?" Tonks asks

"Sure, what is it?" James responds

"Do you love me?"

"Of course I do"

"Say it"

"Heh, I love beautiful Nymph"

James then pulls her in for a softer kiss, and was met with a long and passionate one from Tonks. Once they separated, again, Tonks pulled off her own shirt, leaving her with a tank-top.

"Tonks, I feel like you're telling me something"

Tonks cuddled up to James as she let out a content sigh, and says, "I love you", before falling asleep on his chest.

"Heh, I should've expected that"

James falls asleep himself, hoping to solve the problem of a training spot for "Dumbledore's Army"

In the Slytherin Dungeon, Carter was seething at the fact that James had beat him once more. Soon he would make him pay for the disgrace that James had shamed him with. He just needed to wait for the opportune moment.

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