The Love of A Death Eater

Chapter 13

Neville was looking for a place for Dumbledore's Army to meet when he was double shoulder checked by Crabbe and Goyle. After walking to a secluded part of the school, he heard the sound of a wall being moved. Looking behind himself, he sees a door being formed. Neville quickly runs off to find Harry and the others.

Once everyone was gathered, they went to the same spot. and the door took shape again. Harry, Ron, Hermione, the Twins, Tonks, and Neville went inside while the others stayed outside to keep watch for anyone that may go through the corridor. Soon, everyone was let is as they stood in front of a Death Eater Dummy. After Neville gave a good try, Harry gave a brief demonstration.

Over the next couple of days, things had been occurring that were making the students less than happy about. Umbridge had placed a sort of price on James' head if he is caught doing something that would be considered "illegal". She also started taking people in for questioning. The Inquisitorial Squad was also made, which made little difference.

However, Tonks had something on her mind, and she needed to talk to James about it. So after the lessons before the holidays ended, Tonks pulled James away from the crowd and brought him back to the Gryffindor Tower while everyone else was out doing something. Once there, she leads him to the couch, their usual meeting place, and takes a seat.

"OK Tonks, what is it?" James asks

"I...just wanted to spend time with you" Tonks responds

"Right...Tonks, just tell me what's wrong"

"...well...I was just wondering...if you eventually had to choose between following He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and me...what would you do?"

"Umm...welll. I'd obviously choose you, of course..."

"*Sigh* I hate putting you in this position, but it might happen. If it does, I don't want you to be torn between the choices"

"Don't worry, leave that to me"

Tonks then laid her head on James' shoulder and closed her eyes.

"Can you promise that you'll never leave me?" Tonks asks

"I promise"

On that note, Tonks fell into a somewhat peaceful slumber, but some events would occur that would change both of them forever.

Later, the Golden Trio came in, and by that time James and Tonks had woken up. They proceeded to discuss the situation about Fleur. Apparently Fleur was going to be moving to Hogwarts, with the permission of Madame Maxine and Dumbledore. After that conversation ended, all of them went to bed.

~Time Skip~

During one of the meetings, Harry decided to teach Dumbledore's Army how to use a Patronus Charm. Only after a while, a rumbling could be heard. Soon the mirror where the entrance would be shattered, leaving behind a small peep hole. One of the younger students closest took a look through with Harry.

Looking himself, Harry quickly pulled the younger student away and ran for it, saving him from a Bombarda Maxima. Draco pulled Cho Chang, a Ravenclaw, into view. From there, Umbridge brought Harry and Cho to Dumbledore's Office with the Minister, a Hitler looking guy (A.N. LOL Just had to throw that in there. I don't remember his name, but to me he did look a bit like him. Continuing with the story), Kingsley, and Percy Weasley.

After a flossy (A.N. Definition: Showy or are all dead. JK, I love you all 3) exit from Dumbledore, Umbridge took over, and had every member of Dumbledore's Army write with a Blood Quill, except for Cho.

~Time Skip~ (A.N. Sorry if I'm jumping really far ahead, but I just want to get to the battle scene. It's going to be...dark)

After disposing of Umbridge, everyone went to gather the rest of Dumbledore's Army at an alarmingly fast rate. Hermione flooed herself to the Durmstrang to get reinforcements while Tonks went to Beauxbatons to do the same

James had mysteriously disappeared somehow, and of course everyone came up with the worst case scenario. Everyone then flooed themselves to the ministry and made their way to the Department of Mysteries.

Soon they were standing in front of the door and walking in two-by-two. Once they reached the correct stand of orbs, Harry picked his up as it started speaking with Professor Trelawney's voice. The prophecy was soon cut as two figures walked up to them, with both of them wearing Death Masks.

"Where's Sirius?" Harry asks, more like demands

"You know, you really should know the difference between dreams-"

The figure pulls out his wand from the cane and disintegrates the mask.

"-And reality. You saw only what the Dark Lord wanted you to see"

"And who are you?" One of the Army members asks to the other figure

He pulls out his own wand as does the same thing with his own mask.

"I'm sure you know who I am"

"You git, we should've done you in when we had the chance" Ron says

Harry calmly shushes him and says, "If you do anything to any of us, I'll break it"

A laugh could be heard from the shadows. Bellatrix Lestrange stepped out while saying, "He knows how to play. Itty, bitty, baby...Potter!". She then wrapped an arm around James' waist in a seductive manner, but James merely ignored it.

"Bellatrix Lestrange" Neville says

"Neville Longbottom is it? How's mum and dad?"

"Better now that they're about to be avenged"

Neville raises his wand, but is quickly stopped. Bellatrix does the same, but lowers it as Lucius tried to keep the situation passive. She then wrapped herself around James again as they started walking forward at a slow pace.

During the conversation, other Death Eaters started gathering around. Once they got close enough, Harry gave the order to fire. The all send stunning spells around, which only hit a few.

After being chased around the pathways, Ginny sent a Reducto at a cloak of darkness that was moving for them. The explosion caused the stands to collapse, which caused everything to start falling. Everyone ran to a door, but running through it, everyone fell down.

After a brief plummet to their death, they all stopped just a few feet above the ground...and were dropped. Harry and Luna looked at the Archway to see a shroud, while Hermione kept claiming that nothing was there. Harry then gathered everyone around him as the Death Eaters started filling in. The mistake that he made was that they didn't see them coming from behind.

In one swift moment, everyone was captured, leaving Harry by himself. Lucius walked up with James, and chuckled a bit.

"Did you believe, or were you actually naive enough to believe that you stood a chance against us?" Lucius says, "Now I give you the chose to give me the prophecy, or watch your friends die"

Harry then looks around at each of his friends.

