Mending an Angel



“No! Daddy! I do not want to go in the water!” Jacqueline laughed as Erik held her legs as she was slung over his shoulder and he walked toward the ocean.

“But, petite, the ocean is not going to hurt you,” he laughed back.

“It is cold!” Jacqueline cried in laughter.

“I will rescue you, sister!” Mael shouted with pride as he charged toward Erik. The little boy rammed the man’s legs and Erik went toppling to the sand as well as Jacqueline. “Run, Jacqueline!”

The children scrambled to their feet as their father tried to stand and ran away from the water and toward Beatrice.

“Mommy! Save us!” Jacqueline cried and she and her brother ran behind Beatrice who began laughing as Erik approached her, covered in sand and his clothes a complete mess.

“Where are the children, Madame?” Erik asked in a comically menacing tone and knowing full well where they were.

“I do not know which children you are speaking of, Monsieur!” Beatrice gasped dramatically, smiling at him in amusement.

“I saw them Madame,” Erik insisted. “Shall I torture you for their location?!”

He pulled Beatrice into his arms and she gasped dramatically again as he pulled her close.

“If you plan on torturing me, you are going about it the wrong way,” she murmured to him.

“I think not,” he grinned.

“Ew!” the children said together and Erik shot his glance to them making them gasp.

“Ah-ha! I have found you!” he said triumphantly.

The children shrieked and ran the opposite direction with Erik after them. Beatrice giggled as she watched her husband playing with their children. The two tackled him again and he found himself being attacked in the sand by screaming, laughing children.

It had been ten years since they had come to Spain and got married. A year after their marriage, Jacqueline was born, and she and Erik could not have been happier when they had a little baby girl. She had Erik’s midnight black hair that curled like her mother’s, and Beatrice’s freckles sprinkled across her nose and jade eyes that pulled you in and you could not say no to her. Four years after Jacqueline came along Beatrice gave birth to Mael, their little boy. He had curly fire-red hair and sea-green eyes that glowed with an imagination you would never think possible.

Erik and Beatrice loved them, and they adored each other. One was never far away from the other, and Mael always had to rescue his sister from their father because he was always kidnapping her, much like right now. Erik’s face never bothered them anymore because as soon as they were old enough, Beatrice had insisted that they see what their father hid behind his mask. They hadn’t even flinched from it, and often told him not wear it around them, but he still wore it in public.

“Beatrice!” Erik laughed as Jacqueline and Mael tried to tickle him to death. “Help me! I am being attacked by munchkins!”

“We are not munchkins!” Mael cried.

“You are to me!” Erik laughed. “Can you not attack your mother?”

The siblings froze, looked at each other then looked at Beatrice. She looked at them in horror and held her hands up.

“Do not even dare,” she laughed, slightly. The children gave mischievous grins and slowly moved away from their father. “Jacqueline, Mael, you had better not---”

“Get her!” Mael shouted and the two pounced onto her, sending her to the ground. Jacqueline tried to tickle her stomach while Mael tried holding her down.

“Erik!” Beatrice cried in laughter. “Help!”

Erik strode over and held Beatrice down so that the children could tickle her.

“I meant help me!” she laughed harder.

“I am sorry, mon amour, but you did not specify!” Erik grinned. “But since you have now…”

He scooped Jacqueline into his arms and she cried out in delight.

“Mael! Look out!” she cried, but Beatrice had already wrapped her arms around him and stood up as he kicked and struggled to be free.

“No fair!” he laughed. “I was looking away from you!”

“And I took advantage of your distraction,” Beatrice retorted. “So there.”

“What is this? Let them go before I give you what for!”

Erik and Beatrice turned to the woman behind Erik with a look of surprise and happiness.

“Auntie Krystal!” the children shouted with smiles. “Save us!”

“With pleasure, me little rascals,” she bowed grandly. She strode toward Erik first and looked him in the eyes as she took Jacqueline’s hands.

“Unhand the lady, you scallywag!” she grinned and Erik rolled his eyes, letting his daughter down.

“You are teaching my daughter improper language,” he smirked.

“Why does everything have to be so proper with you, eh?” Krystal wondered, as Jacqueline threw herself at Krystal.

