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Bleeding Roses

Chapter 2

The sun was impossibly hanging low, setting the world into slow darkness. The kids were going back from school, adults walking back with weary faces and shops crowding up with enthusiastic people. Dev was walking back home after his tiring day of work.

He was a simple guy who worked at a office under the Food Safety department. He life was nothing interesting except doing research about raw nutrients and testing food particles. He was so sick of going to his haunted home when there was no one there. When he was looking after his grandmother, at least there was some kind of responsibility. But now, there was simply nothing.

He felt so obsolete. He did not even feel like preparing his own meal. Who the hell would cook for one person? Looking at himself in his room mirror, he felt so furious.

He was good-looking, smart and talented. Why was his life so miserable then? Should he wait till Sonakshi recovers and remembers him? Or should he go ahead and find for another girl? His thoughts went back to what Sona told him the other day.

He still remembered how she had insulted his love and memories… He did not want to keep hoping for her like a fool he was. Two years, she had left him and stayed away. Not a call, message or even a letter. Those days were like a living hell…

He had messaged her million times. He could not even keep track of how many calls he did to her father. None of them were returned or reciprocated. He just felt like a loser for trusting her. She said she would come back, running into his arms. But she lied. Lied to him that she would return back to him….

Yes, she returned to Delhi. But not to him. Her heart was of someone else’s now. She was not the same Sonakshi that he fell in love with. Dev looked at his empty bed and slumped there lazily. Touching the soft mattress, he still felt like he could inhale her scent there. He felt strange….

Yes, it had been years since she had left. But he could still sense her presence in his room, his walls, his bed and everywhere around him. A small smile left his lips as he rested his head on the pillow and focused his eyes on the ceiling. A vague memory crossed his mind and he felt his body lighten completely.

He was no longer in the present. He was living his past….

(2 years ago)

“Dev…. I have given grandma the medicines. It’s really getting late for me yaar…..Would you drop me back at home?” Sona asked with a sad puppy face that almost made Dev laugh.

“Come on Sona. It’s so late…. And don’t you know about how bad my area is? It’s not safe for you to go at this timing. Plus the roads are blocked near the main road bridge. So I can’t drop you now as well.” Dev reasoned.

“What? Oh no Dev… you don’t know. My father would-”

“Your father would kill you if you don’t return to your aunt’s place by midnight! Yes, you have told me a million times Sonu baby….but look, today you don’t have a choice. I have already called your aunt and told her the situation. I said that you will be staying over at my place due to the road blocks. And guess what? She understood and said that she will manage your dad!” Dev smiled at her coyly.

Sona felt her pressure shooting up. One side, her nervousness about her dad’s questions was haunting her. Another side, thinking about staying with Dev was making her feel the tingling sensation all over her body. She felt so shy and jittery.

“Dev…….are you sure I should-”

“Come on Sona. Why are you so worried for? It’s only my house. It’s all a matter of time.” He winked shamelessly, making Sona feel very anxious. She could only think of ways to escape his stares.

So trying to take the easier route, she walked towards his grandmother’s room.

“Hey granny!” she wetted her lips while the old woman sat up and looked at Sona endearingly.

“Yes dear? Everything alright?” Dev’s grandma called Sona.

The bond between Sonakshi and Dev’s grandmother was very special. They talked about the most darkest things and they always gossiped about Dev behind him. The old lady knew that Dev loved Sona and she was so eager for them to get married. But due to financial stability and Sona’s strict family, Dev had convinced his grandmother to wait a little longer.

“Yea…. It’s just that-” before Sona could complete, Dev interrupted her in their room.

“Sona, it’s time for dinner. Come on.” He called her out and Sona’s eyes instantly widened.

“Dev….but I h-”

“Come on Sona, let granny sleep!” he chided and his grandmother just chuckled lowly.

“It’s okay Dev… let the girl stay-”

“No granny. She has to eat quickly. Look at the time, it’s getting late.” He rushed her and caught Sona by her wrist.

“Sona…come on” he groaned lowly and Sona understood the meaning of his tone. It meant no refusing by hook or crook.

He was already there with a complete plan. Sonakshi had no idea why he was rushing her like that. But she definitely knew he had a plan in his mind and by the looks of it, the plan was going to torment her really well.

