The Love of A Death Eater

Chapter 19

Voldemort had his followers launch their spells for the next few days, with things running like clock work. Camps were made for outposts so that they wouldn't be forced to live in the open too much. Things were going smoothly, but the quickly flash of pain that over took him efore coming to the schools was making him nervous.

Nagini was to be protected at all costs, and he would sacrifice any number of his forces to do so. So he satared out at the barrage of spells and started to lose patience. Summoning his strength, he launched a stream of power at the protective dome and watched in glee as it blew up into shreds of energy.

"Launch the attack" Voldemort says to Dolohov

"Come, we shall strike now! Attack!"

Dolohov leads the group of Death Eaters across the large bridge with trolls following from behind. Hogwart's stone knights dispatched a few Dwath Eaters before clashing with the more larger foes. Death Eaters and the different schools fought with one another like savages. If their wands couldn't work they tackled each other and fought with fists. It had turned from a battle into a full out brawl.

After a few moments both sides gathered themselves before battling it out once again with cutting spells, explosives, bone breaking, etc. James and Dumbledore were in the rear so they wouldn't be spotted so easily, but could still offer assistance. James cast explosive spells where Death Eaters conjugated and watched as they flew into the ground.

"Dumbledore, we need to pull them back and send in the reinforcements" James says


James starts pulling people back and takes up the front. Screw the consequences if they were to find him, he had a battle to fight and he wasn't going to be staying in the side lines. He cast a spell on his wand, which turned it into a sword, and started cutting away at the Death Eaters one by one. James even had the pleasure of impailing Dolohov through his chest.

James felt Ron and Seamus beside him as they charged at the lines of Death Eaters once more. While slicing away, Ron noticed the Death Eaters fighting above with the students flying on brooms. An ariel battle was something that could help turn the tide.

"Ron, focus!" James yells, blocking a cutting spell with his sword, "Careful mate. You owe me"

After a few more moments the first wave of Death Eaters retreated, leaving the students to deal with the wounded and dead. Overall there were very few casualties, but many wounded. Dumbledore saw to it that the wounded would recieve medical assistance while James gathered fresh soldiers for the next wave.

A series of explosions could be heard forom another part of castle.

"I guess Neville took care of the bridge" Dean says

"Yeah, now let's get ready. There will be more Death Eaters on the way"

James was right, as another wave of Death Eaters quickly sprinted over their fallen compatriates bodies and started launching spells. The new wave caused the students to back up into the school as carious spells crashed against the defences. James was glad the his cowl hid his face, otherwise they would know who they were fighting against.

On a count of three, James had the students launch a massive offensive attack with Neville surprisingly at the lead. Neville barreled into the Death Eaters with the others and cast spells that he thought he could never do. This boosted his confidence as he drove the second wave back to the bridge.

James also had the honor of dueling Carter, and ended his life with a few quick sand movements.

"The bridge..." James says to himself after a moment of thought

"What was that?" Ron asks

"The bridge, we need to destroy it. That way we can cut off another way for them to get on our ground. They can apparate, but they would be slightly more vulnerable than if they were on the ground"

"Alright, I'll get Seamus to make some more explosives"

"There's not enough time, tell him to meet me at the bridge"

James helped chase off the remaning Death Eaters as Seamus came up to him. Together the two launched explosive spells on the bridge and watched as the stone crumbled to the abyss below. Seamus cheered in joy as they both walked back to the group of students cheering at them.

"Good job" James compliments

"Thanks, although you were doing much better than me. I was just firing spells at random"

Suddenly, a large veil of black cmoke came crashing down on their positions as another wave of Death Eaters arrived. Getting tired of the fighting, James summons him minions as they tore apart at the Death Eaters. He also spawned some Devils as they sliced their foes with axes and knives, and drug their bodies down under the ground.

"I'm getting tired of this" James says, and walks back to the edge of the broken bridge,"Come on, Voldemort! Face me now!"

As if on cue, a dark cloud of smoke slowly made its way down as Voldemort appeared before James, standing right in front of him.

"Oh, this is such a surprise...I never would have thought that you, of all people, would be foolish enough to try and stop me!"

James flung himself back and cast a spell at Voldemort as he did the same. They engaged in a Priori Incantatem as more Death Eaters arrived, as well as Malfoy, who had brough Nagini along to the battle. It seemed like this would be the final push, seeing as how Voldemort's major Lieutenants were there.

The Golden Trio fought alongside its classmates and other schools, along with its friends. Tonks was throwing spells at her aunt, who was laughing like a maniac. Sirius was actually there as well, but had just chosen that moment to jump into the main battle. He had been covering the back when the Death Eaters had attacked, and had left to see how things were doing on the front.

