The Love of A Death Eater

Chapter 1

James's first Year had gone by relatively fast. He learned about all of the teachers. Their strengths resided in what subject they teach. As for their weaknesses, there was still time. Getting back to his shack, he tosses his trunk by a torn up couch and lays down on it. James then hears something tapping against a window. Looking up, he sees an owl with a letter in it's beak.

James opened to window to let it in, and took the message from it. It reads;

Dear James,

I hope this letter reaches you're home.

Everything at home is fine, how are you?

It stinks that we have to wait for the summer to end before we can see each other again.

Hopefully we'll be able to see each other before then, but I doubt that's possible.

Love, Tonks

Finishing reading, James took out a piece of paper and wrote his own letter. After finishing, he gave the owl the letter and it flew off. James then laid down on the couch again, trying to get some sleep.

When Tonks made it home, she immediately went to her room to write to James. After sending the letter, she went downstairs to help her mother make dinner. About a half-hour from sending the letter, Tonk's owl flew threw and open window and landed on a table. Unfortunately Tonk's mother got to the letter first and read it.

Tonk's mother then had a smile on her face as she brought the open letter to her daughter.

"Nymphadora, dear?" Her mother says

"It's Tonks mom, and yes?" Tonks says

Tonk's mother gives her daughter the letter and watches as she reads it. Is says;

Dear Tonks,

Good to hear from you.

Glad that you made it home.

Things at my place aren't that exciting.

Maybe we could hang out some time.

Signed, James

After reading the letter, Tonks smiled to herself, forgetting her mother was there. Tonks mother finished making dinner while Tonks ran back upstairs, nearly running over her father, and went into her room.

"What's going on with Nym?" He asks as he walks into the kitchen

"I think our little girl might be starting to grow up"

Tonks then ran down to the kitchen and asked it they could visit James after dinner.

"It all depends if it's OK with his parents" Her father states

"Umm...he...doesn't have any parents" Tonks says

"Huh...well, maybe we could give him some company" Her mother says, "Why don't you write to him to see if we can visit"

"Sure, I'll write to him now" Tonks says as she runs up to her room again. Getting there she writes a quick letter and has her owl send it to James

Back at James house, he wakes up to the sound of tapping...again. Annoyed, James gets up from the couch and lets the same owl enter. Taking the small letter, it reads;

Dear James,

I was wondering if my parents and I could visit you tonight.

Sorry for asking on such short notice, but I thought that you could use some company.

Please respond as soon as possible

Love, Tonks

After reading the letter, James quickly write his reply and sends the owl back. James then picks up the trunk from the side of the couch and tosses it in a closet. He then starts tossing things everywhere, getting ready for a visit.

After eating, Tonks and her parents waited for the letter to return. After a few more tense minutes, the owl came flying through the window. Tonks quickly took the letter and gave the owl a treat. Quickly reading the letter Tonks lets out a small squeal of joy and runs off to get her wand from her room.

Tonk's father reads the note, which says;

Dear Tonks,

Sure, I don't have any plans tonight so it'll be fine.

I'll include my location with the letter.

Signed, James

"Tell me dear" Tonks father asks his wife, "What do you know about this James fellow?"

"About as much as you know dear"

Since Tonk's parents were both Aurors they should have information on most, if not all, wizards, young or old. After Tonks came back down, with a smile still on her face, she and her parents appirated (A.N. If I didn't spell that right tell me) to the directions that James gave them.

Tonks always wondered what James's home would look like. From the outside it looked like an everyday house. The family then walked up to the door, and Tonks knocked. They heard a, "Come in", from inside and entered the house.

Inside was a bit dark, but from what they could see, there was a single couch, a small table, a small TV on a stand, and a mini-fridge. That was it. James then walked out from behind a wall, with his shirt off, and immediately recognized the Pink haired beauty that stood before him.

Quickly grabbing a shirt that was on the couch says, "Ah, you must be Tonk's parents. Pleasure to meet you"

James then cover himself with the shirt, hiding the mark on his back.

