The Love of A Death Eater

Chapter 15

We are, we are

We are made from broken part.

We are, we are

We are broken from the start.

And our heart, our hearts

They were beating in the dark

'cause we are, we are

We are built from broken parts.

Danny-Hollywood Undead- We Are

Tonks woke up early to check her appearance. Normally she wouldn't care about what she looked like, but it would seem that James had an effect on her. They had written very few letters between each other, but James said that he'd meet her when the students were allowed to go to Hogsmeade, which happened to be today. After choosing her attire, which consisted of some torn jeans and a wicked sisters t-shirt, she made her way downstairs for an early breakfast.

A couple other students also had the same idea and were sitting in the Great Hall. After a while, more students started pouring in and seated themselves at their respective tables. Bri waved to Tonks and took a seat at her table. Tonks waved back in a friendly manner before returning to her meal. The Golden Trio made their appearance later and talked about the trip to Hogsmeade.

As classes started to commence, Tonks let her mind drift, and soon they were waving at Harry while he stayed behind...not. They all met up at the border of the shrieking shack, where the Golden Trio left Tonks to enjoy the view. She waited for a few minutes before she felt a pair of strong arms around her waist and the fabric of an invisibility cloak cover her.

Tonks turned around and gave James a passionate kiss on the lips. James returned it wholeheartedly. Once they separated, Tonks gave James a light slap on his face.

"That's for the first letter" Tonks says


"You don't have to apologize for anything. It's His fault, not yours"


"Nope, now kiss me again"

James did just that. Tonks could feel the passion in his kiss, but also fear of losing her. He must have gone through a lot, and it was her job to help him get through it. He wasn't responsible for the death of the muggles, but he probably think otherwise.

James breaks the kiss and looks Tonks in the eyes. his eyes looked tired, like he needed to sleep. Tonks cupped James cheek and they leaned their foreheads against each other and rested them. James wrapped his arms around Tonks waist, embracing her. Suddenly, the cloak flew off, and James quickly pulled out his wand.

Draco flung his hands up into the air, while James let out a chuckle, lowering his wand.

"Damn Draco, I almost gutted you" James says

"Well, thanks for not" Draco responds with relief evident in his voice

He lowered his hands and let out a deep breath.

"I saw foot prints moving around, and I was wondering what was going on"

"Well, you interrupted what would have been a very good snog" Tonks says cheekily

"Oh, well...I'll take my leave"

Once Draco left, Tonks gave James a peck on the lips before saying, "I have to go. Time's running out, so I'll see you later?"

"Yeah...take care"

"Stay safe"

James and Tonks shared one last kiss before she left. Tonks waved over her shoulder before disappearing behind some trees.

"When war come" James says to himself, "I hope you are prepared"

Time had passed since James and Tonks had last met. Harry told Tonks about his goal, and she suggested using the liquid luck. The result? Success. Harry came back to the Gryffindor Common, and everyone but Tonks was awake. Tonks was sitting on the couch, reading a book.

"Hey Tonks" Harry says

"Wotcher Harry. I told Fleur to go to bed 'cause she looked tired"

"Thanks, I wouldn't want her waiting up for me" Harry says humorously

"No problem"

"So, why are you up still?"

"I couldn't sleep"

"Ah, well...goodnight"

Tonks waves bye to Harry as he goes to the boys dorm. Tonks continued reading, but wasn't really paying attention to the words. She kept thinking about James' situation. They might be forced to confront each other, and that's not how Tonks wanted things to end. She continued absently looking at the book before falling into a fitful slumber.

Meanwhile, James was standing in the Room of Requirement. He had successfully infiltrated the school, and had been repairing the Vanishing Cabinet. Soon, things would start getting serious.

While the students went home for break, James stayed in the Room of Requirement, which provided the food and sleeping quarters. He had spent his time reading up and studying the Vanishing Cabinet. A few days later, things were ready to commence. Once the signal was given, James stepped back and watched the Death Eaters enter, led by Bellatrix Lestrange and Greyback.

"James" Bellatrix says, "I've got a special reward for you if this goes smoothly"

"Stop bugging him, and let's get on with it" Greyback snarls

James leads the group to the Astronamy Tower, where Dumbledore was apparently waiting.

