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Of An Escort and a Duelist

By Tom Shuman

Action / Romance

Escort: The Request

Part I


Chapter I

The Request

The blond boy looked at white haired girl in a mix of fear and apprehension… this was way too good a dream to be real, no way that Snow Angel would be asking this of him. He eyed the young woman in front of him carefully as if anything he said could make her explode, which there was a good chance it might. She was about chest high on him when he was standing his own lanky six one frame was currently seated at a back table of the mostly silent Beacon Library. Her snow white hair hung in its usual side pony tail, her petite frame ridged her arms crossed and her icy blue eye looking away from him. He spoke softly bringing his only thought to life, his tenor as quiet as he could make it in the domain of the Liberian.

“You want me… to what, Weiss?”

“Jaune, I need you to be my escort…” Weiss repeated her request again. Slowly, as if speaking to an idiot… well like she was speaking to Jaune. She arched a brow when she saw Jaune recline in his chair a rather stupid smirk cover his face. She knew what was coming and decided to head it off. “If the next words to come out of your mouth are stupid, well then I guess I’ll have to suffer a face worse than death.”

“Do Wha?” Jaune instantly sat up again his eyes switching to concern. “Is everything ok? I mean I know you don’t like me… much… at all really… but I’d still like to think we’re friends. I stopped with the constant asking you out after you talked to me about it, I promised I wouldn’t do it anymore. I already apologized is there anything else I can do to make it up to you?”

This is why the boy infuriated her. For all of the stupidity, for all of the bad flirting and desperate attempts at getting a date out of her, which admittedly he did actually stop once she sat him down and talked to him about how she was NOT interested in him in that way. That if he seriously wanted to spend time with her that maybe he could try being her friend. The one thing that irritated her was that the dunderhead actually meant well… and that was more than most of the men in her life. She wished that it could be anyone else, but sadly he was the only one that fulfilled the requirements of what she needed in an escort. She did some digging and found out a bit more about Jaune’s family. About who they actually were, and she had to admit she almost slapped herself in the forehead for not figuring it out sooner.

“We are friends Jaune,” Weiss’s voice was quick, almost too quick for Jaune to catch. She looked around sighing, the library wasn’t a good place to have this conversation her eyes lingerd on a nearby table that the two teams used for game nights, it still shocked her that whenever they played Conquest of Remnent the boy’s alliance always won… but then again she had always had such a critical eye on him that she never actually noticed what he was doing more than at the current time in a fight. Maybe Ren and Pyrrah weren’t pulling the Heiress’s leg when they said it was only by Jaune’s plan that the Death stalked they faced at the initiation… That Jaune was the one who pointed out weaknesses in his teammates and tried to find ways to help them. But Jaune a strategic genius, really? She did find that a bit hard to believe. The Heiress made a decision and acted on it.

Weiss grabbed the boys arm pulled him along back to the dorms his squawk of confusion drawing the attention that the heiress didn’t want. The icy beauty shut the bumbling blond dunderhead up with an icy glare as they left the library. Weiss approached the door to her shared room and threw the door open the stunned faces of Neptune, Sun, Blake and Yang greeted her. Blue boy and Yang on the brawler’s bed cuddled together watching a movie on Neptune’s scroll while Blake was reading a book in her bed with Sun playing a video game at her feet all four crocked an eyebrow at Jaune’s body falling through the door. The second brow soon joined the other in being raised as Weiss walked in and snapped a finger towards the open door. “Scram.”

“Well Snow Angel,” The beowolf pillow that smacked into Yang’s head made an adorable growling sound as it landed on the bluenett wrapped around her. “You should have just let us known if you wanted some time with tall, blond and scraggly you should have just let us know, we do have a protocal set up for this don’t forget the sock govers over the door knob any bed but Ruby’s and the condoms are…”

Yang was silenced by her sighing boyfriend’s hand.

That was an interesting relationship story, after the dance where Neptune wouldn’t stop looking at other girls Weiss left in a huff. A confused Neptune chased after her only to be tripped by someone, he never was able to find out who did it and lost track of the heiress. The next day he went to apologize only for Weiss to tell the boy that she wasn’t interested. Somehow he wound up at that bar that Yang showed him, he remembered ordering some alcohol and the next thing he remembered was waking up with the arms of the blonde bombshell wrapped around his waist spooning him from behind. They went out for breakfast and Neptune got the short story, he got drunk… really drunk… and then apparently one of the sister’s that guarded the club tried to hit on him only to get pissed off when he turned her down. Apparently one unarmed combat round later the owner, Junior, called Yang remembering the two of them together. Yang was kind enough to pick him up and take him to another bar where apparently she over indulged enough that they couldn’t make it back to Beacon but there was a hotel nearby, unfortunately the only open room had only one bed… apparently in his drunken state he laughed at a pun, called her witty as well as beautiful and then the rest was history.