Tonk's parents could feel a strange presence though when James stepped out from behind the wall, and when he put the shirt over himself, the presence lessened.

"Nice to meet you too" Tonk's mother says, "My name's Miranda, and my husband here is Marcus"

"Sorry about the inside. I know the outside of the house might seem nice but...that's about it" James says with s small laugh, "Sorry if I can't entertain you, but, we do have television so...there's that"

"So you spend most of your time watching television?" Marcus asks disapprovingly

Miranda, on the other hand, couldn't believe it, since she saw her daughter nearly swoon over the young boys abs. Who could've thought that a 14 year old could have that good of a six-pack?

"Uh...not really...most of my time is" James responds

"And how do you train?" Marcus asks

"Umm...well...that's, kind of a secret" James says

Marcus then narrowed his eyes before letting them slip back into a calm feel.

"Well, why don't we have a little drink" Marcus says

"Umm...sure..." James says, 'What would you like?"

"What kind of wine do you have" Marcus says, while his daughter and wife face palmed

"Umm...a large amount, actually, although I don't really drink" James says

James and Marcus then go to the mini-fridge, and opening it, James reaches in, and after about 10 seconds, he pulled out a bottle of wine. James then went over to a cabinet that was in the shadows and pulled out 4 wine glasses.

James then placed the 4 glasses on the table and pours the wine while each person sat around it.

"Ugh, James, do you think we could have a little light" Marcus asks

"Dad, I could-" Tonks starts before being cut off

"Please dear" Marcus says with a stern look

"Uh...yeah, let me just get my wand" James says as he gets up and leaves the room

Marcus then pulls out a small veil.

"Dad! Seriously!?" Tonks says

"I just want to know more about this young man" Marcus says as he pours the content of the veil into James's wine glass

" do this with almost every guy I meet" Tonks says exasperated

James then walks back with his wand in hand.

"Found it" James says as he casts a spell.

The room was then filled with light, making the room more visible. James then sat down at his own glass of wine and held it up.

" our friends" James says

The other three raise their glasses and lightly tap them together. They all take a small sip, excluding Tonks, and set their glasses down back on the table.

"So, James" Marcus starts, with Tonks and her mother obviously knowing where this was going

"How do you train?"

"I, uhm, practice by creating mannequins, set to use the Cruciatus cruse, and fight them" James says

This immediately surprises the family, especially Tonks. Marcus then continues the questioning.

"Who has you train in this kind of way?" Marcus asks

"My main care taker, under the orders of his master" James replies

"And who is that?" Marcus asks

"Lucius Malfoy and Antonin Dolohov" James says

Marcus and Miranda exchanged a cautious look.

" long has this been going on?" Miranda asks gently

Tonks, obviously missing something, focused more than she even has in her life.

"Ever since I was born" James says

All three of their eyes widened, and Tonks could barely see a small amount of emotion in James's eyes as he said was sorrow.

Marcus and Miranda then nodded to each other and stood up, followed by Tonks, and a James still under the affects of the potion.

"Well it was nice meeting you, but we really should be going" Marcus says, looking at his watch, the time was: 9:35 PM

"Oh course, have a good night" James says as he walks them out

"And one last thing" Marcus says as he pulls out his wand

"What?" James asks

"Obliviate" Marcus says as the "discussion" that took place was wiped from James's memory

James then fell back and landed on the floor with a thud.

"I didn't think that would happen" Marcus says as he puts his wand away

The family then left the house and appirated to their own. Getting there, Tonks was sent to her room while Marcus and Miranda started talking. Eventually they agreed that they would try to get James away from the Dark Lord. Someone with that kind of information could be seen as invaluable. They also thought, that if convinced, their daughter would be more than happy to help.

Upstairs in her room, Tonks had fallen asleep, worrying about James, and wondering what she could do to help. She promised herself, that she would stay with him until their dying day.

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