"Good evening James, Bellatrix" Dumbledore greets

"Hello professor"

"Dumbledore...we're on a bit of a tight schedule, so we'll get straight to business. Now James"

"The next great journey...right professor?" James says

Dumbledore smiles a bit and gives James a nod. With a flick of the wrist, a light blueish blast hits Dumbledore in the chest, knocking him over the guard-rail. Bellatrix runs over with the other Death Eaters and watches his body fall. She then lets out a victory cry, and launches His mark into the sky. James quickly leads the group through the back entrance, stunning an auror along the way.

When they got to Hagrid's house, Bellatrix called out to see if Hagrid was there. She then set the hut alight, burning the straw roof. James heard someone yelling at him behind him.

"He trusted you!" Harry yells, casting a stunning spell

James easily blocked it, and Bellatrix cast a spell of her own.

"No, he belongs to the Dark Lord" James says

Bellatrix lets out a bored sigh, and walks away. James walks up to Harry and looks him in the eyes.

"Maybe you should check up on your beloved Headmaster" James says, tilting his head a bit

James heads for the tree-line with the Death eaters, leaving the school behind. Harry quickly picked himself up, and ran to the school. He arrived to see everyone gathered around Dumbledore's body. After a few moments, he sat himself up, which everyone responded to by letting out large sighs of relief.

"Professor," Harry says, "what happened?"

"It would appear, that I am not dead." Dumbledore says humorously, "I find myself interested as why I was hit with a stunning spell"

"Stunning spell?" Ron asks from the side

"That means..." Harry starts

"That means we have an ally" Tonks speaks up, "One that you all thought could never be trusted"

"Tonks we had reason not to trust him"

"I don't care. Lets just get through the rest of the day"

Dumbledore vanished the Dark Mark from the sky, and everyone started to disperse and talk among themselves. Tonks talked with the Golden Trio on what their next move would be. The four went back to the Gryffindor Common Room to talk more freely. Fleur arrived a few seconds later and joined their conversation.

"So, we all know that the horcruxes need to be destroyed, and the Ministry of Magic isn't going to do anything" Harry starts

"Well, with James on our side, we could have a big advantage" Tonks says

"Tonks, just forget about him for now. He's chosen his side" Ron says

"Well, it would seem that his loyalty is split if he kept Dumbledore alive" Fleur states

"Right, maybe I can talk with him" Tonks says

"Tonks, even if you could convince him, you'd have to find him first" Hermione says

"I already know his location. I could go right now, but I can't because you three idiots need someone to make sure you don't get yourselves killed! You know what? I'm going to go see Draco"

"What for?" Ron asks

"It would seem that he's the only one that cares about his friends" Tonks says, getting up and walking out of the Common Room. She then made her way down to the dungeons. Once there, she stops at the door, and remembers something very important.

"I don't know the password" She says to herself

Tonks decided to wait at the painting for a while before Draco came walking around the corner with his two lackeys. He was surprised, to say the least, when Tonks came charging towards him with a fire in her eyes.

"Uh, Tonks, what's going on?" Draco asks

"We need James as an ally, but the others are disagreeing with me and saying that we don't need him"

"James? I actually recieved something from him from a raven" Draco says, pulling out a ring, "He told me to tell you that if you were ever in trouble, say; 'Shadow of darkness"'

Tonks takes the ring and looks at it. It looked normal, but had a pink diamond that matched her hair color. The two quickly made arrangements to meet again tomorrow to make a plan. Tonks thanked Draco and started to leave, while Draco started to think of how they could get to James.

On her way out, Tonks put the ring on her finger, enraptured by it. This caused to to not notice someone appear behind her, and knock her out from behind. Carter emerged from the shadows with three others, and had them pick up her body and placed a glamour on her. They brought her into the Slytherin Common Room and worked their way to a door in the corner. Lucky for them no one was paying attention.

The door opened to reveal more downwards stairs, which few people knew about. No one really went down their because it was once a dungeon, and no one really cared. Carter had her body placed on a table where the glamour was removed and Tonks was strapped to the table. Carter noticed the ring and took it off, looking at it's craftmenship before pocketing it.

"Get some privacy charms made and gag her" Carter says, "I'm not taking any chances"

The four lackeys started carrying out Carter's task as the man himself left the dungeon and went back into the Common Room. He started planning what his next move would be, and it was looking interesting.

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