When they walked out of the room, Dev switched of his grandmother’s room lights and closed the door gently. The minute they had their complete privacy, Dev instantly locked Sona in his arms and kissed her like she was the last female on earth.

His beasty and passionate kisses were like a sudden surprise for Sona. Although they had kissed multiple times, these kisses were rough and hard. He always used to be gently and soft towards her lips. But now, it had a pinch of possessiveness and hunger in it.

Sona placed her hands on his chest and tried to stable him. His dominance and roughness was making her frightened. But his hands looped around her waist, stabilised her heart and crushed her closer to him. His lips captured her soft lower ones while his fingertips played with the hem of her blouse.

He leisurely tickled her flat belly and lifted her blouse upwards. Sona squirmed as she felt his warm hands on her cold skin. She couldn’t find the energy in her to stop him. Her hands were crushed between his hard chest and her shivering body.

“Dev….please” she moaned as he left her lips and slowly lowered down to her neck. Sucking every inch of her skin, he tried to place his mark on her body.

His hands itched to devour her senselessly. He was just taking his time to ravish her senselessly.

Dev was a guy full of life, charm, kindness and integrity. Due to his sick grandmother and responsibilities at home, he never got to experience a carefree life like many of his friends. He always went work, came home on time and took care after his grandmother.

Although many women loved him previously, they could not deal with Dev’s over-serious lifestyle he was living in. They expected his time and money to be spent upon them. When the needs weren’t met, they left. They claimed that he was boring and did not know the art of enjoying life. Just when Dev lost his belief on ‘true-love’, he met his angel Sona.

She was not just beautiful, but also smart. She loved Dev unconditionally with all his baggage. She was ready to do just anything for him….and that quality of her, got Dev completely hooked.

He was entirely under her spell. She did not have to do anything to get his attention. Just her voice was enough to make his blood rush all over his body. Of course, specifically to one organ.

He was not a saint… the least.

He was a man with emotions, needs and undying passion.

Of course, he had wild thoughts when Sona was near him. Now that they were alone in his apartment, he just could not resist her. He just waited for her to come out from his granny’s room. When he told her that she was staying here, her breathing fastened and he noticed how her skin flushed.

Sona always had that kind of effect with him. He just got turned on by how shy she got. She was an image to hold on to.

Without giving her any warning, he pounced on her like a starving animal. He had to agree that it was quite a desperate move….but he just couldn’t help himself. Her image of panting and moaning under him was driving him insane. He just wanted her! Five months of censored romancing was pure hell for him.

It was like keeping his hands tied after presenting him a living angel.

“Sona don’t stop me today, pleaseee” he pleaded against her lips, making her groan in disapproval. She quickly peeled herself from him and ran towards the dining table.

Dev felt hazy and he didn’t even have time to process her escape. Before he knew it, he was already sprinting to get her. They were running around the small house like kids.

Sona ran as fast as she could, but before she could reach the room Dev caught her wrists and turned her down. Sona lost balance and was about to fall down when Dev pulled her in his arms safely. They were now standing exactly at the door of his room with Sona prisoned in Dev’s arms. Dev smirked with an evil glint, signalling her that she was in deep trouble.

“Caught you baby!” he hissed, leaning closer. Sona bit her lips nervously and tried scooting away.

“Dev, please……. You are making me nervous.” She pleaded.

“Isn’t that a good thing?” he narrowed his eyes at her.

Sonakshi clenched her legs shut as she felt her core aching with need. Her hands were tightly wrapped around his neck, trying to keep herself up. But the more she tried to balance, she felt her bosoms touching his chest. She tried not to breathe hard, but Dev was making it hard for her.

Keeping his hands looped around her waist, Dev bent down and scooped the back of her legs. Carrying her in bridal style, he shut the doors behind him and brought her to his bed. At that moment, Sona knew that she was in deep trouble. Her mind fogged with carnal desires and love too.

There was only that much Sona could hide from him while his scrutinising gaze penetrated her body. Her entire body burnt with need as he allowed his hands to feel her up. After all, she could only deny her body that much. She felt vulnerable in his arms and refusing him seemed to be harder than anything she ever tried in the world. Her voice was lost and body shuddered with every touch.

