The Love of A Death Eater

Chapter 16

Tonks woke up and felt the back of her head aching. She tried moving around but found her arms and legs tied down and a gag in her mouth. She started struggling through the bonds and froze as she heard someone start to chuckle. Fear gripped her heart as she watched a familiar face enter the small bit of light in the room.

"You know, I would have been easier if you had just left James a while ago, but now that opportunity has passed"

"Jss lemm go" Tonks tries to say through the gag

"Sorry, but I can't understand" Carter says, starting to run his hands along her legs, "Just relax and let me handle it"

Carter left the dungeun with a satisfied smirk and nodded to his lackies. They went in themselves and locked the door when they entered.

(A couple days later)

Back with James, he was still living in his house, but changed the inside to suit his new needs. Necromancy was a challenge, but the end result would be worth it. He just finished summoning a new servant, which was helping to dig a large pit where the prisoners would go.

James was reading more of his book when one of his servants brought an owl over, which had a letter on it's leg. James let the bird mount on his shoulder as he took the letter and started reading it.

Dear James,

Good and bad news.

I delivered the ring, but Tonks has gone missing.

I don't know where She went, and we were suppose to go and find you together.

Think you can swing by and help me out?



After finishing the letter, James sends the owl into the sky and went to the fireplace. He took a decent amount of floo powder before sending himself to the Leaky Cauldron. He transfigured himself into a raven and flew his way to Hogwarts. He quickly made his way to the Slytherin Painting before transfiguring himself back into his human form.

Jammes yelled at the painting to get Draco, and a few second later the painting door opened as Draco stepped out and looked at James' new wardrobe. He had sorcerer's type clothing with a cowl covering his face, which also had a darkening charm to prevent anyone from seeing his face when the cowl was on.

Draco let James enter as the two took a seat on the couch. A couple other Slythrins in the Common Room watched the exchange with interest.

"When was the last time you saw her" James asks

"I didn't think that you'd respond to my letter that quickly"

"Draco, don't give me the run around"

" *Sigh* The last time I saw her was when I gave her the ring"

"Well, I can at least track that. It sounds a bit posessive but I placed a charm on it so that I could locate her in case something like this occured"

James clenched the fist that his ring was on, and focused his energy.

"It's here, in the Slytherin Dungeon! What room is the one to the left over there?" James asks

"The Boys Dorm"

James immediately got up and raced for the room with Draco hot on his tail. One he got there James made a bee line towards a bunk. He forcefully opened the trunk and began to tear it apart. After throwing almost everything out, he found the ring in the bottom corner. James looked at the initials of the trunk, which read C.D.

James held the ring tight in his hand as hung his head down.

"I swear..." James starts before ubruptly standing up

James slowly makes his way back out to the Common Room before sitting back down on the couch. Draco doesn't know what to do and just sits in front of his friend.

"James..." Draco starts, not knowing how to continue

"I'm going to kill him, no, better yet, I'm gonna send him to the Seven Gates of Hell!"

"Well, we should search for him. Find him and make him pay"

"Right...right, let's start looking. Where should we go first?"

The two leave the Common Room and head off to where Carter usually hangs out. Once they leave, the man in question walks out of the dungeon door (A.N. Like every movie and video game). He then headed towards his dorm to get something, but noticed his trunk torn apart. Searching through it, he discovers that the ring was missing. Figuring out what happened, he quickly returns to the Dungeon with his lackeys and locks the door physically and with spells.

James and Draco started checking everwhere. The courtyard, the Great Hall, around Hagrid's Hut and partially into the Forbidden Forest. They even had the Golden Trio looking around and asking if anyone saw her. They finally decided to take a break. Draco went to the Slytherin Common Room while James went to the Gryffindor.

A few Gryffindors were wary of the cowled stranger, but ultimately decided to ignore him. James sat down on the couch with the ring in hand, rolling it around with his fingers.

"I can't believe I failed her again...dammit" James says

"You couldn't have possibly known. It's not your fault mate" Harry says

Before the conversation could go any furthus, Sir Nicholas came floating up to them.

"Excuse me for interrupting, but I had the most peculiar conversation with a certain Draco Malfoy"

"What? What did he say?"

"It would seem that the young lad has found something pertaining to a mystery of sorts"

James gets up and rushes off, again.

"Seems to be in a bit of a hurry, isn't he?" Nicholas says

James quickly runs and jumps his way down back to the dungeon, drawing the attention of some of the staff. He ran up to Draco, who was waiting at the entrance with the painting open. James skitted to a halt, almost running into him.

"Draco, what is it?"

"Alright, now this is just a hunch, but I mighthave an idea of where she is"

"Just tell me dammit!"

A couple of teachers showed up, including Professors Snape and McGonagall. James and Sraco move inside the Common Room as Draco explains.

"There's a dungeon underneath our feet that is rarely ever used. From what I remember, it was suppose to be a prison in the medival age"

"Where's the entrance?"

"Over here" Draco leads them to a door that is barely noticable. It was easily noticable, but in the state of chaos they were in early it would be easy to miss.

"Mr. Malfoy, who is this man?" Professor McGonagall

"Professor McGonagall, how nice to see you again. I would very much like to have a chat with you and Professor Snape, but if you'll excuse me for a second"

James pulls out his wand and shoots a spell at the door. The door shook, but didn't brake and only pushed it back a bit.

