The Love of A Death Eater

Chapter 8

James wakes up feeling a pain coursing through his shoulder. Looking around he sees the others sitting or laying down on the Hospital beds. He looks to his right to see Tonks sitting on a chair with her head leaning on his shoulder. James lightly shakes her to wake her up.

"Hmm...James...JAMES!" Tonks says, "Oh my God, you stupid arse! Stop putting yourself in life threatening situations!"

Harry was starting to wake up to their left. Hermione gave Harry information about what was going to happen to Sirius while Tonks filled James in on what happened.

Dumbledore then came in speaking riddles, after which Hermione wrapped a necklace like thing around herself and Harry. They suddenly disappeared. After a few seconds they walked through the doors.

"What was that?" Ron says, "First you were there, now you're there"

They both laugh at the confused Ron and tell them about what happened.

"Cool" James says as they finish the story

"Yeah, it's weird to think that there were two of you" Tonks says

"Yeah, well lets not think about that too much" Hermione says

They all agree.

Soon James and Ron were let out of the Hospital in time for their last days at Hogwarts. During that time James decided to confront Tonks about what happened, but as a gently as possible.

James went into the Common Room to see Tonks sitting on the couch reading one of her books. Luckily they were the only ones there at the time, besides the paintings.

"Hey Nym" James greets as he sits next to her

"Hey" Tonks responds, pulling her attention away from the book

"Nym, I was wondering...if you could...please tell me what happened a couple days ago" James carefully asks

James could visibly see Tonks tense as she marked her place in her book before shutting it.

"James...I..." Tonks starts

"Please, trust me" James says, looking her in the eyes, "Remember what I said? I'll always be here for you"

Tonks could see the warmth in his eyes, and felt herself tear up at the memory. She then dug her face into his chest before starting. She told him about the encounter with Carter and everything he did. After finishing she was still quietly sobbing into James, while James was quietly seething.

James wrapped a protective arm around her, holding her closer.

"I'm so sorry that happened" James says, "I wish I had known. I would have done something"

"It's fine James, you don't have to apologize" Tonks says, "I don't blame you"

Soon Tonks fell into a gentle slumber. James lightly placed her head on a pillow and quietly walked out of the Common Room. He then started looking for Carter and found him lounging by a tree with a couple other Slytherins.

James then approached him and asked if they could talk. He then led Carter down the hallways towards the Great Hall. One they were a good distance away, James pushed him against a wall.

"What the hell man!?" Carter yells

"You thought that you could get away with foolish" James says

"I don't know what you're talking about" Carter says, trying to find an escape from an extremely pissed off James

"You know what I'm talking about" James says, "And if you ever try something like that again, I will personally end you"

James then lets him go, allowing him to drop to the ground. James lifted him up onto his feet and pulled back his arm. Carter closed his eyes and waited for the blow, but it never came. Opening his eyes he sees James' fist right in front of his face. James lowers it and starts backing up.

"Phew...I could've sworn you were gonna-" Carter starts before being cut off

James swings his leg around and round house kicks Carter in the face, knocking him down to the ground. James then lifts him back onto his feet and pushes him back again. Still in a daze Carter can only wait for his demise. James charges at him and kicks him right in the groin. Pulling back, Carter collapses onto the ground, holding onto his vitals.

"That should do...for now" James says before walking off

James went back to the Common Room and found Tonks still asleep on the couch. He gently lifted her head up and leaned her onto his chest. Doing this caused her to slightly wake up.

"Where did you go?" Tonks asks sleepily

"I went with Carter" James says

"Really?" Tonks asks

"Yeah, and he won't be bothering you again...but he will be walking weird for a while" James says

"Heh, James...I want to tell you something" Tonks says, looking into James' eyes

"Yes?" James says looking back

"I...I think that...I-I love you" Tonks says, looking away in embarrassment

James took a couple seconds to process what he heard. The girl he had known since their first year, who had stuck by his side through everything...loved him? James smiled as he turned her head so she was facing him.

"I love you too" He says

James slowly leans towards Tonks as she does the same. Soon their lips meet, creating a shock through their bodies. The kiss was soft, gentle even, and had a sense of trust, knowing that they were there for each other. After about 5 minutes both of them pulled back.

"That was...nice" Tonks says with a blush on her face

"Yeah..." James says with a slightly less red blush than Tonks

"OH, look at the time! We should meet up with everyone at the Great Hall for our last dinner" Tonks says, quickly getting up

Both of them run to the Great Hall were people were still filling in. James and Tonks sat next to the left of Harry while Hermione and Ron sat to his right. They almost broke down laughing when they saw Carter walk in with stilt like legs.

"Jeez, wonder what happened to him" Ron says

"Who knows" James responds with a wink at Tonks

After the final feast had been consumed, everyone went to their dorms for the last time that year. While everyone in the Gryffindor Common Room went to their dorms, James and Tonks sat on their usual place on the couch. Only this time they were engaged in a more passionate kiss. James ran his tongue along Tonk's bottom lip. Tonks slightly opened her mouth, letting James' tongues enter her. Both of their tongues started fighting for dominance, however Tonks started giving in and let James take over.

After their passionate kiss ended, James laid himself down with Tonks in his arms.

Tonks let out a content sigh and says, "I love you so much"

"Me too" James responds

Tonks turns her body around so she was facing James.

"It sucks that we won't see each other again till next year" Tonks says

"Yeah...well we could always meet up somewhere and...maybe...go on a date..." James says

That comment made Tonks giggle a bit before saying, "I'd love to go on a date with you"

With that, James pulled her closer and gave her a small peck on the lips before closing his eyes. Tonks did the same as they both fell into a peaceful slumber in each others arms.

In the morning everyone brought their trunks to the train. Everyone loaded their things onto the train while Tonks and James share one more kiss, in private of course, and went to their train carts.

They all made it back to Platform 9 3/4 and un-loaded their things. Tonks dragged James to meet her parents again. After a goodbye hug, Tonks left with her parents as James waited for the Lucius to pick him up with Draco. Once they saw him, Lucius pulled James away to a secluded area to talk with him and had Draco wait with their things.

"James, I'm sure you're wondering why I wish to speak to you" Lucius says

"I was wondering" James says, "Is there anything that I should know?"

"Two things; one, we plan on making our return public. What I mean is, after the Quidditch World Cup, we plan on wrecking the grounds and leaving our mark. I'll give you more information on the matter when we go to a more secure place"

"OK, that shouldn't be to hard" James says, "What's the second thing?"

"It involves...your parents"

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