He seduced her with his actions and slowly started working his magic on her lips again. Sona started to lose herself inside him as he placed his fingers tugged her pants. Sonakshi’s breathing fastened and she rapidly shook her head.

“Dev… I don’t think….we should….be….doing this…” she panted as she looked at his hooded eyes. He was extremely turned on to even listen to her words.

But from his frustrated expression, she understood that he actually listened to them.

“Sona… please-”

“No Dev. Your grandmother is sleeping in the next door. It’s not right!” she mumbled shyly, not knowing how to phrase her words. Dev looked at her and sighed.

“So is it only because of my granny?” he asked, taking her fingers in his.

Sona looked at him and smiled. She felt so mesmerised by his loving looks that she couldn’t help but adore him more. Slowly capturing his fingers, she kissed them one by one.

“It’s not because of anyone…. But I think that we are not ready for this. Well… frankly speaking, we are not even married yet. My aunt doesn’t know that we are dating in the first place. I don’t want to do anything that disappoints her or my dad.” Sonakshi fumbled, still holding his fingers.

She didn’t notice that she was unknowingly playing with his fingers all the while when she spoke. Dev found it amusing that her thoughts were still old-school. Nevertheless, he loved her.

“But I want you Sona. I don’t think a bond like marriage is going to make our love any purer. It’s our thoughts and intentions that make us one. I don’t want us to miss this moment together. But…………. I won’t force you too.” He explained softly.

“Sona…. I love you.”

“and I love you more” she said, looking at his eyes with so much of love. She could not remember the last time she looked at his eyes without feeling the love.

Every time she looked at his orbs, she felt the emotion residing so strongly inside her. Dev was everything she wanted and she knew that she would not be able to survive without him. If she missed that moment, she would miss a lot of things.

She felt Dev’s hand slowly leaving her skin. She felt the coldness hitting her. Before he could move away completely, she held him back and looped her arms around his waist. She noticed his widening vision and the complete shock in his face.

His impatient bulge smothering over her stomach stirred her feelings. Their desires blocked every other thought that invaded their minds.

That’s when Sona decided it.

She would not let her futuristic thoughts disrupt her beautiful present. Their present life was beautiful and the feeling of having Dev with her was beyond perfect. She wanted him and most importantly, she wanted him to have her.

She wanted to fulfil his desires.

All they wanted was to live the moment.

And they did

“I hope…..grandma wouldn’t hear us…” she whispered softly to which Dev gave her a mischievous grin.

“I can’t promise that. But even if she did, I am sure she could guess how good it was”

(Back to present)

Dev rolled to his sides and took the picture frame on his bed side table. It was a picture of him and Sona sitting happily in the garden. He remembered how they clicked a selfie of themselves and framed it.

Sona was so happy that she had an opportunity to decorate his room. Every corner of his room screamed her presence. He still remembered every kiss, every make-out and every argument they had in his room.

Damn, they were madly in love. How could she forget him like this?

If Sona met with an accident, why wasn’t he informed? He knew that Sona always told him about her scary father. She always feared about her father and that’s the reason they kept their relationship a secret. Everytime she spoke about her dad, Dev could tell that she was upset. She was frightened that her father would not accept Dev.

But her only mistake was, leaving Dev back alone. He felt like he should have been there with her all along. He was supposed to be the one who explains to her dad about their relationship. He regretted not going together with her. Of course, he didn’t expect her to face a brutal accident like this. She said she would return back in two weeks……..

He did not know. He simply did not expect life to take such a huge turn.

His heart ached and mind chided him continuously for letting Sona down. He felt so irritated with life.

He just wanted his Sonakshi back. He wanted the girl who was soft, sweet and kind. He wanted to experience that innocent love that she provided him unconditionally.

He just wanted her back.

With a strong willed mind, he took out his phone and messaged Sona.

’Can we meet at the ‘beach café’ tomorrow?’ he typed.

‘What is it about?’ he immediately saw Sona’s reply to it. Smiling happily, he typed his reply again.

‘I have something….which you might be interested to see 😊’ Dev replied.

There was no reply for very long. The wait seemed to be intense. Dev kept flipping his phone up and down for a good five minutes. When the wait got longer, Dev lost hope.

He sighed and finally threw the phone on his bed.

That’s when he heard the beep sound.

‘Fine. See you tomorrow at one p.m. sharp!’

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