“Now Mael!” she cried, jumping up and down. “Save Mael!”

“The lad can save himself!” Krystal insisted. “Can’t ye, Mael?”

“Aye, aye, Captain!” he smiled, holding his head high. “Mommy, put me down this instant!”

Beatrice looked at him in mild surprise.

“Oh, ho, ho! Give me orders, will you?” she replied then used one hand to tickle him as the other held him fast.

“Mommy! Stop!” Mael laughed.

“Alright, Madame. You leave me no choice!” Krystal said her own head held high. “Come along, first mate Jacqueline. We shall save your brother.”

“Charge!” they shouted, and were about to run toward Beatrice, when Erik pulled Jacqueline into his arms again and stopped Krystal by placing his foot in front of hers to trip her, and she fell face first into the sand.

“Now, what will you do, Capitaine Robyn?” Erik laughed as he slung Jacqueline over his shoulder again. She pounded his back with her tiny fists, but they had little effect on him, and he watched in amusement as his sister shot her gaze at him, sand covering her face and clothes.

“Villain!” she shouted, pointing at Erik. “I will get you for that, dear brother!”

“I would like to see you try,” Erik retorted as he placed Jacqueline back on the ground.

Krystal scrambled to her feet but Erik shot toward Beatrice and ducked behind her.

“You could not hurt your sister in law, could you?” he mocked when she stopped short of passing Beatrice.

“You are such a child, Erik,” Beatrice sighed and walked away from the two, Mael still squirming in her arms. Erik stared at his wife in disbelief then looked back at his sister in horror as a devilish grin spread across her face.

“Now…Now, Krystal,” he said, beginning to laugh out of nervousness. “Let us not show my children how to create sibling rivalries. I do not want my children fighting all of the time.”

“A poor excuse when you started it,” Krystal retorted, closing in on him and he backed away.

“Well, I am finishing it!” Beatrice shot as she placed Mael on the ground. “Stop it, both of you! You are adults! You must behave as such!”

Beatrice was ignored as Krystal lunged at Erik and tackled him to the ground. Jacqueline and Mael cheered in glee as they ran toward them and Beatrice sighed.

“I bet four doubloons on Erik.”

They all froze and looked at who else was coming their way.

“You would bet against me, you little Aussie whelp?!” Krystal wondered as Matthew approached.

“He has the upper-hand,” Matthew retorted.

“Matthew!” Jacqueline cried, and Beatrice rolled her eyes as the little girl ran to him, nearly tripping as she did. She had the biggest crush on the man, and it was no wonder, seeing as he turned out quite handsome since he and Erik and Beatrice had first met.

“Jacqueline, get back here!” Erik nearly growled, not wanting to be playful seeing his daughter run to Matthew like that. He shoved Krystal off of him and into the sand as he scrambled to his feet and shot after Jacqueline, who was just about to wrap her arms around Matthew’s legs when Erik scooped her into his arms and glared at Matthew who took an involuntary step back.

“Daddy!” Jacqueline whined. “No fair!”

Erik looked at her as she pouted, her lower lip slightly quivering.

“You may shake his hand,” Erik muttered, and set her on the ground again.

Kiss my hand,” Jacqueline grinned at Matthew, holding her hand up to him.

A growl erupted in Erik’s throat when Matthew did as the little lady asked and the young man cleared his throat.

“It’s time to go, Captain,” Matthew said quickly, still looking at Erik with wide eyes.

“Already, eh?” Krystal sighed as she dusted herself off and approached the rest of them. “Alright then.”

Mael tugged on her vest and she frowned down at him in confusion.

“What’s wrong, little lad?”

“Did you bring us presents?” he asked.

“Mael!” Beatrice gasped. “Show some manners!”

“It’s alright, Beatrice,” Krystal smiled. She knelt down to Mael’s level then beckoned Jacqueline toward her as she reached into one of the pockets of her vest. “Now, say the magic words.”

“Yo ho, yo ho!” the children chanted and Krystal smiled, pulling her hand out of her pocket.

“Two small tokens of my esteem, young ones,” she grinned. She placed something silver into Jacqueline’s hands and one in Mael’s hands.

“What are they?” Mael wondered.

