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Bleeding Roses


Dev and Sona madly in love with each other are set to take their relationshipto the next stage. Their unbreakable bond meets with a struggle when Sonakshi goes to Paris to get her approval from her father for their love. Sonakshi, a young, beautiful and innocent girl who strongly wills to become an interior designer falls in love with a simple man who lives with his grandmother. The lovers create intense moments in their lives that forever etches in their hearts. With a handful of promises, Sonakshi leaves Delhi in a hope of convincing her father to accept the love of her life. Fate disrupts her dreams when she goes missing for two years, leaving her boyfriend Dev devastated. What happens when Dev meets Sona after the upsetting two years? Will he unfold the mystery behind her disappearance or believe what his eyes tell him?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

“Hey Sona, please come here!” Dev persuaded her again. He had brought her to the place where they used to have the most memories.

He wished she would at least feel something there. At least a memory…

It was indeed a difficult job to convince her to come over to that place. He had lost hope when Sona said that she did not remember him. She claimed that she did not love him. He did not understand how she could say it so simply. All this while, he had been dying alone in Delhi thinking about her disappearance. He was so devastated and lost.

Her love gave him hope. Her love gave him strength. But she? Did she love him the same way?

He didn’t know…

“Sona, do you remember this place? We used to sit here, sipping on to our favourite mango juice and chatting about the tv shows you hate the most? Remember?” he asked enthusiastically.

Sonakshi looked at him in awe. His face held so much of excitement and adoration for the place. By the way he was speaking, she could tell that he was emotionally attached to the memories of this place.

She looked at the swing and sighed. That swing didn’t give her any feelings. It was just another place for her. Another memory…. Another memory which was going to stay in her brain after Dev’s narration.

“Sona??” he asked expectantly, but looking at her face he knew that she had no idea what the place meant to them.

He felt his heart shatter into pieces as his eyes dulled in sadness. A wave of disappointment crossed his features while he closed his eyes.


“Dev… tell me the truth. Do I love you more….or do you love me more?” Sona looped her hands around his neck and challenged him, eye to eye.

Dev looked at her with awe and slowly tucked her loose strands of hair behind her ears. Cupping her face gently, he leaned forward and pasted his forehead with hers’.

“I love you more than anyone else can. And I swear that my love will overpower everyone else’s… including yours.” He chuckled while Sona’s eyeballs doubled in size.

“Really? How sure are you?..... don’t be so over-confident, Dev. Because I love you more than what anyone else can ever imagine. My love is no competition, okay?” she spoke in a warning tone. But that made Dev laugh louder.

“Awww come on Sonakshi, are you judging my love? My love is so much…that the only thing I have to lose in my life now, is you. You know how much you mean to me, right?” he asked, kissing her forehead.

Sona was so amazed at how confident he sounded. The butterflies in her stomach tingled uncontrollably. But at the same time, it made her feel things that she shouldn’t feel. It was so amazing, yet she felt a tiny hurt nagging at the back of her mind.

“Hey, what’s wrong baby?” he asked, making her sit down on the swing with him.

“Dev…. Do you know how much this place means to me?” she slowly leaned in the crook of his neck and whispered softly.

Her hands feeling the artistic curves in the handle of the swing. It was a beautiful place filled with roses, orchids and a huge swing in the middle. Sona found the place to be a beautiful spot at first. But now, it was more than just a spot.

She was emotionally connected to the place because of Dev….

“Of course, I know how much this place means to us. After all, this was the place I proposed to you, this was the place where we had our first kiss…and this was the place where we shared all our deep secrets.” He smiled and kissed her beautiful tresses.

Sona always felt overwhelmed when he spoke. There was always something about the words he chose. He always had her at the tip of his fingers. Smiling to herself, she got up and folded her arms infront of him.

“But you know what? This place means the world to me Dev… because it gave me a wonderful partner. This place showed me my true love….my soul and my heart.” She stretched her palms while Dev caught it.

“Awwww. So what’s next? Marriage?” he winked and Sona blushed.

“You know what? I have decided something, Dev… I am going to go Paris and tell my dad that I have found the world’s most charming lover ever. I don’t care what he’s going to say….. whether he agrees or not, is his problem. But the next thing I am going to do is, come running into your arms in this same park! And we will unite in this same place if destiny allows us.” She grinned brightly and hugged him tightly.

Dev was taken by surprise with the sudden hug. His lips curved into a smile and he slowly brought his hands and wrapped them around her petite frame.

