Mending an Angel

Chapter 15-Thundering Music

Chapter 15: Thundering Music

He hovered above her as she breathed heavily, the rise and fall of her chest increasing his desire. His mouth came crashing down on hers causing her to moan in approval and wrap her arms around his neck. His bare chest pushed onto hers as their tongues dueled from mouth to mouth and they moaned on the others lips. Her thighs cradled his lower body perfectly and she could feel him throbbing against her. He broke the kiss and trailed hot, wet kisses down her neck and chest.

“Erik!” she gasped, pulling him closer as he suckled on her neck.

“Yes, mon amour,” he growled against her skin. “Tell me your desires. Tell me, Beatrice.”


Erik’s eyes shot opened as he sat straight up in bed, breathing heavily, his body reacting to the dream. He shot a wide eyed look of terror at Beatrice who lay still sleeping next to him, her back turned to him. He sighed and wiped the sweat from his brow. The moon shone through the window of the master bedroom they now found themselves in.

That afternoon, when Erik and Beatrice had told Ruban and Esperanza that they would stay at the villa, the couple had taken them there right away to get settled. When the Castillos left, Erik had seen the way Beatrice looked a bit sorrowful, and had decided that they would share a room as they always had. When he told her she seemed to become lively again. Who knew something so simple could make a woman so happy?

It was now night and Erik had gotten little sleep between his dreams of Christine that seemed to follow or come before dreams of Beatrice. The dreams of Christine were sometimes nightmares. They would either be making love or he would relive that night in his lair with Raoul almost being hung and her begging for his life. The dreams of Beatrice never changed. They were always engaged in erotic games.

What was the matter with him?! He couldn’t think of her that way! If she knew what he was thinking, she would surely look at him in disgust and leave him. That thought did not please him at all. Whether he wanted to admit it or not, he needed her, and it seemed she needed him. But he would not allow his mere fantasies to get the better of him. He promised he would not repeat the mistakes of the past, and he wouldn’t. No matter how much his body seemed to cry for hers now, he would not make her do anything she would regret, and he knew she would regret it.

Erik stood from the bed and walked toward the balcony of the bedroom that had a magnificent view of Madrid. The moon was full and shone down onto the city giving everything a soft, heavenly glow. He leaned his hands on the railing and breathed deeply, taking in the night air. A cool breeze caressed his flaming skin and he welcomed it to calm him.

“Christine,” he whispered into the air. “I wish to be rid of you, but that is as impossible as trying to change the weather.” He sighed again and leaned his forehead into one hand and prayed, “Dear Lord, help me.”

The sky quickly darkened and he looked up with a frown of confusion as the moon disappeared behind black clouds. A clap of thunder sounded through the night sky with lightening accompanying it and a scream sounded in the bedroom. Erik whirled around to see Beatrice sitting up and staring out the door in more fright than he had ever seen from her.

“Erik!” she cried. “I cannot see! Where are you?!”

“I am here, mon ange,” he replied, quickly shutting the door to the balcony to keep the rain from coming in. He quickly went to the bed and she threw her arms around him, sobbing into his shoulder.

“Shh, do not cry mon petite,” he cooed, wrapping his arms gently around her. “It is merely a storm.”

“I hate storms!” she sobbed making him chuckle. “It is not funny, Erik! They frighten me!”

“There is nothing to be frightened of, little one,” he murmured, bringing her gaze to meet his. “It is just water falling from the sky.”

Thunder clapped in the sky again and lightening illuminated the room for a moment and with a shriek Beatrice buried her face in his chest again. Erik glared out the window in irritation at the thunder and lightening.

“It is so loud!” she breathed into his chest and Erik felt her begin to tremble in his arms. He sighed then had a second thought to help her get over this fear of storms.

“It is loud,” he agreed, resting his chin on her head. “It thunders like music.”

Beatrice looked up at him in confusion.

“Music can be compared to a thundering storm,” he continued. “When you feel the music in your chest, are you afraid?”

Beatrice shook her head.

“Then why be afraid when you feel the thunder from a storm in your chest and all around you?”

“But the lightening---”

“Is just that,” he interrupted. “It is mere light.”

She stared at him for a moment but said nothing.

“Come,” he entreated, taking her hands to help her off of the bed. He led her toward the door but she shrunk back, whimpering and shaking her head.

“We will not go outside,” he assured her. “Trust me.”

Beatrice allowed him to lead her slowly to the glass door and he wrapped his arms around her, pinning her between the door and his body.

“Erik,” she whispered. “Do not leave me here.”

“I will not,” he whispered into her ear. “I will protect you from the storm.”

Thunder and lightening came together in the sky again and Erik felt Beatrice jump then try to turn into him. He held her where she was, not willing to let her give up so easily on fighting her fear.

“Erik, please---!”

“Close your eyes, Beatrice,” he whispered. She did as she was told and he placed her hands on the cool glass of the door. “When the thunder sounds again, I want you to feel it. Embrace it, and it will not hurt you. It will not frighten you.”

Within seconds the thunder sounded again and though Beatrice flinched slightly, she kept her hands on the glass feeling the vibration of the sound through it. What had gone through her mind then, Erik would never know, but she did not move for the longest time. She slowly opened her eyes with a small smile creeping to her face. More thunder, more lightening, but this time, she did not move at all. Erik smiled at her success and she turned to face him with a wide grin.

“You did it!” she smiled, sniffling a bit from when she had been crying.

You did it, mon petite,” he corrected gently and wiped the tears from her cheeks. “I merely guided you.”