“They’re pieces of eight,” Krystal explained. “You keep those safe, and don’t let any pirates steal them, or it’s the Locker for ye!”

The children giggled as she stood. They loved their aunt’s presents and stories because she always had something interesting to give them or tell them.

“Captain?” Matthew called. “The client won’t wait.”

Krystal sighed and patted the two children on the head before walking toward him.

“You cannot stay for just a few more minutes?” Beatrice wondered, leading the children to stand next to their father and Krystal shook her head sadly.

“Wish I could, lass,” she replied. “Duty calls. You’ll be glad to hear that Madame Giry is doing well, and she sends you her best.”

“Return the favor for us the next time you see her,” Beatrice requested, and Krystal nodded.

“I will,” she replied. “Good-bye.”

“For now,” Erik finished, and Krystal nodded.


“Good-bye, Matthew!” Jacqueline called, beginning to cry.

Matthew waved back at her but kept walking. Jacqueline turned into her mother’s skirts and sobbed dramatically, and Beatrice patted her head consolingly.

“Do not cry, little one,” Beatrice pleaded. “You will see him again.”

“But not soon enough!” Jacqueline cried, clutching her piece of eight. Beatrice sighed in pity and picked her up in her arms. The little girl curled into her mother’s embrace and Beatrice looked at Erik.

“Jacqueline?” he cooed, stepping close to Beatrice to get his daughter’s attention. “The next time he visits, we will spend the whole day at the docks with him.”

Jacqueline sniffled and turned her head on her mother’s shoulder to look at him.

“We will all go to the docks and see him and Aunt Krystal and we can go on their ship. Does that sound like fun?” he continued.

Jacqueline nodded and sniffled as she rubbed her eyes. Beatrice felt a tug on her skirt and looked down to see Mael with his arms up, asking to be carried.


“I will take Jacqueline,” he said before being asked and pulled his daughter into his arms. Beatrice smiled at him and lifted Mael into her arms.

“Perhaps it is time to go home?” Beatrice suggested and Erik nodded in agreement and they began walking down the beach.

“Mommy?” Mael said snuggling close to her. “Tell us the story of the Lost Man and the Angel.”

Erik smiled widely at Beatrice who couldn’t help but smile at her son’s request. That story was their story.

“Would you not like to hear your father tell it?” Beatrice wondered, knowing how much Erik loved telling it as well.

“No,” Mael replied flatly. “You tell it better.”

Beatrice snickered and Erik scowled at her.

“Very well,” Beatrice nodded as they loaded into the carriage. “Once, there was a handsome man who was very lost. One day he found an Angel whom he had met before, but could not remember, and though they did not know it, they loved each other very much…”

“Are they not adorable, Erik?” Beatrice smiled down at Mael sleeping in her arms.

“They are, mon amour,” Erik smiled as he snuggled Jacqueline closer to him before placing her in her bed. Beatrice laid Mael in his bed across the room from where Erik stood. The little ones had fallen asleep in the carriage, and were now probably dreaming sweet dreams of angels and fairies.

Beatrice knelt down next to her son and gently stroked his hair with a loving gaze as Erik strode toward her.

“Beatrice?” Erik tried, placing a hand on her shoulder. “We should go to bed now, mon ange.”

“Just a few more minutes,” Beatrice whispered. “I hardly see them like this.”

Erik smiled and sat next to her but she didn’t look at him.

“They are so peaceful when they sleep.”

“When they sleep,” Erik scoffed, and Beatrice pouted at him.

“You are awful!” she whispered.

“You know I love our children, Beatrice,” he chuckled. She shook her head with a small smile and turned back to Mael. Erik glanced at him then looked at Jacqueline from his spot on the floor.

“Our children are going to be too attractive for their own good,” he sighed, looking back at his son. “I will have to teach this one to be a gentleman and fend off any suitors that come calling for the other one.”

“They have names, Erik,” Beatrice reminded him. “Lovely names, at that.”

“Yes, I know,” he replied and couldn’t help staring at Beatrice as she still stared at Mael. There was suddenly a soft knock on the door and the two looked up to see Diego standing in the threshold.

“The Castillos are here, Señor,” he told Erik.

