The Love of A Death Eater

Chapter 4

After last nights events, everything started going downhill. Harry found a petrified student and Nearly Headless Nick. Harry and Ron got little to no information from Draco. And Hermione had been petrified. James and Tonks had been sitting on the couch in each others arms, something that had become a sort of habit between the two whenever they were tired or just needed to relax. Harry and Ron came into the room and approached them.

"Hey guys, what's up?" James asks

"Well, Hagrid is being sent to Azkaban and Dumbledore is being asked to leave his place as Headmaster" Harry says

"Well...balls" James says

"James!" Tonks scolds

"Sorry, anyways, what are we going to do about this?" James asks

"Well, we just found a note that Hermione left behind that gives us the answers to all of this" Harry says, "We-I mean, I thought that you two might want to come along"

"Sure, where are we headed first?" James asks

"First we're going to go to Professor Lockhart and tell him what we know" Harry says, "We heard the teachers talking about him going to the chamber, so we should tell him all we know"

"OK, lead the way" James says

Soon James, Tonks, Harry, and Ron all headed to the Defence Against The Dark Arts classroom, filling in James and Tonks in on what had happened. Once they got there, they all headed up to the teachers room.

"Professor, we have some information for you" Harry says

From the looks of it, the Professor seemed to be leaving.

"Are you going somewhere?" Harry asks

"I-umm-yes, very urgent business, can't be avoided" Lockhart says

"What about my sister?" Ron asks

"Uh...yes, so sorry about that" Lockhart says

Soon Lockhart admitted to being a "fraud" as Harry put it and attempted to try and use a memory charm on them. This attempt ultimately failed when all 4 of them pointed their wands at him.

Afterwards, all 5 of them headed to Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom. Harry questioned her about her death and figured out that the sink was the entrance to the chamber. James tried muttering some Parseltongue, which caused the sink to open up a tunnel entrance. Only it was going straight down into darkness.

After pushing Lockhart off the edge, the rest of the group went down as well. First Harry, then Ron, James, and Tonks. They all found themselves in a small pit of bones, made up of various types. Harry went ahead as the others "escorted" Lockhart forward. Soon they walked into a small tunnel like area. Harry and James trailed what seemed to be a very long snake skin until reaching the head.

Lockhart then seems to faint at the long snake skin.

"Heart of a lion this one" Ron says

Lockhart then quickly snatches Ron's wand out of his hand and aims it at all of them. He then attempts to use a memory charm of Harry, but ultimately fails when it backfires on him, causing him to fly back into the ceiling. Since caused the ceiling to fall down, separating Harry and James from the others.

"Harry!" Ron yells

"James!" Tonks yells

"You alright mate?" Ron asks

"Yeah, we're good" Harry says

Soon Lockhart woke up a bit in an amnesia state. He was knocked out by Ron a few seconds later. Harry and James then continued on while Tonks was stuck with Ron...wonderful.

Harry and James made it to a circular door with snaked coming out from the center. Harry surprises James by speaking in Parseltongue and opening the door. Both of them take out their wands out of caution. Taking the lead, James climbs down a ladder and walks in to a large and spacious room. Looking around, Harry sees Ginny and runs to her, while James takes a more cautious approach.

Getting to her, Harry drops his wand and tries talking to her to get her up. James starts looking around the room and notices a figure walk out of the shadows.

"She won't wake" The figure says

Apparently Harry recognized the person and a conversation broke out between them. Soon the figure known as, "Tom Riddle", takes Harry's wand. James backed off and readied his wand. Soon, Tom Marvolo Riddle was spelt out as, "I am Lord Voldemort".

Fawkes suddenly appeared and dropped the sorting hat into Harry's hands. "Tom" then spoke some Parseltongue and the mouth of a giant facial statue opened up. The Basilisk slithered out as Harry tossed the hat and ran. James merely stood on the sidelines watching the giant snake slide it's way out.

The Basilisk noticed James, but merely nodded to him and focused on Harry.

"It would seem the Basilisk has taken a liking to you" Tom says as he raises Harry's wand, "Perhaps I should test you myself"

James raised his own wand and prepared for a battle.

