The Love of A Death Eater


[13 years later]

Tonks woke up to small hands tapping her arm.

"Wake up mum. It's time to go meet up with the others at the Train Station"

"Alright love, give me a second"

Tonks sat herself up as her daughter ran out of the room.

"I've got to get James to get me an alarm"



Tonks quickly slips on her robes as she walks down a flight of stairs into the kitchen.

"Ok ok, are you all set? Trunk packed and everything?"

"Yup, I also ate breakfast already"

"Good girl"

Tonks named her Daughter Andromeda, after her mother's grand mother. She was gifted with her mother's intelligence and metamorph skills, which came in very handy on some occasions.

Once Tonks had eaten and gotten into more appropriate clothes, the two finally left and headed to Platform 9 3/4. Andromeda went to say hello to the other kids that were going to start the year with her as Tonks caught up with the others.

"Good to see you Tonks" Harry greets

"Good to see you too. Fleur, how are you?"

"I'm doing well, thank you"

"Ron, Hermione, you too are looking well"

"Good to see you again Tonks"

The group exchange more friendly words as Harry remembers something.

"Wait, where's James?"

"He'll be along"

A cloaked form phases through the wall behind Ron and casts a small cold spell on his neck.

"Jeez, what the bloody hell was that?" Ron yells

James laughs at Ron as he walks up to Tonks.

"That, my friend, was a prank" James says to Ron

"How are you love?"

"I'm doing well. Little Andi was a bit giddy this morning though. I could have used some help"

"Sorry, Lucifer kept me longer than expected"

"More criminals?"

"Much. I'm ready to relax later"

"Well, maybe when we get back and I can test out some new forms"

"You are sexy"

"Careful James," Harry says, "There are kids around"

"Alright ok, we can talk about this later" James says to Tonks

The group then watched as the train made its way through the tunnel and stopped a moment later. The group of friends gave their offspring leaving a final goodbye hug. Tonks gave her daughter the parting advice of, "If anyone annoys you at school, just hold the jewel I packed in your trunk and call for Lucifer. He's owes your pa a few favors as well"

Soon the train started to leave as the group watched their children wave at them from the moving train. James wrapped an arm around Tonks as they watched their children head to Hogwarts. With bot of them hoping for the best.

On board the train, Andi and the others had settled down as they watched the beautiful scenery pass by. While waiting, one boy made the mistake of trying to bully Andi.

"Lucifer, you there?" Andi asks into the Jewel

"Yes? What is it? I'm a bit preoccupied here"

"I've got a fat kid picking on me, anything you can do?"

"Give me a moment"

A few seconds later, he appeared out of the Jewel and into the now very small compartment.

"You, boy" Lucifer says, "What's your name?"

Of course Lucifer already knew who he was, but wanted to humor the mortals.

"Vernon Dursley"

"Oh, a Dursley. I'm surprised your father is letting you come to the school"

"He said I should go, that it's my duty"

"Right...I'm just gonna get you out of here" Lucifer says, as he generates some shadow arms to drag the boy back to his own compartment.

"Thanks Lucifer" Andi says

"No problem. I've always hated the Dursleys, but then again, I hate a lot of mortal"

Lucifer dissapears in a puff of fire and smoke as the Golden Trio's offspring look at her in awe.

"That was wicked" Rose Weasly says

"I know. My dad has all kinds of cool things like that. Although he isn't at home much"

"I know how that feels. Dad stays at the Ministry for a few days sometimes. It drives mother crazy"

The group of friends eventually change into their robes, with the opposite genders giving each other privacy by waiting in the hall, and waited with excited gleams in their eyes as the trains started to slow down. Soon the train came to a full stop, as Hagrid continued his duty and gathered the First-Years. Andi and co. followed their favorite half-giant as they gathered seperately into the boats.

After an alluring ride across the waters, the First-Years were brought to the door to the Great Hall and were ordered to wait by the Deputy Headmistress. It was a surprise that Dumbledore was still the Headmaster, but it could be assumed that his life in the world would soon come to an end.

After a few moments, Professor McGonagall allowed the First-Years to enter in an organized line. Soon the large group of kids were called one by one. Everything was going as planned, besides the surprise of Rose getting sorted into Ravenclaw. Andi was sorted into Hufflepuff, which wasn't much of a surprise. Almost all members of the Tonks family were Hufflepuff, with her mother being the exception.

As the meal materialized in front of the students, Andi waved at her friends at the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw Tables. They responded in a similar way as all parties began eating the abundance of food that stood in front of them. Once dinner had ended, the Prefects from all houses directed the students to where they would be living for their duration at Hogwarts.

As Andi and her femanine friends got ready for bed, they sat on their beds discussing what kinds of adventures that might have. Thet recalled tales of their parents adventures when battling Voldemort. The name still caused some people of the wizarding community to flinch, but most had gotten over the "name of death".

"Alright girls, I'm completely nackered. We'll chat more tmorrow at breakfast. Night" Andi says, to which each responded with their own call. As she pulled the covers over her body, she could tell that her years spent at Hogwarts would be memerable, and no manner of bad luck would ruin that for her.

She is a Winter and a Tonks. Both stubborn and pround, but also resilient and caring. She hoped that she could succeed just like her parents, and may even surpass their level of skill. Who knew, maybe she could write her name down in history, but for now, she could use her father's saying proundly, which each word standing true.

She would not go quietly into the dark.

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