“Alright,” Erik replied with a nod. “Tell them we will be there in a moment.”

Diego nodded and left down the hall as Erik and Beatrice looked at each other.

“We should be good hosts for our friends,” Erik smirked.

“You go ahead,” Beatrice replied. “I want to stay here with my children.”

“Do not make me drag you down stairs,” Erik replied jokingly.

Beatrice sighed and stroked her son’s head one last time. Erik stood and took Beatrice’s hands to pull her to her feet. When she stood, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close making her gasp softly and blush.

“Erik,” she whispered. “Not in the children’s room!”

“I was only going to kiss you, little one,” he smirked, bringing his face close to hers.

She couldn’t keep her eyes from closing as his mouth brushed against hers tauntingly. Her arms wrapped around his neck as his lips pressed against hers in a soft kiss and his hands slid up her back. Erik kissed her deeply, making her moan softly in approval and when she slowly pulled away, she sighed in contentment.

“It truly amazes me how you become more gentle with each day,” she smiled placing a small, tender kiss to his lips.

“I know what pleases you now,” Erik retorted.

“We should go down stairs,” Beatrice whispered. “Ruban and Esperanza are probably becoming impatient.”

Erik sighed and nodded then pulled her arm into his as he began walking to the door. They entered the parlor and Beatrice grinned as Esperanza turned from the fire to reveal the large swell of her stomach.

“My, Esperanza! Your baby is going to be bigger than you!” Beatrice laughed as the friends embraced.

“I know,” Esperanza laughed. “Maybe I should stop eating so!”

“You must be proud,” Erik asked Ruban who only nodded with a huge grin on his face.

“That grin has not left his face the whole nine months I have been pregnant!” Esperanza laughed, wrapping her arms around one of her husband’s.

“Erik was the same way!” Beatrice laughed, doing the same to him. “And when I was carrying Mael, he was never seen without a smile on his face…ever!”

The four laughed as Erik shook his head in embarrassment.

Erik tore off his clothes as he waited for Beatrice to emerge from behind the dressing screen. It had been so long since they had been passionate with each other, it was simply becoming too much. Seeing Beatrice every day but being unable to touch her was beginning to drive him crazy. All he wanted was to pull her into his arms and ravage her, but every time it seemed like a good opportunity to do so, something would happen or the children would come into the room. He scrambled into the bed and waited impatiently for her.

“Erik?” Beatrice called from behind the dressing screen. “I hope you will not think this too revealing.”

He could almost see the smirk on her lips as she said that, and he felt himself react to her suggestion.

“I hope I do,” he retorted and heard her giggle.

“Erik, you are so wicked!”

“Mon ange, you tease me by taking so long!”

“Patience is a virtue, mon amour.”

“But not one of mine.”

Beatrice sighed and Erik stiffened as he saw a bare foot step out from behind the screen. He let out a deep moan when Beatrice stepped next to the screen, leaning one arm against the edge with her other hand on her hip.

She was wearing a white, shear, knee-length night gown with spaghetti straps and a shear white robe over it with long sleeves, but neither one of the articles of clothing did anything to conceal Beatrice’s naked body beneath them. Her fire red curls cascaded around her shoulders with a few falling at the cleavage of her breasts.

“I take it you approve,” Beatrice smirked, walking toward the bed.

Erik’s eyes followed her as she slid next to him into the bed. She placed her hand beneath his chin and closed his mouth which had been hanging open then slid her hand up his cheek and pulled his mask off, revealing the deformed side of his face. He pulled the mask from her hand and turned to place it on the nightstand and turned back just in time for Beatrice to throw her arms around his neck and plant her lips to his. They fell back with Beatrice on top of Erik and his arms wrapped around her as their tongues battled for control. Erik slowly broke the kiss and they both breathed heavily from their passionate lip-lock.

“I love you,” he whispered, stroking her back slowly.

“And I love you,” she grinned back, her hands gliding to his chest.

Erik had been broken and lost after the performance of Don Juan, but when he finally reunited with Beatrice after that fateful day they had first met, he had found peace, comfort, and a place to call home wherever he would find himself. Beatrice had picked up the pieces of his heart, and mended her broken angel.

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