Chapter 13

"You have to understand something-" he said in between kisses. "I am probably not very good at this."

She pulled away for a moment, looking up at him. The elevator dinged and the metallic doors slid open.

"Neither am I." she smiled.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, standing on her tip toes to kiss him again. He managed to make it to inside his apartment before completely letting loose. He picked her up easily and pressed her against the wall, kissing down her neck and across her collarbones. She wrapped her legs around his waist, letting her heels drop to the floor. She helped him tug off his suit jacket, hardly taking a break to remove her mouth from his.

Within her, the burning began again. Heat rushed to the surface of her skin. Panic filled her as she realized she might not be able to continue without hurting him.

"I'm getting too excited." she said. He pulled away, breathing heavily. Her cheeks were flushed, as was the rest of her, he could feel it.

"We can stop." he said. She made a whining noise.

"I really don't want to." she said, inadvertently pressing her hips against his.

"Close your eyes." he said, and she obliged. She felt his hand on her neck, cooling her down slightly. She sighed. "Focus on one temperature, feel how you feel now, and don't let it overpower you. You control it."

She nodded. He leaned forward, and she felt his lips on her neck behind her ear. "Relax." he whispered, and again she felt chilled. He slid his right hand to the small of her back, keeping her supported. She felt his left hand slide in between her legs, and again her heat rose and a moan escaped her lips.

"Relax." he repeated, and she focused on the warmth, letting it cool. "Just feel."

He brushed his thumb across her clit, and she gasped. And the temperature stayed the same.

She laughed slightly, in relief. She moved her arms down to his belt, leaning against the wall as she undid it. His heart was racing. She began working on the buttons of his shirt, but was trembling slightly from excitement. He set her down, and tried to do the same, but then just tore it off. She heard buttons bouncing on the floor. She looked at his chest and stomach in awe, touching him carefully.

He reached for her shoulders, turning her around. He unzipped the dress, and pulled it down, running his hands over her soft skin slowly. She stepped out of the dress and turned back around, pressing herself into his body, feeling the hardness not only between his legs, but of every inch of his body. He picked her up again, and she laughed in between kisses as he walked her towards the back of the apartment, trying to step out of his pants as he did.

He dropped her on the bed, looking down at her. She giggled, sticking her foot out, tapping his bicep with her toes. He grabbed her ankle, kissing her calf and moving down towards her knee, crawling on top of her. She reached for his shoulders, pulling him back to focus. He stuck his hand underneath her back, trying to find the clasp on her lacy white bra. After a second, he made a sound of frustration.

"Is everything challenging?" he said after a second. She sat up, pulling his face next to hers.

"You can it, if you're that eager." she whispered slowly. She heard fabric being torn, and felt her breasts fall slightly. The bra hit the closet door.

He pressed her into the mattress, holding her wrists above her head as he kissed down the length of her body. He stopped at her breasts, squeezing one and running his lips gently over the exposed skin. He watched her reactions, her eyes shut in elation.

He reached the elastic of her underwear, pulling it down slightly. He, of course, wasn't quite sure what he was doing, but tried to imagine what might feel the best for her. Excitement overtook him, and he unintentionally ruined another piece of lingerie as he ripped the thong off of her.

She wasn't expecting him to go that far, especially since she hadn't done it first. She cried out in surprise as she felt his mouth make contact with her cunt. The taste only turned him on more.

"Condom?" she managed to gasp after a minute, although talking seemed to take too much effort. He crawled over to the side table, and she rolled on her side, looking at his body hungrily. He was breathing heavily, and she could see the immense bulge underneath his boxer briefs.

She reached for the condom, and pulled him onto his back, straddling him. She bent down, kissing him tenderly, running her fingers through his hair. She leaned her forehead on his, looking into his eyes.

"You sure about this?" she said. "I want you to be sure."

He smiled, taking her face in his hands. "You're beautiful." he said.

She got on all fours, moving down the bed slightly, tugging off his underwear. She watched his eyes close and finally elicited a noise from him as she wrapped her fingers around his dick. She slid her tongue along the length of it, and he moaned louder. She unwrapped the condom, and unrolled it over the shaft. She pulled herself up, sitting on her knees, and she pushed him inside her. His eyelids fluttered as she began to ride him, and his mouth opened but no sound escaped. She bit down on her bottom lip so she wouldn't scream, but felt more intense pleasure just then than she ever had before.

Nobody else in the world existed then. It was him and her. He rolled over again, pressing her into the bed. He pushed into her deeper, and she wailed slightly. She heard a crack as he snapped one of the slats on the headboard. And then another.

He was kissing her again, holding her to him. Something was building within her once again, but it wasn't the heat. It had been months since she'd had one, a good real one; and she should have known that, if anyone, a super soldier would be able to make her come.

She shifted her hips up slightly, so there was slight friction against her clit, and she cried out. She began to doubt it, question her own pleasure. It took her so long to achieve a full orgasm, the couple of guys she'd been with had never lasted long enough.

"Don't stop-" she begged.

"Don't think I could...if I tried." he gasped. She was going to come, slowly but surely, it was on it's way.

"I'm..." she started to say, and her entire body writhed in pleasure, her back arching. She whimpered as she came, the force of the orgasm tightening around him so strongly he knew he had to have done something right. It lasted a whole minute, coming in waves. She gasped for air, wanting Steve to share in the pleasure. She began to push back against his thrusts, which surprised him, but felt twice as good. She rolled her hips, locking her legs around his waist.

"Look at me." she whispered, and he locked eyes with her. And he crashed, every muscle in his body tightened, the pleasure so strong his eyes instinctively closed, and his mouth fell open. His back arched as he finished with a final masculine moan.

He fell beside her, both of them panting as they stared up at the ceiling. Sweat dripped down her skin, and she felt exhausted, used up by a single orgasm.

"That was amazing." he said after a moment. He rolled over, pulling her to his chest and kissing her deeply. "You're amazing."

"I haven't had...I haven't almost a year." she admitted. He laughed, and she felt the rumble within him as he did.

"Well, baby, I haven't come in 70."

She fell asleep on Steve's chest, and woke in the same position. She smiled up at the sleeping man, and realized how much she enjoyed the smell of his skin - a mixture of Old Spice and sweat and something else deeply rooted in her hypothalamus. She yawned, wondering what her hair must look like. The sun broke in through the blinds.

She stood, pulling a cotton undershirt from the dresser and putting it on. She wanted coffee, and bagel, and maybe some more sex. Definitely more of that. She opened the bedroom door to find a gun pointing in her face.

She backed up a few steps, falling on the bed. Six men walked into the room, all holding semi automatics, all wearing masks. She squeezed Steve's foot, trying to wake him. He made a noise, but it took him a moment to sit up and realize what was happening.

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