Chapter 17

"Security breach." Tony sighed to nobody but Jarvis as he saw The Falcon drop the two women onto his bridge leading to his penthouse office.

"You are aware, sir, we have no forecefield capabilities as of-"

"Shh." he said, waving at the air. "I know. Open the doors for them."

The pair of thin glass doors opened as the trio walked through them.

"Banner's missing." Natasha said as she walked up to his desk. Tony looked up in surprise. She began to explain the morning to him as she removed the files from her bag and slid them across the table. Danielle looked in awe at displayed Iron Man suits, some battered and beaten and bearing the scars of battle, others half finished, displayed in a glass case on the far wall. He nodded, shifting through the papers.

"Who's bird boy?" he asked without looking up.

"Sam Wilson." he replied.

"Your wings are impressive for government issue. Didn't know they had programs like that. But it is apparent I don't know a lot about what's going on here."

"I don't think this is a super soldier program." Natasha sighed. "These are beings that need to controlled, I think it's a super weapon program."

He walked over to a blue piece of glass, putting all the files facedown in the center of it. They scanned to his computer screens, so all four of them could see it clearly.

"First the Hydra nonsense, and now this." Tony said. "SHIELD needs to get it's shit together. Where's Spangles?"

"On his way back to the States now. Hopefully SHIELD won't try and intercept him." Natasha said.

"Do you think that could happen?" Danielle asked, suddenly worried. Natasha shrugged.

"It might. But I've seen Steve overpower 20 men at once on his own, and Clint's with him. If something goes wrong, they'll get out. But, as far as I know, they're working with a very trustworthy team. If either of them tells them the truth behind this, they'll side with us. For now."

"You really think we're safe here?" Sam asked, looking out the window to the skyline. "It feels exposed."

"Mmm, they won't try anything." Tony said. "Well. They better not. They'd loose." he opened up a video call window, and Danielle saw a pretty redheaded woman she didn't recognize pick up the call. "Can you come up here? We have visitors. SHIELD's doing it's annual fuck up, and we have some rogue agents to watch now."

"Sure thing." she said. Less than a minute later, the elevator doors slid open. Pepper Potts glided in, wearing a professional looking blazer and a pair of slender dark jeans. She smiled at Natasha.

"Lovely to see you again, Agent Romanov." she turned towards Danielle, extending a well manicured hand. "Pepper. Tony's better half."She said, and he rolled his eyes.

"Danielle. Nice to meet you."

"That's the healing one. Cap's girlfriend or something. And that one flies."

"Lieutenant Sam Wilson, ma'am." he said.

"Ma'am? You must be a friend of Steve's as well." Pepper grinned. "And why are we all running from SHIELD?"

Tony sighed loudly.

"They're creating human super weapons using serums Banner was developing." Natasha explained. "The one that saved Danielle's life."

"The break in." Pepper nodded. "And Banner is...?"


Pepper looked befuddled. "How do you lose...a hulk?"

"I was wondering the same thing myself." Tony said. "If he'd let me fit him with that damn tracking device."

"You can't just fit your friends with human tracking devices." Pepper said without a hint of irony.

"Sure you can!"

She flicked through the files, and stopped on the face of one of the men who'd received the serum. "He looks familiar." she said. "Are you running the names?"

"Jarvis, please." Tony said.

"Already running them, sir." A disembodied voice responded. Danielle watched the couple in awe as they both played with the seemingly levitating computer screens. Sam began to unhitch his flying gear, rolling his shoulders.

Pepper turned around, looking at Danielle and Sam.

"Do you guys need anything, a drink, food...the fridge is well stocked. Help yourself to whatever. I apologize Tony isn't better at hosting."

Danielle shook her head, but was pleased to have it offered. Sam grinned, walking to the fridge and pulling out a bottle of water. He gulped it down in half a second. Natasha and Danielle gave him a look.

"What? You guys are heavy, alright?" he said in defense.

After a few hours of investigating, the team had a pretty good background made up for all potential super soldiers. Tony, with Natasha's help, had eventually bypassed SHIELD's firewall protocols, and could get a deeper grasp on everything that was happening. Fury hadn't been contacted, but Natasha wasn't sure if he was aware of what was going on- he'd taken a brief leave of absence after their most recent case.

Danielle, however, felt the time couldn't pass slower, and had Steve in the back of her mind the whole time.

Finally, the sound of a helicopter came from above, and Tony opened his security camera feed for the roof. Danielle watched Steve and Clint climb out of the chopper, which flew away as soon as they reached the roof door. They appeared in the elevator a minute later, and Danielle tried to keep herself composed. She wanted nothing more than to run to him and jump his arms and have him carry her far far away from here, to where there was a lot less imminent threats. He caught sight of her, and his face softened instantly. She threw her arms around his neck, breathing in his smell she didn't know she'd missed so much before them.

"How did everything go, any injuries I need to fix for you?" she asked, pulling back. He smiled, shaking his head. He pressed his forehead against hers, holding the back of her head.

"I missed you." he said quietly, and her stomach fluttered.

Clint tapped Natasha on the chin, giving her a knowing smile.

"Way to let everything go south as soon as I leave." he said sarcastically. She glared, but had a hard time hiding her smile. He turned to Sam, shaking his hand. "Heard a lot about you, happy to have you on our team."

"Thanks." Sam looked surprised. Steve clapped him on the back.

"I owe you." he said to his friend.

"Okay. The gangs all here. Whoopee. We need a game plan." Tony said loudly. "If I could turn your attention to the screen, there's a lot we need to go over."

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