The Love of A Death Eater

Chapter 17

Tonks woke up feeling soft sheets under her skin. She opened her eyes to see the sun had risen already, causing the room to be filled with light. Recalling what happened, Tonks tried curling herself up into a ball, but couldn't when she felt someone's arm around her. Then she remembered James, and quickly turned herself around to see James with his arm wrapped around har body.

Footsteps could be heard from outside coming to the Hospital Wing. It sounded like there was more than one person coming.

"James, James wake up" Tonks says hurriedly

"Wh-what? Tonks? Are you alright? What's wrong" James says, immediately jumping to attention

"People are coming, you need to go"

"No, just stay down"

As soon as James said that, Professor Dumbledore walked into the room with the Minister of Magic, Dawlish (A.N. Finally got his name), and few other Aurors.

"Minister, I don't think that now is the right time to-"

"A Necromancer is here in Hogwarts sleeping with one of your students. I think it's time to apprehend him before he can do any more harm" Fudge says

Tonks clung to James as she heard the minister say they were going to take James away. James wrapped his arm around her and glared at the people in the room.

"If it makes it easier for you, Minister, I will gladly come with you peacefully. But Tonks is in a vulnurable position right now so it would be wise to laeve now and give us the privacy that we need"

"Of course. Minister, if you may" Dumbledore says, gesturing to the door

With a huff, the Minister leaves to Dumbledore's Office with his "security". Dumbledore shut the door to give the two some more privacy.

James nudged Tonks a bit, who looked up at him with tears in her eyes.

"Don't let them take you" Tonks says, "I need you with me, not in the custody of the Ministry"

"Tonks, don't worry. Even if they try to send me back to Azkaban, I'll still be able to escape. And with the Dementors on the loose, I don't want you trying to come after me"

"James, don't do this...I love you"

"I love you too, which is why I need to go. I'm dangerous to be around"

"I don't care. If you're leaving, take me with you"


"You heard me. Wherever you go, I go"

"Tonks, you need to stay here and recover. You went through a horrible ordeal, and I want you to stay here under Dumbledore's protection"

Tonks rested her head on James' chest once more and closed her eyes.

"Promise me...promise that when this is all'll come back to me"

"I promise" James says

Tonks feels the bed shift as James stands up. Tonks gave James his wardrobe back rested her head on one of the pillows and opened one eye as she watched her love leave through the doors. As the door closed, she felt the ring on her finger and held her hand close to her heart before slipping back into a peaceful sleep.

As soon as he left, James headed straight for Dumbledore's Office, intent on giving the Minister a piece of his mind. On his way, James stopped a few feet and scanned the area. No students. Something was wrong, and James slung out his wand from his wrist holster and slowly approached the door. Seeing movement to his left, James cast a disarming spell and hit someone in the shadows.

Three other spells were fired at James, who merely swung his wand to block the spells and send his own.

"Hit Wizards. I knew I couldn't trust Fudge"

James said the password that Dumbledore left him and stood on the stairs as they spiraled upwards. Once they got to the top, James burst through the door, startling the occupants inside except for Dumbledore.

"Minister Fudge, I wasn't expecting your forces to be stupid enough to try and ambush me. I said that I'd come willingly"

"Well...I don't know what you mean. Hit Wizards are an unpredictable lot"

"Minister, don't lie to me. You know that your time is coming to an end, so it would be wise to just relieve yourself from office before you are removed permanently"

"Are you threatening the Minister of Magic" Dawlish says

"No, I am enducating an old fool that does not know when his time has come to step down!"

"Mr. Winter-" Dumbledore starts, but is intterupted.

"James, professor. You may call me by my first name"

Dumbledore nods his head in acceptance before starting again.

"James, you do make some difficult arguments for the Minister here...and I am inclined to agree"

"Dumbledore!" Fudge yells in protest

"Cornelius think reasonably, you have fallen out of favor and necessary steps may need to be taken to avoid internal conflict"

"'s a wonder that I haven't succumbed to its madness." James states, "Look, all I want to know is what the punishment is in regards to the assault of Nymphadora Tonks"

"Why would you care about that young girl?" Fudge asks pompously

James lets out a sigh as he paces for a few steps.