The next thing the Puny-fighter knew she was on her boyfriends shoulder like a sack of potatoes being carried out of the room a headshaking Blake and perpetually joy-filled Monkey boy was following behind the group closing the door behind him shooting a wink at the young knight.

“Ok Jaune,” Jaune looked over to see Weiss leaning against her desk arms crossed as she looked him up and down. “A week ago I received a message from father explaining that I was expected to attend a ball in a month…”

“The Governor’s Ball,” Weiss was surprised at Jaune’s correct interruption… how did he know that? She watched the boy get up and dust himself off. He stood a little straighter then she remembered his shoulders were slightly back his eyes focused on hers forcing her to maintain eye contact. A Schnee always looked a business partner in the eye. “Remember all second years are supposed to attend? Ruby should have told you guys, we were told at the monthly Leader’s meeting last week…”

“… She neglected to mention it… anyways normally attending a ball wouldn’t be an issue for me, but this will be my first time at a formal ball since my Majority… and I need an escort. Namely, you…” Her voice was soft, contained. She didn’t need this getting around to anyone, much less gossiping boxers who had super hearing partners thanks to her fuzzy bits.

“Why me?” Jaune leaned against the desk across from her his arms crossing his chest his confusion up slightly… how much did Weiss know about his family. He had done so well in keeping that part of his life out of Beacon, For two years he did everything he could to make sure that people didn’t connect Jaune Arc lovable doofus leader of the second best team of their year to THE Arc’s.

“Because I can trust you…” The words were small, almost too small for Jaune to hear. She trusted him? When did that happen? “I can trust you to not ruin this, I can trust you to not try and use this for your own needs… I can trust you because you are a friend… and you’re family is of a high enough stature that my father would see no fault in it.” She was looking away so she didn’t see him freeze at the mention of his family.

“Of course I’ll help Snow Angel,” Weiss sighed at the nickname… he still wouldn’t let it go… but then again she wouldn’t tell anyone but it had stopped being irritating to her after the food war in the beginning of second semester last year. “I’d be happy to help.”

“Alright then… We have three weeks to turn you into a gentleman.” Then something happened that surprised Weiss, Jaune Arc, resident klutz and dunderhead of the highest order, the lady killer wannabe, walked forward and bowed perfectly to the Heiress taking the outstretched hand to shake and kissing the back of her knuckles. A soft blush colored the Heiress’s face for a single moment before she was able to compose herself. Jaune rose and smiled at his friend the smirk on his face held a confident edge that had rarely been there before.

“It will be an honor My lady.” Weiss’s eyes narrowed slightly at his wordage causing him to stand up straight and wave his arms infront of him. “Bad word choice, I’m sorry….”

“Dunce…” The growled word of the heiress made Jaune flinch realizing the gravity of his slip.

It had been three days… three of the most trying days of Weiss’ life. She had to spend an overwhelming amount of time with the Dunderhead to try and make him presentable to the public. He was a klutz a klutz of the highest order. He knew what he was supposed to do and he even did it right half the time. The other half was what made her oh so tempted to take Yang up on her offer to go get plastered at some place called Junior’s. Today for example they were going over etiquette, and he had all of the basics down, he knew how to bow when to nod his head how to introduce himself but the second he got distracted it all went to crumbs. The boy was so clumsy that if he wasn’t paying attention half the time when he bowed he ended up on the floor… she still didn’t understand how that happened. She was sipping a coffee at her desk her history book opened to this weeks assigned reading. She had already read it twice of course but she was digging through it for ideas on the writing, four pages on the Push. The Push was the single most important moment in the history of humanity, when a group of hunters banded together to become the first of the Huntress’ and Hunters, the Hunter’s Court. It was led by Cyan of Arcana, who if her research was correct, which it was, was the forefather of the Arc line. This is what had her so irritated she was trying to get her mind off of the blond menace for a while only for him to be forced back into her mind. She growled in frustration slamming her head against the table.

“Stupid Arc…”

“What’d Jaune do now? Ask you out again?” Weiss would forever disavow that he response to her team leader’s seemingly sudden appearance caused her to let out a most lady like sound of surprise, the blush even ten years later would be all the proof needed t o confirm otherwise.

“Ru— Wha—… No, in fact really this one isn’t even his fault if I’m honest with myself.” Weiss sipped her coffee for a moment figuring out how to explain to her friend.. closest friend without letting the gril know that Jaune was escorting her to the Ball in two and a half weeks.

“Does this have anything to do with him taking you to the ball?” Ruby’s hands flew over her mouth as she spoke Weiss’s head shooting up and her pale icy eyes locked onto the little reaper’s hood.