“Thank you!” she smiled, throwing her arms around is neck. “I shall never fear another storm again!”

Erik smiled and wrapped his arms around her as he buried his face in her hair.

He suddenly realized that God had helped him after all. He brought him to Beatrice, something he surely did not regret. This woman might be able to help him forget Christine. He had to admit, there was never a dull moment with her, this night being an example. Being with Beatrice was a chance to have his thoughts consumed by her instead of Christine. He would have to repay her for everything she had done for him. His thoughts ran to what he had said about music being compared to a storm, and knew exactly what would make her happy.

“Erik! What is the meaning of this?!” Beatrice laughed as he led her with a hand over her eyes.

“You shall see,” he smiled, opening a door in front of him. “I think you will like this.”

He walked her into the room, their footsteps echoing on the wooden floor through the room. There sat in front of the only window in the room a black, grand piano with the lid opened so that the strings of the instrument could be seen. Erik came to a stop right next to it and pulled Beatrice in front of him, his free hand on one of her wrists to guide it, the other still over her eyes.

“Erik?” she breathed.

“Trust me, cheri,” he whispered in her ear. “You were wondering where I had disappeared to, yes?”


“This is why,” he answered and guided her hand to touch the wood of the piano and she gasped slightly. He ran her hand across the edge and guided her toward the keyboard of the thing. He led her to the bench and sat her in front of the keys then lowered his hand from her eyes. Her hands went up slightly in shock and her eyes widened along with the grin on her lips.

“Erik!” she gasped. “A piano?! How did you ever afford this?!”

“Ruban did give us money, did he not?”

Beatrice turned to him as he sat next to her on the bench.

“You did not---”

“I know I did not have to do this,” he interrupted. “But if you only knew why.”

“Why do you not tell me?” she wondered. Erik looked at her in surprise as she frowned in confusion at his statement.

“Never mind,” he smiled, shaking his head slightly. “Do you like your surprise?”

“Erik, I adore it!” she smiled, throwing her arms around his neck. “Thank you so much!”

“Do not thank me just yet,” he whispered making her push from him to frown in confusion again. “Would you like to have your first lesson with your new teacher?”

Beatrice’s face lit up and she couldn’t keep herself from planting her lips onto his. He was turning out to be even more than she had first seen him to be. Erik wrapped his arms around her as he shut his eyes tightly to take in the feeling of her lips. Her tongue plunged into his mouth, showing him how grateful she was for this gift. His tongue tangled with hers and she moaned in approval when he stroked it against hers, slowly and gently, showing her that she was more than welcome. Her fingers tangled in his hair, mussing it up in her passion to thank him as she bit his lower lip gently. She pulled away slowly, his lip still in her teeth and he groaned in approval.

“Thank you,” she whispered as they caught their breath together.

“You are welcome,” he whispered back. “Time for your lesson.”

Beatrice smiled and situated herself so that she could play.

“Keep your back straight,” Erik instructed, lightly touching the small of her back. Her back immediately straightened at his touch and he could not help the grin that spread across his lips at seeing her blush.

“Elbows in…” he continued, and wrapped one arm around her to push her elbows into her. “We do not want you flapping your arms about like a chicken do we?”

Beatrice giggled and shook her head. She began a scale, her fingers touching the keys just enough to produce a sound that could not be duplicated. Erik watched her intently, examining her technique and looking for something he might have to correct. Her hands glided across the keyboard as she continued to warm up to the feel of this new piano and she allowed her eyes to close to become one with it. Erik suddenly noticed her wrists begin to drop slightly and frowned at them. She had done fine a second ago. He gently pushed them up and Beatrice’s eyes shot open at the feeling of his hands on her wrists. She blushed when she realized what he was correcting and sighed slightly.

“Madame Emerson was trying to break that habit from me as well,” she smiled, turning to face him, but still playing the scale softly.

“Habits can be broken when you have discipline,” Erik replied. “Nothing to worry about, my dear.”

Beatrice looked back at her hands, concentrating on keeping them perfect. Erik watched her again and examined her from head to toe. At looking at her feet he noticed something strange about the way she was sitting. Her feet were tucked beneath the bench with one ankle over the other. Without a word he slid his foot behind her feet and pushed them apart then forward.


“You will not be able to reach the pedals fast enough with your feet tucked under the bench like that,” he explained, concentrated on fighting with her feet.

“But Madame Emerson never said---”

“Madame Emerson is no longer your teacher,” he interrupted a bit sternly. “I am. Keep your feet here.” He pushed her feet into place and she nodded, knowing that what he had said was true and he muttered, “There is one way I can break that habit.”

“And how is that?” she wondered, frowning at him in confusion.

“I could tie your feet into place,” he smirked, making her laugh.

“And what if something should happen?” she retorted with a smile.

“Such as?”

“Something that would require me to get up and away quickly?”

“Well, you would just have to wait for me to cut your bonds, wouldn’t you?”

Beatrice giggled and turned back to her playing. Erik watched with pride as she concentrated on keeping her feet where they were, and her hands in the proper position, with her elbows in and her back straight. He admired her determination. When she got it in her head to do something, she would not stop until it was done, and done right. She played the scale over and over again for twenty minutes more until both of them could not stand it any longer.

“I believe that is enough for today, mon ange,” he said, placing his hand on both of hers. “You have done well.”

“I was getting bored with the scale as well, Erik,” she smiled as she closed the door over the keyboard. “You need not hide your feelings from me.”

She smiled and stood up taking his hand and dragging him from the bench.


“Come, Erik!” she laughed. “Ruban and Esperanza will be here any moment!”

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