"Avada Kedavra!" Tom and James yell at the same time, sending 2 streaks of green at each other, engaging them both in a battle to the death

Meanwhile with Tonks and Ron, Tonks had been pacing back and forth in worry. Ron had gone back to the way they came and tried to climb it, but couldn't due to the smooth surface of the walls. Getting back to the room Ron sees Tonks sitting down with a small stream of tears running down her face.

"Hey, you OK?" Ron asks

"I...I'm fine...just worried" Tonks says

Ron then sits down next to her and holds her in an awkward embrace.

"I'm sure they'll be fine" Ron says

"Yeah...sure" Tonks says

Only Tonks couldn't help but feel that something bad was happening.

With Harry, he had just barely escaped a blinded Basilisk. Making his way back he sees James and Tom engaged in a wizard battle. Harry the runs up to them, only to be cut off by the Basilisk returning from the water.

The sword of Godric Gryffindor then appeared inside the sorting hat. Taking the sword, Harry battles the Basilisk up to the top of the head statue. In a final effort, Harry almost lost the sword, but succeeded in driving the sword through the Basilisk's mouth and through its head.

The Basilisk falls to the ground with a thud, while James and Tom threw both rays into the ceiling, breaking apart some of the roof. Harry then walks over to Ginny, holding the fang that had been stabbed into his arm. After a brief monologue from Tom, Harry stabbed the Diary with the fang. Tom started breaking apart with each stabbed to the book.

Soon Tom died in an explosion of light, ending him. Ginny then woke up and started asking about what happened and why Harry was hurt. Suddenly Fawkes came back and cried some tears on Harry's wound. Remembering James, they both see him starting to sit down, looking a bit pale.

"James!" Harry says, rushing over to him, "You OK?"

"*Cough* *Cough* Yeah...just took up a lot of strength" James says

"Don't worry, we'll get you to Madam Pomfrey and you'll be better in no time" Harry says

"Thanks, but I need to take care of something first" James says

James then crawls over to the Basilisk. Still alive, but dying.

(Snake Talk)

"Do you know who I am"


"Do you wish to live" me"

"Vulnera Sanentur" James casts

The death wound slowly started to heal, but it was still blind.


The Basilisk then slithers back under the water to rest until called for.

James looked to see Harry and Ginny looking at him in amazement. James then felt himself get lightheaded, and the last thing he heard was the screech of Fawkes.

Back with Tonks and Ron, Tonks had thought of what was happening. Ron was helping her that was for sure, but she couldn't help but feel that if she wasn't with James, then she might have given Ron a chance.

Soon the wall of boulders was blown up, scattering bits of stone around. Tonks and Ron then sprung into action and went on their guard, but lowered their guard when they saw Harry and Ginny carrying an un-conscious James.

"What's wrong with him?" Tonks asks, quickly rushing to his side

Ron's jealousy returned full force.

"I don't know, he got in a duel with Tom Riddle, but other then that I don't know" Harry says

"Well, let's get out of here" Tonks says

"Right, Fawkes, think you can give us a lift?" Harry asks

By this time, Lockhart had woken up and was lifted up by Fawkes. All of them latched on and were carried back up through an alternate passage.

Getting back to the surface, James and Ginny were taken to the Hospital Wing by Tonks while Harry and Ron went to Dumbledore's Office. After a heated moment with the interruption of Lucius Malfoy, everything started getting back to normal.

James, Hermione, and Ginny were let out of the Hospital Wing and got to take part in the final feast before their vacation. Hagrid suddenly came through the doors and told everyone about the owl that took the release papers, which caused a couple laughs. He then shared a hug with Harry, which afterwards Dumbledore started clapping, and others started joining in until almost the entire school was celebrating the return of their favorite Game Keeper.

After all the celebration, everyone went to their Common Rooms to share one last celebration of their own. In Gryffindor Tower almost all of the guys and girls had gone into their dorms and partied as hard as they could. But two figures could be seen clinging to each other on the couch. With the fire gently flickering and their hearts in pure happiness.

This was something new for James, something that he liked, and hopefully it wouldn't go away. However, a ginger haired boy may try to do just that, and try to take the girl for himself.

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