“You are crazy” he chuckled.

(Flashback ends)

“I am sorry Dev…. But I don’t remember a single thing that happened here.” Sona said bluntly and Dev just showed a poker face.

Turning towards the swing, he just looked at it longingly.

Lots of things had changed ever since Sona went to Paris. When she didn’t return for two years, Dev almost lost hope. He was in the verge of death. He lost everyone he had in life. He only had his sick grandmother to take care, but even she was dead.

Living in that hurt, turned Dev so weak and vulnerable. He would always scream his pain out at night. Walking alone at the beach sides, he would always think what he did to deserve this pain. Loneliness was a disease. It was like a slow poison that was killing him.

But when he received the letter that Sona was returning back, he felt like life was blown back inside him. Her arrival gave him hope. It provided him with light in his dark world. Seeing her was a dream for him.

But life had different plans.

When Sona arrived to Delhi, she did not recognise Dev. She was not the same person whom he was used to seeing. She curled her hairs and dyed them with chocolate-brown colour. She kept her distance a lot from Dev and most importantly, she looked at him like he disgusted her.

The mere presence of Dev was irritating her. If looks could kill, Dev would have died the second Sona glared at him at the airport.

He never expected her to change so much.

Yes, she said that she met with an accident and forgot her memories in Paris. But the was no way he could convince his heart to go through that. There was no way she could forget him like that. She used to say that he was a part of her heart.

Then why didn’t her heart recognise him?

Why didn’t her eyes recognise the love and longing he had for her? Was their love a dream?

Dev was losing hope every single day. He almost begged her to believe him, but she refused to even give him a chance. She ignored him and walked away when he came to pick her up at the airport.

Sona pitied Dev…. She could not see why this man was so desperate to make her remember him. She understood that he loved her. But past is past and she had completely erased him from her memories. If destiny has written it for them, why wasn’t he accepting it?

She just couldn’t believe this man. He was stubborn and hell bent on showing her memories. But part of her felt sad. She wanted to give his efforts a try. She wanted to see what are the things she used experience while she was in Delhi?

Did she love him unconditionally? Did something major happen between them? What else did they do, that she needed to recall?

“Dev?” she called reluctantly.

“It’s okay Sona…. I was just……trying” He turned around and smiled at her widely. However, Sona could see that his smile didn’t reach his eyes. He was in so much pain.

“Look Dev…. I understand that it was a place important for you-”

“No Sona. Look there…” he pointed to a place far away and saw a tombstone resting there. Sona’s eyes widened and her face paled a little.

“W-what’s that?”

“That tomb was created in this place one year ago……. You know how upsetting it was for me. In fact you loved this place more than me. Now look…. They are slowly going to make it a graveyard” he pouted while Sona gritted angrily.

She just didn’t know why his words frustrated her. But she could not connect with him. She felt so forced to be hanging out with him. His love, emotions and care felt infuriating for her. She just shrugged casually and sighed. His actions or emotions did not bother her. Not even a bit.

“Look here Dev. I may sound heartless to you now. But let me tell you something….we may have done some stupid things here. But it’s not as important to me like you think. If it did, something would have sparked my mind. But nothing did…..so I would suggest that you stop thinking about the past and move on with your life. After all, you are good looking and you have great spirit. Why are you still waiting for something that doesn’t happen?” she huffed in dismay.

Dev felt his heartbeat escalating with every word she said.

“Sonu please….”

“Don’t call me Sonu, for the bloody last time!” she spat angrily and shoved her hands up to stop him from moving closer.

“Look Dev…. This place is so damn childish. How old are you to play with this stupid swings? Five years old? But please don’t call me here anymore. If there’s nothing important, I am leaving. And don’t call me again for such unnecessary visits. Understood?” she spelled out her words angrily and left the place.

Dev just stood there with his hands to his side. He felt emotionally bankrupt. He could not feel a particular type of emotion. He felt insulted. He felt like she just disrespected their love… She did not give a damn about his feelings. When she spoke, she had a powerful eye contact with him.

The Sonakshi whom he loved never spoke to him like that. Even when she was just a mere friend, she spoke to him with her sweetly melodious tone which dripped like honey in his ears. But the image of Sona he saw now, broke his heart. She turned into a nightmare which he could never erase from his brain.

He felt the desperate urge to give up on her. But the mellow voice on his head stopped him.

“Never give up on me Dev…..for I will never give up on you even during my death”

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