"Don't give it to him Harry" Neville says

Bellatrix then shushes him with her wand on her neck.

Harry reluctantly gives it to Lucius as a flash of light appears behind him. James quickly backs off as Sirius gives Lucius a hard right hook, causing him to drop the prophecy. Even more people started entering. Most of the Order members had came and started fighting the Death Eaters.

The Death Eaters outnumbered them, but the arrival of the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang helped even the odds. Tonks' parents even came. Bellatrix helped James fight off a couple of Aurors, but they stayed at a stalemate. Meanwhile Tonks' parents and James' parents were fighting. And Harry and Sirius were fighting another Death Eater and Lucius.

Carter knew that this was the moment for his revenge. He quickly ran behind some cover and hid. He then found where Tonks' father was fighting James' father, and quietly cast a spell on Tonks' father. From there, he let his plan take place.

Marcus suddenly felt a strange sensation to destroy the Death Eater in front of him. He got the upper hand on him when he accidentally fell trying to back up.

Will accidentally fell off a small ledge trying to back up, and dropped his wand in the process. He watched as Marcus jumped down and aimed his wand at him. Will saw something in his eyes that was new though, it was the look of blood lust.

"Marcus, you wouldn't kill your old friend...would you?" Will says

Marcus muttered a Reducto, and disintegrated his victim.

Once an explosion was heard, James quickly looked around and saw Marcus standing over the remains of his father. Something then broke as he slowly walked towards the remains. Marcus quickly apparated away while Carter ran away from the room with a dark smile on his face.

James kept walking, and anyone that was unlucky enough to cross his path was either knocked out of the way of stunned. Getting to his father, James kneels down his remains. His entire chest was blown up, which scattered his body parts in different direction.

James found the head, and carefully picked it up. He then lowered his own head, and let the darkness consume him.

With most of the Death Eaters apprehended, Tonks started searching for James while everyone else had to be questioned. She eventually found him with those who were captured, and looked completely dead to the world. She quickly approached him, but was blocked by a couple of Aurors.

Tonks mother allowed her to "interrogate" him alone. They were brought to a part of the room where they could speak in private.

"James...what's wrong?" Tonks starts

" father...he..."

James looked close to throwing up. Tonks wrapped her arms around him and kept whispering to him that things would be OK. James then gently pried her off and looked into her eyes. Tonks flinched away when she saw the dead look in his eyes.

"Your father did this..."

"My father? Are you sure? He wouldn't have done something like that without a reason"

"I'm sure..."

" doesn't make any sense"


James puts his hands on her shoulders.

"Things aren't going to be the same"

"What? Why?"

"Because of what happened here today. I'm a convicted Death Eater, and have to face the punishment"

"No you don't, my parents can help you, they could-"

"What Tonks? What could they do!? Your father KILLED MINE! And I'm not going to forget that"

James then walked back to the other Death Eaters held captive, and took his place.

Tonks just stood there completely stunned. She didn't even feel anything. She started walking towards her mother, but on her way, she saw the body, or what remained of it, being gathered. The name that was tagged on the body made her freeze. It was marked as: Will Winter.

She nearly threw up looking at the mutilated body. She quickly rushed off to tell her mother about what happened. Reaching her, she started describing what happened. When she got to the part about the body, she threw up on some rocks.

Miranda gently patted her daughter's back as she emptied out her stomach. She then pulled her away from everything and sat her down outside of the room in the main entrance. Once there she sat her down on the floor and wrapped an arm around her.

Tonks started crying onto her mother's shoulder.

"W-why mum? wh-why?"

"I don't know Nymmy, it all seems confusing"

"I-is he going to be returning to Hogwarts? I don't want to go otherwise"

"I thought that you liked Hogwarts. You kept writing about how great it is"

"It was only great because James was there. It'll be boring if he isn't"

"Come on Nymmy, let's go home"

Tonks was taken back home, and rushed off to her room, where she jumped onto her bed and cried into a pillow. She looked at a small desk by her bed and picked up a picture. It was one that was taken during one of the many trips to Hogsmeade. In the picture, both of them were smiling, and James gave Tonks a kiss on the cheek. This caused the picture Tonks to look away with a blush while James pulled her closer.

Tonks smiled at the memory, and fell asleep with the picture in her arms.

Back with the others, Harry was found with Dumbledore at one of the entrances. (A.N. I did say Tonks and her mother were at the main entrance, but there has to be more than one. I mean come on, the place is HUGE! That's all, continue with the story)

The Daily Prophet had a field day with all the events that had taken place. Everyone from Dumbledore's Army went back to Hogwarts to get ready to leave. Since Tonks had already been brought home, her luggage was gathered by a couple friends of the family. Dumbledore apologized for distancing himself away from Harry, and Harry accepted his apology.

Sirius' charges were finally dropped, as he walked through Hogwarts doors as a free man once more. The olden Trio, plus Sirius and the Army members spent their last moments with each other. Sirius had to fly away on Buckbeak, who was sleeping in the forest, which left the Golden Trio with their many friends.

As they walked down to the train they started asking questions about their next move, and Harry's response was, "The difference between us and Voldemort is that we have something to fight for"

They all boarded the train, and were brought back to their separate lives.

James had been taken to Azkaban with the other prisoners, and was being fed on every now and then. It felt strange, having every happy feeling being drained away. He knew he deserved it, but he wouldn't go down without fighting. He knew Voldemort had a plan ready in case this sort of situation occurs, and it was all a matter of waiting.

James couldn't take it most of the time, and every time he kept thinking of Tonks.

It was true, he deserved this.

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