Chapter 11

Danielle stood in the lab, carefully helping the few SHIELD agents that had been caught in the crossfire. She seemed so happy, Steve thought, as she circled the room, talking gently to those injured and making sure they were completely cared for. He was entranced with the way her dark hair caught the light, or how her nose wrinkled when she smiled. There was a glow inside of her, something both nurturing and fiercely protective of other people. He felt drawn to her, but in a way that worried him. He'd met her three days ago, he needed to pull back.

He walked away from the lab window, and bumped into Natasha.

"Going somewhere?" she said. He didn't answer, and she grabbed his arm as he began to walk away. "Steve." she said, looking up in his face, trying to get a read on him. "You thinking of leaving her? You're the only one she trusts."

"I'm too close. I like her. It's unprofessional." he said after a minute of silence. She raised an eyebrow.


"There needs to be boundaries. It's my duty-"

"You saved her life, Steve." she said calmly. "And from what I saw, she saved yours. You haven't had a broken bone in 50 years, have you, and that thing broke them all. What did she do?"

"That's not fair."

"Has she done or said something that indicated she's uncomfortable around you?"

He looked embarrassed. "Well, no."

"Okay. Let's go over this one more time. You save this girls life, and practically give her a new one. She is kind, intelligent, selfless, and pretty. She saves your life in return. And now you want to abandon her? She has no choice but to be here with us, these strange people, and she's chosen to trust you." she sighed. "If any man did that to me, I'd probably kill him." She tipped her head to the side thoughtfully. "In fact, I think I probably have."

He took a deep breath.

"And she likes you too, stud." she punched him in the arm as she glided past him.

"Really?" he asked, spinning around.

"Oh my god." she stopped where she stood, looking up at the ceiling in frustration. "You've saved the world multiple times, Cap, and you can't even ask a woman out."

When Danielle finished on those injured, she felt slightly drained. She looked around her in the now quiet lab, reflecting on how she'd ended up here. She rubbed her hands together, and looked down at them. Why had this gift been delivered to her?

She'd always grown up believing in fate, but had a hard time believing this was the one meant for her. Everything seemed too good to be true.

"Can I take you to dinner?" a voice said loudly from the entrance to the lab, and she jumped. She looked up, and Steve was staring at her, his mouth slightly open. He looked bewildered, and slightly terrified.

She smiled, nodding. "Of course, are you alright though? You look pale."

"I'm fine." he laughed nervously. "Great. Tonight?" he sputtered, and she nodded, smiling wider. "Natasha can take you home. I'll get you at 8. Is that okay? Are you sure?"

"I'm sure." she grinned.

He nodded before hurrying out of the room, leaving her alone once more.

Danielle couldn't remember being more terrified in her life. Though she knew her life was not in immediate danger, she couldn't help but feel absolutely scared shitless. Natasha drove terribly. Or maybe it was excellent, just very very dangerous. After three times in almost 10 blocks swerving around cars by going in the other lane completely, Danielle shut her eyes.

"Is this you?" Natasha asked as she slammed the breaks on in front of her apartment building.

"Mmhm." Danielle said quietly. Natasha had double parked someone, but didn't seem to care. Danielle didn't want to mention it. "My roommate might be home."

"That's fine." Natasha said. "I haven't had girl talk in a while."

Danielle grinned, letting herself inside and leading Natasha up the stairs.

She unlocked her front door. Cassidy was in the kitchen, cooking something.

"Hello mysterious roommate that I never see. How have you been?" Cassidy said as she continued to chop of vegetables.

"Good!" Danielle chirped. "This is-"

"Natalie Rushman." Natasha said quickly, smiling widely, sticking her hand out over the counter to shake Cassidy's. "Friend from the gym."

"Hi, Natalie." Cassidy said, tossing the veggies into the pan. "What are you guys up to?"

"Uh." Danielle began "I have a date tonight."

"With...her?" Cassidy asked, and 'Natalie' laughed. Her cheery fake demeanor was making Danielle nervous.

"No. With that guy. From before."

"Oh the super hot one?" Cassidy's eyebrows shot up, and Danielle nodded.

" here to help me get ready."

"You know how Danielle is about her hair, right?" Natasha laughed, and even Cassidy cracked a smile.

"It's like ponytail or bust, right?" Cassidy giggled.

Danielle sighed, walking towards her room.

"Do you have any date clothes at all, dude?" Cassidy yelled from the kitchen. Danielle returned to the living room after a minute, frowning.

"No, actually."

"You can use one of my clubbing dresses. There's a super hot white one in there that would look good, I think." Cassidy said.

Danielle opened the door to Cassidy's room, having to push the pile of dirty laundry to the side to walk in. She stepped over a few empty takeout containers and towards the tiny closet overflowing with garments. She tugged down the only one that was white she could see, and gawked at it in horror.

"You could probably see my entire ass in this thing!" she called to Cassidy. She heard her roommates stomping and Cassidy pushed into the room. She grabbed the dress from Danielle.

"Not that one." she sighed. She reached in the way back of the closet, her tongue sticking out as she attempted to find what she was looking for. Her eyes lit up and she pulled out a hanger.

It was much more conservative than Danielle imagined Cassidy owning. It would hit her right above the knee, and wasn't super low cut. It would hug her curves. It didn't have sleeves, but wasn't spaghetti strap either, and had a small curve of metallic gold hardware that went along the neckline.

"Just need some red lipstick and blue heels, and you'll be Steve's dream girl." Natasha said.

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