The Love of A Death Eater

Chapter 2

A week after the small visit, James and Tonks were getting ready to go back to Hogwarts.

Tonks had pack up her trunk with everything that she needed, including books, clothes, etc., and was waiting for parents to bring her to the train. After a couple more minutes Tonks and her parents left and headed for the train.

James only needed to pack his trunk and wait for the Malfoys to get him. After waiting outside for a good amount of time, he saw Lucius Malfoy apparated in front of the house. Lucius threw a hidden Cruciartus Curse to see if James was still up to stuff, and he was.

"You know, even though I can feel that, it doesn't mean that it hurts" James says, shrugging off the curse

"Well, come along, we need you in Hogwarts" Lucius says as he apparates both himself and James to the train station. James quickly gets on the train and looks for a room.

Tonks got onto the train and started looking for a cart that she could sit in

James walks around a corner and walks down a corridor, and sees a familiar pink haired girl, whose back as facing him. James quietly walks up behind her and taps on her shoulder.

Seeing who it is, Tonks jumps at James and wraps him in a tight hug.

Letting go, she says, "James! Good to see you again. Ready for the second year?"

"You know it" James replies

Together James and Tonks found the room that Draco is in, unfortunately. Walking in, Draco greets the both of them, and James introduces Tonks.

"Weird name" Crabbe says

Tonks then walks up to the unfortunate boy and glares him down.

"If my name is weird then why are you named after a fish" Tonks says

Intimidated, Crabbe could only open and close his mouth with no sound coming out. James started to laugh his head off, along with the other guys.

"Yeah, I guess I should have warned you about her temper" James says

He then snakes an arm around Tonks and leads her to a bench. James lightly pushes Tonks onto the bench and sits down himself. They both stared into each others eyes, completely content.

Both failed to notice the look that Draco was giving Tonks.

After a long and silent ride, they finally made it to Hogwarts. Everyone was sent to the Great Hall, where a large feast awaited them. After a few welcoming words from Dumbledore, everyone started digging in.

After eating, Dumbledore dismissed everyone and they were all led to their Common Rooms by their Prefects. Just like last time, the guys stayed up and fooled around while the girls actually went to sleep.

Waking up, everything seemed routine. For a morning class, James and Tonks both had Potions, so that was a plus. Since both of them were good with Potions, they got through the class relatively easy, of course it wasn't easy with Snape making annoying comments, even if he was a former Death Eater, he was still annoying.

After Potions they both had Defence against the Dark Arts, which James found a bit humorous. After all their classes ended, they went back to the Gryffindor Common Room to waste some time before dinner.

Since everybody was out doing something, James decided to take a nap on the couch while Tonks decided to do a bit of homework. After taking about 15 minutes to finishing it, Tonks put her books away and looked at James's sleeping figure.

Deciding to take a risk, Tonks walks over to James and lays down next to him. James subconsciously wraps his arms around Tonks, causing her to blush. Tonks then cuddled herself closer to James and let his comfortable warmth lull her to sleep.

Tonks woke up to James lightly shaking her.

"Hey Nym, time to wake up" James says

Tonk's reply is to bury her face in James shirt.


"What was that?" James asks

"Don't call me Nymphadora" Tonks responds

"*Sigh* well, we can continue this later when we get back if we go right now, we don't want to be late now do we"


James and Tonks then went to the Great Hall and joined everyone. After eating, James and Tonks left as discreetly as possible and went back to the Common Room. Since it was already dark, they both decided to get changed.

Since James got dressed first, wearing a grey T-shirt and a black pair of sweat pants, he went to the fire place and added a couple more logs. While doing this, Tonks came out wearing a blue nightgown and quietly made her way downstairs.

Seeing James tending to the fire, she snuck up on him and wrapped her arms around him. She could have sworn that she felt something move around his back, but shrugged it off and focused on James again.

"Well, don't you look pretty" James says as he turns around

"Oh...shut up" Tonks says with a light blush

James then surprises Tonks by picking her up and carrying her to the couch.


James then places her on the couch and sits down as well. Tonks then leaned her head on his shoulder and closes her eyes.

"Tired?" James asks

"Yeah..." Tonks responds sleepily

"Here..." James says as he shifts around

Soon James was laying down again with Tonks curled up in his arms.

"Better?" He asks

"Much" Tonks says as she starts drifting off to sleep

James starts stroking her hair and in a soothing rhythm. Soon he could hear Tonk's soft breathing as she fell asleep. James gave her a light kiss on her cheek and closed his own eyes. If he was looking, he would have seen the smile that Tonks had.

Professor McGonagall had left in search of a specific pair of second years, James and Tonks. She had noticed that they had arrived on time, but had disappeared a little while later, and no one knew where they went.

Deciding to check the Common Room, she enters to find the pair dressed in their pajamas and wrapped in each others embrace on the couch. Touched by the scene, she decided not to disturb them, and used to wand to make a blanket float over the pair.

After doing this the Professor quietly left and went back to the Great Hall. From there she went back to her place at the staff table through a back door. After everyone was dismissed back to their Common Rooms, she decided to get some rest herself.

Once they were dismissed, Harry, Ron, and Hermione went back to their Common Room. Upon entering, the three friends immediately recognized their friend Tonks, but not the guy that was holding her. Steamed up, Ron approached the pair, ready to break them up.

"Ronald, what are you doing?" Hermione asks

"Uh...I was just going to get them up" Ron says timidly


"Cause if someone caught them like this it might get them in trouble" Ron lies

"By their position, I doubt that they put that blanket over themselves" Hermione states, "Besides, I saw Professor McGonagall leave the Great Hall, so I assume that this is where she went"

"Oh..."Ron says, nearly seething with jealousy

"Are you alright Ron? You don't look so good" Harry says

"I'm fine mate, just tired is all" Ron says, faking a yawn

"Well, why don't we turn in then. If we wait for the others then I doubt that we'd be able to get any sleep at all" Harry says

"Good idea, I think I'll hit the sack myself" Hermione says

The three then go to their respective dorms and get ready for bed. In the boys dorm, Harry decided to ask Ron again.

"Ron, are you sure you're alright?"

"Uh...can you keep a secret Harry?"

"Sure Ron, what is it?"

"I...might have a small crush on Tonks"

"...Oh...well, it seems that you've got competition then"

"Yeah, well g'night mate"

Harry and Ron then go to their respective beds and fall asleep, one more peaceful than the other. Soon the Gryffindors started entering the Common room, and noticing the pair on the couch, their reaction ranged from snickering from the boys and "aww"'s from the girls.

They actually went to bed quietly as not to disturb the sleeping pair on the couch. All in all, it was a peaceful night, except for a sleeping James.

In his mind, James sees a giant basilisk slowly moving towards him. James, unflinching, reaches his arm out. The basilisk slows down, and when it reaches James, it slightly bows down.

Lowering his hand, James walks up to it and looks into it's eyes. Nothing happens like it should. The basilisk then pulls back...and lunges...

James wakes up with a jolt. He feels Tonks shift around and pulls her closer. Noticing that a blanket was covering them, James deduced that someone must have found them. Figuring that it was still night James calms down and lays his head back down. Wondering what the dream was about, he decides shrug it off and starts focusing on Tonks soft breathing. Soon he was sleeping again.

Of course no one could have thought of what would be occurring in the days to come.

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