The Love of A Death Eater

Chapter 7

In her dream, Tonks kept replaying the scene over and over in her head, each time it got worse. She could fell his hands move inside her shirt, then...

Tonks woke up from someone shaking her, it was James. He felt her struggling in her sleep, and seeing tears, James quickly shook her awake. Getting her barrings, Tonks sees that they're still in the Great Hall, and it was still night.

"Hey, you OK?" James asks, "You were moving around in your sleep"

"I-I'm OK" Tonks says, "Just a nightmare"

"Well..." James says as he wipes away her tears, "Remember I'm here for you"

James then leaned back against a wall, and Tonks leaned herself against his chest. Unbeknownst to them, McGonagall had witnessed the small moment. She had no intention of separating them, but what bothered her was the nightmare. Surely Sirius Black couldn't frighten someone that much, perhaps there was something else.

Deciding to think it over tomorrow, McGonagall continues to keep watch.

The next day everyone had to go to their usual classes, only in Defense Against The Dark Arts Professor Snape was substituting for Lupin. No one took to much time to worry about it, because today everyone was hyped up for a Quidditch match. Even though it was raining, the enthusiasm was still the same. James and Tonks joined Ron and Hermione in the Gryffindor stands to watch. Soon Harry took off out of the field, chasing after the Snitch and Hufflepuff Seeker.

In the stands everyone was waiting for one of the Seekers to return. They did see the Hufflepuff Seeker return, but no Harry. Soon they saw him unconscious body plummeting to the ground. Dumbledore then cast a slowing spell, causing Harry's body to slow down.

Harry was then brought to the Hospital while Dumbledore sent the Dementors that were there away. 3 of the group went to the Hospital went with the Quidditch team while Ron went to get Harry's broom. When Harry woke up and learned about his broom, he wasn't very happy.

While Harry went to talk with Professor Lupin, everyone else started getting ready for Winter.

Soon everyone was going back to Hogsmead, with the who area covered in a nice layer of snow. Unfortunately Harry stayed behind again while the others went off. Ron and Hermione took the time to head to the Shrieking Shack while James and Tonks went to the Three Broom Sticks. Taking a seat at a table they see a vast array of other students. Even Draco was there, sitting at a table by the center of the room.

James and Tonks took a seat near a back corner facing each other and ordered some Butter Beer. After getting their drinks, Tonks could see Carter sitting in a table on the opposite side of the room. She quickly averts her gaze back to her drink and starts sipping it. James had already started drinking his, but noticing Tonks nervous look, he quickly downed it and sat next to her.

"Hey, everything OK?" James asks

"Y-yeah, just don't feel that good" Tonks responds

"You gonna be OK?" James says as he wraps his arm around her

Tonks merely leans into James' shoulder and gives him a nod. Soon they see Draco leave with two others. James suggests following them, and Tonks goes along with the idea. Following them, Bri spots one of her friends walking out of another building.

"Hey Bri" Tonks greets

"Hey, how's it going?" Bri asks

Bri had a medium build with short blonde hair and brown eyes. She normally wore glasses for reading but didn't seem to be wearing any at the moment. Even though Bri was a Hufflepuff they were still good friends.

"Nothing much, we're just following Draco to see where he's going" Tonks responds

"Cool, mind if I join you two?" Bri asks

"Sure" Tonks responds

Soon all three of them caught up to Draco, and were able to witness the humiliation that followed. After Draco ran off Harry came out from under his invisibility cloak. James and the other two took that opportunity to make their presence known.

"Hey guys, impressive work Harry" James says

"Haha, yeah, thanks" Harry says

Soon the six of them all started walking through the town and soon stumbled upon the Minister Of Magic and Oppressor McGonagall talking to a Shop Keeper.

At the mention of Sirius Black and Harry, Harry suddenly disappeared, but foot prints in the snow proved that he went into the building. After trying to go in, the group decided to wait outside. After about 5 minutes, give or take, Hermione noticed the same foot prints walking away. A local Choir was knocked out of the way as the foot prints kept moving.

The group then worked their way through the people and ran off to find Harry. Soon they found where the foot prints stopped. Hermione slowly approached Harry and slid the cloak off of him.

"Harry...what happened?" Hermione gently asks

"He was their friend...and he betrayed them..." Harry says quietly, then yells, "He was their friend!"

"I hope he finds me, cause when he does, I'm gonna be ready. When he does I'm gonna kill him"

"Harry...I know that you must be past angry right now" James says, "But don't kill him"

"And why shouldn't I" Harry asks, still pretty pissed off

"Cause if you kill him you're only stooping to his level" James says

"Fine...I won't, kill him, but he will pay" Harry says through gritted teeth

After calming down a bit more, Harry left through his secret exit while the others left with the other students. Spring was coming, and everyone could feel it.

Soon, the snow had melted and Winter had come to an end. Lupin took the time to teach Soon after Harry met up with his five friends to go visit Hagrid. Meeting him by the lake, they talked about how things were going while Hagrid skipped stones across the water. Hagrid then told them about releasing Buckbeak due to some tension that the accident caused.

Hagrid was pretty torn up about it, but accepted the group's sympathy.

After the moment passed the day passed on and soon it was night. While on the couch James was holding an already sleeping Tonks when Harry left the Common Room with his map. Soon Harry returned and went back upstairs.