“What was that?” the edge to the girl’s voice was razor sharp and sent a shiver down Ruby’s spine. Ruby’s silver eyes shifted around the room looking for a quick exit only to yelp like a puppy when a hand grabbed her chin and forced the younger girl to look into Weiss’s eyes. A Frozen hell where souls are lost to all eternity was the only thought that slipped into the normally energetic girl’s mind.

“Who?” Ruby didn’t need to ask to clarify the question. In fear she spoke rapidly.

“YANG, ITWASYANG, SHE-HAD-BLAKE-LISTEN-IN-ON-YOU-AND-JAUNE.” The reaper scrunched her eyes and tried to force her head away.

“Jaune didn’t say anything to you?” Ruby shook her head in response.

“NO, he didn’t say anything, Pyrrha asked if he wanted help finding a date for it and simply said that he already had it covered, that a friend needed a little help so he was going with them.” Ruby sighed in relief as Weiss released her head. Ruby opened her eyes once she heard the door slam shut. “Sheesh, what’s gotten her all riled…”

Ruby looked at the desk and the history homework, a name was underlined. “Cyan of Arcana? Why is he circled, I more had her pegged for Jasper Glyphsmith…”

Weiss stomped across the hall laughter coming from the room across from hers, one of those laughs was Yang’s. The door flew open and five heads spun towards the sound. Weiss stood their rigid and glared at all of them until she found Blake and Yang. Not saying a word she started walking towards her ‘darling’ teammates.

“Uh… Weiss, I think you need to calm down for a second… what’s wrong…” Yang seemed to be backing up Blake was simply frozen in her spot.

“oh nothing my favorite teammate, I think that you and I need to have a little talk about what you and Blake might have overheard a few days ago…” Yang blanched and Blake flinched.

“OH you mean about Jaune-Jaune taking you to the Ball, it’s so romantic isn’t it Renny?” Nora yelped in response to Weiss’s glare and hid behind Ren who simply sat there trying to not cause any attention to be cast on him. Weiss always thought that the quiet boy was smart.

“Actually yes, that… where is the blond menace anyways…” The three last letters of JNPR all shook their heads in fear. Pyrrha’s eyes shifted to the door and grew huge. Blake and Yang both looked at the door and seemed to mouth something. Weiss spun on a heel and saw a shirtless Jaune standing there with a towel around his shoulders and a workout bag that held his blade in it slung over a shoulder…

“… I should run now?” Jaune dropped his bag and shot out of the room after getting a quick nod from Ren. This is just what he needed, after a two hour work out session with Cardin that ended in a forty minute spar he had to out run a woman who was out for his blood. “I’m SORRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY”

“ARC GET BACK HERE BEFORE YOU ARE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE.” Weiss’s voice caused him to slide to a stop. Weighing his odds Jaune looked at the open door to the outside and back to the death that awaited him, steeling himself he started to trudge back to his room. Sitting seza style were Yang and Blake, Weiss standing behind them a sheathed Myrtenaster in her hands, the standing woman pointed to a spot on the floor and Jaune fell to his knees. Ren and Nora sat on one bed while Pyrrha was frozen in a block of ice. Weiss walked around and looked at the three kneeling people.

“Now then… I will ask the three of you this one time, who told everyone about Jaune being my escort.” Weiss looked at the three of them, no one responded. “If no one speaks up I will just have to go after the most likely to talk, and the only one I know for sure know about it.”

Jaune cursed and sighed internally, he had been doing so well too… oh well nineteen wasn’t to bad of an age to die at was it?

“It was me.” Yang spoke up at last much to Jaune’s relief. “I had Blake listen through the door. I thought that I was just going to be told you two were doing something naughty but instead I got that prime gossip material… I haven’t told anyone besides NPR and Ruby… I think Ruby might have told Penny though. Jaune hadn’t said anything, actually a couple people asked about his plans and he kept saying that he was helping a friend out with a difficult situation.”

“I heard the same thing.” Blake spoke up and Jaune sighed relaxing slightly. Weiss spun on a heel and walked away thawing Pyrrha out as she passed the frozen girl. She paused at the door only to look back.

“Thank you Juane, I hope I can trust in your discretion in the future as well?”

“My what now?” Even with everything else the dunderhead was the dunderhead. The Ice Princess paused at that thought as a follow up snuck in silently after, was that really a bad thing? Taking a breath the woman looked at Jaune and tried again.

“I can trust you not to tell anyone?” Jaune nodded his head and Weiss smiled nodding her head slightly in thanks. Jaune felt his heart stop for a moment, it was an actual smile, a small one but an actual smile from the Snow Angel. He didn’t even notice when Nora poked him in the head a few times.

“What’s wrong with him?”

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