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My last summer


; This story is about a boy who meets a horrible death, he tells you how he dies with a bit of jokes along the way

Humor / Horror
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Going away for the summer

Oh god, where do I start? surely not with the typical " I live with the creepypastas!" and all that bull. I mean you could say I do, only thing is- that I don't. My room is in- the ground like any other victim of this madness. Expect I don't feel like resting in peace. Well, its time to start the once upon time thing or whatever.

It started like any other day in my life, nothing stuck out. Like I liked, I hate drama truthfully. It's unnecessary if you ask me, god people would be better off without it. The day started with a very rough waking up from my sleep, waking up wasn't my favorite thing in the world. The stupid alarm clock kept going " BEEP BEEP BEEPPPP" Really loud in my ear, Dose that annoy you too? I slowly got up and turned the blasted thing off. After that, I sat up brushing back my thick messy hair. As I got up I noticed something was...different so to say. Ben wasn't on the bed ( my cat) witch was a tad bit odd. Normally ben is always with me, so I got up and called out for him " Ben! where are you?" Meowing came from under the bed, he was shaking. " oh my, what happened kitty?" I pulled him from out of the bed holding the shaking cat.

Attempting to soothe the pitiful thing down. I stood up and started to walk to my bedroom door, putting my hand on the door handle. Something told me not to open the door so I went back to the bed and flops on it. Groaning, I looked at the door tilting my head as my hair flops into my face. Blinking my Greenish blue eye's, as I stare directly at it. Soon I heard a disturbing slow knock, " hello?" I called out. After a minute I realized it was coming from the front door, I narrowed my eyes a bit getting up. I opened my bedroom door and walked through the kitchen, to the living room I stayed behind the locked other side with a clear view of the other room before this glass door. I said, "It's open...'' With that, the door creeks open just enough to see that something is wrong. There was a knife all I could see was a knife! Stumbling back a little bit, I guess my reaction made them chuckle a bit. Witch I was VERY un Okay with that, the door started to open more. surprise ! it was just my stupid brother.

" Matt! that wasn't funny!" Matt laughed, knocking on the glass door. " Xander open the door please am sorry. " Matt said with a sweet smile. " Why should I?" I said chewing on my hoody sting. Looking at the older male. Truthfully I did have the choice to not let him in but I didn't feel like getting in trouble. "Because, If you don't I will tell mom." Our mom was the best mom, but she doesn't play games when it comes to punishments. I REALLY don't want to clean the basement again. Rolling my eyes I let him in, ugh. I hit him in the arm. " Your jokes are horrible'' I said with a sigh. It was bad enough I was going away for the summer, and it already started off on the wrong foot. I went to my room to finish packing, somehow I got most of my things in that little tiny suitcase. Interesting enough, time flew by and my mom was already here to pick me up.
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