James merely shrugged it off and fell asleep.

In the morning all 5 of them went to visit Hagrid to see how he was doing. After a short run in with Draco and a couple of lackeys, which involved Hermione punching him in the face, they all went to the hut.

After Hagrid gave Ron his rat back, a pot nearby Hermione broke. Soon after something hit Harry in the back of his head, getting his attention. Harry calls Hagrid over to the window to see Dumbledore and the Minister walking down the path.

They all quietly left out a back door as the Minister and Dumbledore entered. From behind a patch of pumpkins they could hear them talking about Buckbeak and releasing him. The group then left as quickly as possible up the hill again. Getting to the top they all stopped for a second to catch their breath.

During the wait, Scabbers bite Ron's hand and ran off. Everyone then chased after Ron as he went for his rat, which ran to the Whomping Willow. Suddenly Ron yelled at them to look out while pointing behind them. Looking, they see a black dog standing behind them. It then ran forward and dragged Ron underneath the Whomping Willow.

All of them ran past the tree limps that were attacking them and successfully made it in. Only when Tonks went in she landed on top of James in a awkward position. After walking through the tunnels for a bit, Harry opened a small roof door that led into a building, the Shrieking Shack.

The group then walked upstairs to find Ron sitting in a corner. Everyone rushes in and Ron starts talking about animagus, Black, and he's right there. They all turn around to see Sirius Black close the door. He then walks up only a little bit. Harry takes this moment to thrust himself forward and tackle him to the ground.

Lupin then burst through the door and dis-armed Harry. He then helped up Sirius, who started going on about "killing him". Hermione then shouts at them and tells everyone about Lupin being a werewolf. After some yelling Lupin gave Sirius his wand, and soon it was revealed that it was Peter Pettigrew that betrayed Harry's parents.

Snape then came charging through the door and dis-armed Sirius. Harry then took Hermione's wand and knocked Snape back into an old bed. He then started questioning Lupin and Sirius, and both then grabbed Scabbers out of Ron's hands.

After trying to hit it with a spell, they finally got it, turning the rat into a middle aged man with rat like teeth. He was pulled out and pushed away from the door.

"Remus? Sirius? My old friends-GAH!" Pettigrew says before trying to run

He then looks around the room frantically.

"Harry, you look so much like your father, James. We were the best of friends-"

"How dare you speak to Harry" Sirius says

"GRAH" Pettigrew growls, running behind a piano

"You sold out James and Lily to Voldemort didn't you" Remus says as Sirius and himself took up positions to block his path

"I didn't mean to. The dark lord-you have no idea of the weapons he possesses" Pettigrew says, "Ask yourself Sirius; what would you have done? What would you have done?"

"I would have died!" Sirius yells, "I would've died rather than betray my friends"

Pettigrew then tries to make a run for the door, but is blocked by Harry.

"Harry, James wouldn't have wanted me to be killed" Pettigrew pleads, 'Your dad-your dead would have shown me mercy-AAH"

"You should have known that if Voldemort didn't kill you then we would, together" Sirius says

"Stop!" Harry yells

"*Sigh* Harry...this man is-" Lupin starts

"I know what he is, but we're going to take him to the castle" Harry interrupts

"Bless you, bless you boy" Pettigrew says as he drops to Harry's feet

"Get up" Harry says, backing away, "I said we'll take him to the castle. After that the Dementors can have him"

Pettigrew adopted a terrified look.

"If you don't mind, I'd like to talk to him...privately for a second" James says, pulling out his wand

"Are you sure?" Harry asks

"Positive, I'll join you guys in a bit" James replies

Harry and Sirius then help Ron up to his feet and Tonks, Hermione, and Lupin lead the way. Tonks gives a final glance over her back as she sees James cover Pettigrew from view.

Once everyone was out of sight, James says, "Do you know who I am?"

"N-no...please...don't hurt me" Pettigrew pleads

"Oh shut up you spineless coward" James says, "If you weren't needed for the dark lords return I would let them take you"

"Y-you mean?" Pettigrew asks

James merely nods. Pettigrew visibly relaxes, but is still cautious.

"How do I know that you're telling the truth?" He asks

James then turns around and lifts up the back of his shirt, only enough to see the snake.

"Amazing..." Pettigrew says

James then lowers his wand and leads Pettigrew back out. Once out, he starts to fake panic. He started pleading with each of them, trying to get some sort of mercy, but recieved none. Suddenly Hermione pointed out the full moon, interrupting Harry and Sirius's little moment. The group watched as Lupin transformed into a werewolf and Sirius tried to hep him.

Pettigrew got a hold of Lupin's wand and changed himself into a rat, with a wink in James' direction. He then ran off leaving them to face the werewolf. James yelled at Hermione and Tonks to take Ron and run. Tonks was more reluctant to leave, but helped Ron anyways.

James and Harry then pulled out their wands and pointed them at the werewolf that was starting to approach them. Unfortunately Snape came out from the opening and got in the way. Noticing the werewolf he tries to shield them, but James pulls him out of the way and is slashed on his shoulder down to his chest.

"Not again!" James yells, "Damnit! Bombarda Maxima"

An explosion knocks Lupin away from them, giving Sirius time to go in and get its attention. The last thing James saw was Harry chasing after Lupin and Sirius, before blacking out.

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