The Love of A Death Eater

Chapter 3

Not feeling very hungry, James decided to wander the hallways for a while. Getting close to the Defence Against The Dark Arts room, he sees a trail of spiders moving out through a broken piece of a window. Looking at a wall to his right, he sees the words: "THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS HAS BEEN OPENED, ENEMIES OF THE HEIR BEWARE".

Curious, James stayed there and tried to deduce what that could mean. After a short while Harry, Ron, and Hermione appeared out of nowhere. They also noticed the writing, but must have gotten the wrong idea.

"What's this all about?" Ron asks

"I don't know, I was trying to thing about it myself" James says, not getting Ron's meaning

Ron didn't get a chance to respond, because they were soon all surrounded by everyone in the school. Draco said something about mud bloods before the school grounds keeper came up. Seeing the cat he threatens to kill Harry, since he was the closest one to the cat.

Dumbledore then started to ask what was going but noticed the words. He had everyone leave, except James, Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Tonks started towards James, but stopped when James gave her a slight shake of the head. Tonks then headed back to the Common Room to wait.

Dumbledore then soothed Mr. Filch by ensuring that a cure would be made. However Snape had to but in and start throwing accusations.

"I don't recall seeing Mr. Potter at dinner tonight" Snape says

"That was my doing Severus, you see Harry was helping me with my fan mail" Lockhart says

"Well, James was here before us" Ron says

Everyone's attention then turns to James.

"Ah yes, I don't recall seeing you either, Mr. Winter" Snape says

"That's cause I wasn't hungry" James says nonchalantly

"Innocent until proven guilty, Severus" Dumbledore says

The 4 were send back to the Common Room to wait for further instructions. Walking in, James was tackled by Tonks, who had been worried about him.

"What happened, what's going on?" Tonks asks

"I don't know" James says

Looking around he sees everyone else hanging around. Either playing a game of chess, reading a book, or doing homework. The three friends walk into the room and start mingling.

"So...Winter, huh?" Tonks says jokingly

"Yeah yeah" James responds

Soon everyone had to go to bed, leaving them to think about the righting. It seemed that since everyone was so focused on the righting that they forgot about goofing around.

Getting up in the morning, everyone went through their daily schedule. Only later that day, they were all asked to join in a dueling arena. Professors Snape and Lockhart did a small demonstration. Soon after Harry and Malfoy were pinned up against each other. It went better than expected, until Malfoy decided to be an idiot and create a snake.

James immediately pulled out his wand and prepared to jump onto the stage. Professor Snape then offers to get rid of it, but is intercepted by Professor Lockhart. The snake was sent into the air, and fell back down.

Noticing Harry about to make a move, James then intercepts him and makes his own move as the snake started focusing on some of the other students that were closer to it. Using a trick he picked up, James started speaking to it, trying to draw it's attention away from it. Soon, he was standing right in front of it, and finally got it's attention.

(Translated Snake talk)

"Do not hurt them"

"Who are you?"

"It does not matter, but you will be destroyed if you do not stop"

"Why should I trust you"

"Because we are the same"


"Vipera Evanesca" Snape says

The snake is then disintegrated.

James then shakes his head a bit to clear it.

"What are you playing at?" The student asks


Looking around James sees both Professors giving him a strange look, as well as the other students.

Going immediately back to the Common Room, James is followed by Tonks, Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

"You can speak Parseltongue?" Tonks asks

"Well, it was a trick that I picked up" James says

"How do we know that?" Ron asks

"Ronald!" Hermione scolds

"No listen, we don't know anything about you" Ron says, "We all know each other, we've been friends ever since the first year"

"I've been friends with Tonks since the first year" James says

"Still, that's just one person" Ron says, "How many people do you really know, huh? No one knows your back story. You just came up out of nowhere and expect everyone to trust you. Well not everyone thinks that your that trustworthy mate, and I'm pretty sure that most of the school will agree with me"

After Ron's outburst, everything went quiet. Tonks had covered her mouth with her hands, also causing her hair to turn white at the sudden outburst, and looked at James to see his reaction. He had a distant look in his eyes, but looking at Ron, she could see that distant look turn into one of rage.

"You...don'" James says slowly, "And personally, I don't want you to"

James then turns around and walks up to the dorm. With a resounding SLAM, all 4 of them just stood there.

