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The Only Thing He Sees

Chapter Two

Yoongi and Jimin spent the whole day getting to know each other. Yoongi soon realised that Jimin was a professional dancer…..… just like Hoseok. This kid sure felt different from Yoongi’s other friends. So bright and so cheerful; Yoongi liked it.

“It feels so weird being fed by a guy I haven’t even seen.” said Jimin, chuckling.

“How does it matter. You know almost everything about me, it shouldn’t matter even if I was ugly” said Yoongi, slowly entering a spoonful of soup inside Jimin’s mouth.

“Aah no it’s just that you sound like you would be handsome. Besides, I really want you to be

handsome” said Jimin

This made Yoongi blush. Ugh this Jimin guy was making him feel so soft.

“Why?” asked Yoongi

“Reasons hyung. Reasons.” replied Jimin.

A day passed. Yoongi came back the next day. And as far as Jimin was concerned, life was getting pretty boring for him considering he couldn’t see.

“Good afternoon hyung…... I was wondering if you could read me a book?” said Jimin brightly. Yoongi assumed that even if he couldn’t see his eyes, Jimin was totally pulling off puppy eyes at him. But Yoongi didn’t need the puppy eyes, he felt like he could do anything for Jimin.

“Woah cool down there, pretty boy. Good evening, here’s your coffee and I’ll get you a book,” said Yoongi as he left for the hospital library. He rummaged through the small bookshelf and found Romeo and Juliet. Perfect. just…..perfect.

Yoongi came back and Jimin motioned the older to come sit next to him on the bed. Yoongi made himself comfortable next to the blond boy and started to read.

Yoongi started reading. When he glanced up between paragraphs, Jimin was grinning.

Yoongi had never read out this loud this much before. Fortunately it was a good book, so he sort of forgot after a while that he was reading it out loud and Jimin was listening. An hour passed, maybe even two, before Yoongi dropped his hands and the book into his lap. The sun had finished setting and the other light in the room was from the desk lamp.

“You can stop whenever you want” said Jimin.

“I don’t want to stop,” said Yoongi as he looked up at him.

After another 20 pages, Yoongi was getting sleepy. At some point, Jimin had leaned against him and Yoongi had leaned back. It was hard to imagine what was happening on that side of his body because he was so busy reading. Though his lips and eyes were moving, he couldn’t keep track of what was going on. All he was thinking about was how soft and comfy Jimin was.

After some point Jimin had put his left arm around Yoongi and pulled him against his chest. Yoongi had been fidgeting his back against the wall so Jimin just reached behind Yoongi and pulled him into his chest.

Then Jimin’s hand had fallen back against Yoongi’s back and stayed there.

Yoongi could feel Jimin’s chest when he breathed. He could feel his breath on his hair sometimes.

“Take a break” whispered Jimin.

Yoongi stopped. Jimin shifted Yoongi in front of him and put his hand behind Yoongi's neck like a pillow. Now Yoongi was lying on his back while Jimin was on his side, facing Yoongi with one hand beneath him.

They were pretty close and all Yoongi was thinking about was how good Jimin smelled.

When Romeo died, Jimin took a sharp breath. By that time Yoongi’s cheek was on Jimin’s chest and he could feel Jimin’s ribs expanding.

Jimin tightened his grip around Yoongi.

Yoongi kept reading

Eventually, the book ended. Yoongi closed the book and let it fall on Jimin’s chest, not sure what was going to happen next. The moment it fell, Jimin pulled Yoongi into him. Onto him. With both arms. Their chests pressed against each other and the book slid between them.

Yoongi nudged his nose against Jimin’s. Their lips fell sleepily together.

A spark ran through Yoongi. He was kissing Jimin. His lips felt so smooth. Jimin put his hand behind Yoongi’s neck and pulled him closer and Yoongi put his hand behind Jimin’s back and up to his hair, slowly.

Jimin sucked Yoongi’s lips and Yoongi did the same. Then Jimin slid in his tongue.

Then Yoongi’s eyelids stuck. He was so sleepy. He wanted to open them and adore Jimin’s perfect face or beautiful eyes but he couldn’t. Because he was so tired. And Jimin’s lips were too soft…

Eventually, he couldn’t stay awake.


The next morning came early. Jimin woke up first. As he woke up he soon realised his current position. He was cuddled up in Yoongi’s arm and one of his hands was intertwined with Yoongi’s. Jimin didn’t know why or how but…he wanted to cherish this moment to its full potential. He felt Yoongi’s hands. They were big. Bigger than his. His skin was soft and he was wearing a few rings. Jimin suddenly felt Yoongi twitch. The older had woken up.

Yoongi stretched and sat upright. His morning was made a million times better due to the sight of this baby boy lying down in his arms.

“What time is it hyung?”

“9:00 am”

“Isn’t it time for my physical therapy sessions…?” Jimin asked curiously.

“Ah yes, I have a list of exercises I have to make you do” Yoongi said softly.

“So let’s get started?”

“I was thinking let’s have food first?” asked Yoongi. He was really hungry right now.

“Hyung… could we eat out today maybe? I’m just…bored of this same old hospital food.”

At this moment Yoongi’s aunt walked in.

“I heard you two boys and I think that Yoongi, you should take Jimin out.” His aunt said. Yoongi choked on the air he was about to breathe .

“Yes ma’am this is a good idea.” Jimin was really excited.

“Uhmm auntie that...Um… alright Jimin. Where do you wanna go?”

“I don’t know. You tell me.”

“I think I have thought of just the right place…” Yoongi said as he smirked slowly.

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