"I'm guessing that it's not suppose to be sealed with magic?" James sarcastically asks Draco

Draco just gives James a nod. He then focused his energy into another spell and blew the door off it's hinges. He then made his way down the spiral steps and soon found himself at the bottom. Two of Carter's lackeys were there waiting for him, and foolishly tried to shoot off some spells at him. James put up a protection barrier and made his palm go red before slamming it onto the ground.

Two groups of decayed and broken hands shot out from the ground and started pulling the two down into the ground. James had them pulled down until only their heads were above the stone. He then made his way further down and found the one cell that had light in it. He looked inside and saw three figures with their backs to him. James entered the cell, and glared at them.

"She's not here" Carter says

"Where is she then?" James asks

Carter turns around, wand in hand.

"She's a screamer, that one. Couldn't get her to stop shrieking"

James clenched his fists and jaw.

"She kept saying you'd come for her. Of course, we got her to quiet down after a while"

"Where is she?"

"She's got nice skin. Real smooth on her legs, did you know that?"

James eflt his anger rising as waves of energy started rippling off him.

"You know what my favorite part is is? The assets"

James lost it and punched the ground, making red cracks in the ground towards Carter. A portal opened up as he was sucked in. The two lackeys were restrained by sililar goulish hands. James jumped down into the portal as well.

Carter found himeslf in a room filled with mutilated, desecrated, and burnt bodies. He then saw James walking towards him, shoving the souls out of the way. Carter took off running through another door and found himself in a touture chamber. And Iron Maiden was opening and closing, where someone was being impaled but healed continuously.

The next door, Carter found himself in a large forest, where people were hanging from nooses and were jumping off cliffs. The next door, Carter saw wealthy people covered in jewels, wearing crowns...and being eaten alive by lions. He quickly rushed into the next room once James was in sight.

In the next room Carter saw men and women being whipped with spiked leather, and lighters being held against others skin. Moving to the next room, people were being stabbed, buried alive, and others being continuously being beaten by metalbars.

Only one more door. Carter walked in and saw people being strung up in explosives and blowing up and regenerating. James walked up behind Carter, causing Carter to jump back in fright.

"What the bloody hell is this place!?" Carter yells

"Hell, yes, that word fits in quite nicely here. Those were the Seven Gates of Hell, and you...are one of the few that I've allowed to walk through"

"You've allowed?"

"Lucius is very understanding, and I think he finds your pain do I"

"Wait wait wait, don't sentence me to this place"

"Why shouldn't I?"

"Because only I know where Tonks is"

Carter finds himself being thrown through a red webbed portal, and finds himself back in the dungeon. James quickly re-appears as well, and the portal is closed.

"I'll give you one last chance" James says, grabbing Carter by his collar, "Where. Is. Tonks!"

"Under the floor" Carter says, "We hid her under the floor"

James threw Carter into the other people, who caught him, and made his hand glow with white energy before slamming his palm on the ground. He the moved over to the table, and threw it out of the way, revealing a medium sized door. He opened it to see a sobbing Tonks, with her clothes torn in various places and red marks along her whole body.

"Tonks..." James says, climbing down to reach her

James places a hand on Tonks shoulder, only to watch as she recoils and looks at him with a panicked look. He lowered his cowl and looked at Tonks with concern in his eyes.

"J-James?" Tonks asks with a pleading look in her eyes, "Please don't make this be fake, just...just..."

James slowly worked his arms around Tonks' body into a hug, which she eagerly excepted before balling her eyes out. James looked up to see Draco with a grimmaced expression on his face, McGonagall with her hand covering her mouth, and Snape with a troubled look on his face. James works his hands around to remove his robes, leaving him shirtless, and drapes it over Tonks, who gladly accepts it.

"I-I'm sorry Tonks. I should have been there for you. I...failed you" James says

James lifted Tonks up bridal style and climbs out of the small pit.

"Professors" James greets, "Sorry I couldn't speak with you earlier was crucial that I came here"

"Yes, we can see that Mr. Winter" Professor McGonagall says, "Why don't we take Ms. Tonks up to the Hospital while we let Professor Snape handle things here"

James nods in agreement, buut walks past everyone and made his way towards the Hospital Wing, glaring at anyone that looked at them funny. Eventually they made it to the extremely white colored room, where James placed Tonks gently on one of the beds. James looked at her body again to assess the damage, and saw it looked even worse in the light.

Tonks had knife marks and claw marks on her thighs. Bite marks on her neck, and raw burn marks on her breasts. James took a seat next to his love, and took her and with his. Tonks looked with at James with fear in her eyes, which made his heart lurch at the sight. Professor McGonagall came in with Madame Pomfrey, who tried ushering James away but stayed under Tonks' orders.

Madame Pomfrey used her wand to "scan" Tonks' body before leaving only to return with some potions. Some were for infection with the woulds, others were mental relaxation, etc. After a while, Tonks fell asleep from all the potions, and James placed her ring back on her finger and let out a tired sigh.

"If none of you ladies object, I tired myself out with that last stunt, so, I will join Tonks in sleep for a while" James says, starting to take off his boots

The two women understand and go their seperate ways. James lays down next to Tonks and wraps a protective arm around her, not wanting to let go.

"I'm sorry Tonks. I swear that from this day, I will always be by your side. I will not let anything like this happen again" James says before resting his head next to her's. Tonks unconciously moves her head to James' chest, feeling safe, protected, from everything. If only that were true.

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