"Why did you have to open your mouth Ronald?" Hermione asks

"He probably did that to save Justin" Tonks says

"How can you be sure" Ron asks, "He doesn't really talk with anyone, even you Tonks"

"It doesn't matter" Tonks states

"Oh really, did you ever think about if he really trusts you?" Ron asks

"I-I..." Tonks stutters

"Ron, calm down mate" Harry says, "Why don't we take a walk"

"Fine" Ron says

With Harry and Ron gone, Hermione and Tonks went upstairs to check up on James. They could both hear angry muttering from inside the dorm. Hermione backed off to let Tonks deal with it, since she knew him better.

Opening the door slightly, Tonks see James pacing around the room muttering to himself. James walks over to a window and leans against the cool glass and closes his eyes, trying to calm down. Tonks then takes that moments to slowly open the door the rest of the way and quietly walk in.

James then feels a pair of arms wrap around him.

"You gonna be ok?" Tonks asks

"Yeah...I'll be fine" James replies

Tonks then turns James around so he's facing her.

"Don't let him bother you" Tonks says "I trust you"

"Heh, I think your the only one" James says

"Don't say that" Tonks says

"But it's true" James says, "You're the only one. And...I do have something to show you. It will risk your trust...but I'm willing to risk it"

"James, you don't have to-"

" should know"

James then pushes her away just a bit so he can take off his shirt. Doing so causes Tonks face to go a deep shade of red, and her hair as well. Clearing his throat, James re-captures her attention.

"Now...don't over react" James says cautiously

James then turns around to show her the dark mark, hearing her gasp, he fears the worst.

"Your back..." Tonks says, "There's a large scar on it"

Confused, James looks at his back as best as he could and sees just that, a scar. There was a torn up white patch of skin where the mark usually is.

"James, how did this happen?" Tonks asks

"I-umm...when my parents were around...they weren't always that...pleasant to be around" James half-lies

"Aww..." Tonks says

"Yeah yeah, I know. My childhood wasn't that easy" James says

"Well, I'm here for you" Tonks says, giving James a small peck on the cheek

Surprised, James started blinking rapidly trying to process what happened. Tonks merely laughed in amusement at James's surprised look.

"Come on, it's getting late. Wanna go to the couch again?" Tonks asks

"Sure, go dresses, I'll meet you there" James says

Leaving the room, Tonks almost walks into Hermione, who was leaning against a wall, waiting for her.

"So how'd it go?" Hermione asks

"It went well, and we're going to sleep on the couch again" Tonks says

"Looks like you really like him" Hermione says

"Yeah, it's like he said, we've been friends since first year so...I guess things started there" Tonks says

"Well good luck, but I think I should warn you that Ron's outburst may have something to do with his being jealous of you and James" Hermione says

"Ron, jealous of James?" Tonks says, "Oh boy, this is going to be interesting"

"Well, I'd better go and make sure Ron hasn't blown his top off. I'll see you around" Hermione says as she leaves the Common Room. Tonks then hurries into her room to pick out a nightgown.

Back in the dorm, James just put on another pair of sweat pants and a black T-shirt. All the while he wondered why the dark mark didn't show up. Before he put on the T-shirt, he checked to see if the mark was there, and it was, interesting.

James then went downstairs to the couch to wait. He also decided that he'd better get another blanket, since it would probably be appreciated. Winter was coming, and there was only so much a fire could do.

After getting the blanket, James sat on the couch and waited. Soon Tonks came back down, wearing her chosen nightgown, and sat down next to James, with her hair back to her Pink bubblegum color.

James then wrapped his arm around her shoulder as he draped the blanket around them. Cuddling up to James, Tonks rests her head in the crook of his neck. Soon both of them had fallen into a peaceful slumber, holding each other in a warm embrace.

Soon the Golden Trio returned back, and Harry and Hermione quickly diverted Ron's attention away from the people sleeping on the couch. Properly distracted, Harry and Hermione lead Ron to the boys dorm and get him inside. Hermione stayed outside due to obvious reasons.

Looking over the balcony, Hermione looks at the sleeping pair one more time before going to her own bed. Hopefully they would be able to figure out what has been lurking in Hogwarts, or else they would all parish.

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