"I care, because I love her-"

Fudge scoffs at the comment.

"-and I feel it is partially my responsability to keep her safe"

"Oh please, don't try and lie to us, Necromancer. Your people have always been a solitary kind-"

"I wasn't always a Necromancer you insolant little man! If I wanted to I would send you to the Seven Gates of Hell, and gladly watch as you burn!" James yells, "Don't presume to know or even understand me...I think I'm finished here. Dumbledore, I expect you to punish your students accordingly"

Dumbledore gave a nod to James as the Minister began to sputter.

"N-n-now w-wait just a minute. I am the Minister of Magic and I decide when this conversation is finished!" Fudge yells

James merely turned away and walked to the doors. Upon exiting he slammed the door shut and made his way down the spiral staircase. HE eventually made his way to the main courtyard where he hears the sound of approaching foot steps.

"I don't have time for this" James says, launching a barrage of spells on the Aurors. With a few quick waves of his wand he incapacitated all of them and quickly apparated from on the spot.

Back in the Hospital Wing, Tonks had been waiting patiently for James to come back. She could sense something was wrong, but didn't know what. When the doors opened she expected to see James's confident stride, but was only slightly disappointed to see Harry and Fleur.

" 'Ello Tonks. How are you feeling?" Fleur asks

"I'm feeling better Fleur, thank you"

"We heard about what happened, and...well..." Harry starts, "Honestly I'm not good at this sort of thing"

Tonks laughs a bit at Harry's situation.

"Have you seen James? He should be back soon" Tonks says

The bond-mates exchange a look as Harry starts.

"Uh, Tonks...there was a conflict in the courtyard and..." Harry looks to Fleur to continue

"The Aurors were involved. They are all fine, looks like James is no longer 'ere"

Tonks let her body go limp against the bed as she contimplated the situation. James was supposedly attacked by the Aurors and had escaped. He was no longer at Hogwarts though and she was vulnerable to another attack.

Tonks let out the breath of air she was holding and says, "Can't we have a normal year?"

The three laugh at that as Dumbledore entered the room.

"Ah Harry, Miss Delacore. If you wouldn't mind I would like to have a little chat with Miss Tonks for a moment"

"Of course professor"

As Harry and Fleur left they closed the door, and Dumbledore started to tell Tonks what had occured in his office.

"Well, I don't blame James for leaving now. Still, it would be nice to have him here" Tonks says

"Indeed. I can tell that he has a very large impact on your life"

"Yeah, we've been best friends ever since first year. And now...well..."

"Of course. Well, I seem to have taken up enough of your time. Get well soon"

Dumbledore then took his leave as Tonks started thinking about what her next steps would be. It was lucky that her mother always made her use a non-pregnancy spell once a week. The spell had come in very handy and she would have to remember to thank her mother. She then closed her eyes as sleep gently took her.

James found himself back at Malfoy Manor, and swiftly entered through a hidden entrance. He found the Head Malfoy sitting in what appeared to be a Lounge Room rubbing his head like he had been hit with a bludgeon spell.

"Mr. Malfoy"

"Ah, James. What can I do for you?"

"I am in need of your assistance," James says, taking a seat on one of the cushioned chairs, "And it needs to stay between us"

"What could you possibly want that the Dark Lord should not know?"

"It involves love"

Obviously Lucius did not expect this, as his facial apperance turned into one of shock.

" know Narcissa and I see you like one of our own...and if you need me to keep what you're about to say away from the Dark Lord, then I will do so"

"Thank you, sir"

"Well then, let's begin shall we?"

"Of course"

James retold the tale of his development with Tonnks, and how they had become so much to each other. Lucius watched and listened to James's tales with patience and the occasional question or two.

"So...I've come to a cross a cursed life with Tonks, or leave her behind when the darkness comes"

"You know what? There is another way"

At that comment, James's interest perked up.

"What if something like...and accident per say, occured while going to negotiate with the giants?"

"Hmm...that would be a very huge loss for the Dark Lord. A powerful Necromancer killed by being stepped on...hahaha"

The two discuss their plan well into the night. Hopefully by the end of their plan, the world may soon be rid of James Winter.

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