Sirius was locked in a duel with Fenrir Greyback, and was winning.

"This is for Padfoot!" Sirius yells as he launched his last spell at the werewolf, incapacitating him. Sirius turned his attention towards the mass of students and Death Eaters and joined the fray. Then the unexpected happened, Neville came charging out into the battle with the Sword of Gryffindor.

Neville had been resting for a brief time when he saw the sword materialize inside the sorting hat, which had somehow found its way down to the Great Hall. With a determined look on his face, Neville grabbed the sword's hilt and pulled it out of the hat, with the blade making the ringing sound as if it had just been pulled out of it's sheath.

He then ran outside, screaming all the while as he swung at any Deah Eater that approached him. Neville saw Harry and quickly ran to him and fought by his side. The group then saw a blast of light as James's body flew into the air and landed hard on the ground, un-moving. Tonks sees the body and screams in anguish as she launches another spell at her aunt before dashing to her lover's body. Sirius took to fight to his beloved cousin as they dueled it out.

"Foolish boy. He should have known that he couldn't have killed me" Voldemort gloats

Harry's eyes turned to steel as he approached his nemesis.

"Neville, get the snake, hurry" Harry says

As Neville ran off into the battle, Harry and Voldemort stared each other down.

"So...this is it...the final confrontation" Voldemort says

"Seems like it Tom...I'm going to make you pay for all the suffering that you've caused"

"Then shall we?"

Voldemort launches his spell first as Harry's reflexes kick in. At first Voldemort seems to have the upper hand, with his killing curse slowly making its way towards Harry. Then both experianced an excrutiating amount of pain. Harry looked around to see Neville with the sword raised in the air, and dark sould being released into the air.

The two foes lock eyes with each other once more as they cast their attacks once more. This time Harry's spell overwhelmed Voldemort as he disarmed his and caught his wand in the air. He then watched as the enemy, and bane of his existence, faded into nothing but ash right in front of his eyes. As soon as he vanished for good, Harry finally slumped down to the ground on his knees, exhausted.

In that moment, Mr. Malfoy did something that no one would expect, he ordered the men under his control to attack their allies. The Malfoy wizards and Witches quickly changed their robes into the traditional Auror style as they attacked the un-suspecting Death Eaters. Once the battle had ended, Dumbledore approached the blonde haired man.

"I am curious as to why Aurors were amongst the ranks of Voldemort's army" Dumbledore asks

"Well, you would have to thank James on that account. He figured out a way to smuggle in the Aurors. Where is the lad anyways? I couldn't find him during the battle"

Lucius's question was answered as a small crowd gathered around a weeping Tonks. Her parents had kept her distance at Mad Eye's command as she held James's lifeless body. The Golden Trio push through the crowd to see one of their best friends crying, and held onto their respective partners themselves.

A small ring of fire appeared beside James, as everyone watched as a man in a well dressed suit floated up onto the ground. Tonks slightly moved back as he looked at her, then the body.

"This is an example of human perseverance. So strong, yet so fragile in it's defeated form...I have taken an interest in this one, and shall return him to you all"

"Who are you?" Tonks asks

"I am, putting it simply, the Devil"

The Devil then placed a hand on James's chest as a red hue over took his body. The Devil slowly faded away as James's body shuttered into life, and coughed a few times.

"Ugghhh...did I get hit with a train?"


Tonks tackles James to the ground as she started crying tears of joy, and soon after captured his lips with her own.

"Well then...I don't know what I did, but whatever it was it seems to have a positive effect" James says

"You died you stupid toss pot" Tonks says

"Oh...OH! Now I remember, but wait, what about Voldemort? Did we win? How many people are injured? We're there any major losses"

"James! Calm down," Tonks says, placing her hand on his, "we didn't have as many deaths as we thought we would, so we came out relatively fine...for the most part"

"Good..." James says, letting out a tired sigh, "I'm ready for a very long nap"

"Me too"

While the young couple were talking the didn't notice the crowd disperse to start the clean up process.

"I wonder if the couch in the Gryffindor Common Room is open" James says with a playful look in his eyes

"Yeeaaaahhhhh...race ya!" Tonks says before jumping up and running to the school

"No fair, you got a head start!"

Tonks merely laughs and continues to run as James followed close behind. The young couple finally earned a moment of peace as they cuddled up to each other on the couch. The Gryffindor Tower was lucky to not get any major damage, so the couple didn't need to worry too much about people seeing them.

Night was approaching anyways, so the couple had no problem falling asleep. In Tonk's dreams, she saw James smiling at her in the bowels of Hell. She knew in that moment, that he was her demon protector, ready to defend her from any mortal force that would attempt to harm her.

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