Chapter 19

As she walked back towards the action, she looked up in time to see Iron Man holding one of the harpies mouth's open as she struggled against him, and firing a blast down her throat. She wailed as she fell to the floor of the atrium. Steve was still in hand to hand with the electric man, using his shield to protect himself from the currents of electricity.

Someone else had just arrived, walking through the main doors on the floor level. It was the first soldier that didn't seem to have a physical mutation from the serum. She was Danielle's height, broad shouldered, and looked like she had Latin American roots.

Her hands lit up with flames, but that seemed to be the extend of her powers. She launched a fireball at Cap, who blocked it. The woman laughed, stepped aside casually as one of Hawkeye's arrows fell to the floor beside her.

"Sparky, go take care of Katniss up there." she said sarcastically. "I'd like to meet America's favorite superhero."

Danielle rushed to the lower level. The blue man was scaling the floors, heading towards Hawkeye, climbing up the railings quickly. She got to the lowest floor, hiding behind a cement beam. She remembered the woman's name. Ana Diaz.

"You have to understand something Cappy, my companions here have no idea what they're doing. This serum your friend, Dr. Banner, made, has addled their brains, mutated who they once were. What I failed to tell the scientists when I volunteered, and what they somehow failed to notice, is that I was pretty sick." Ana explained. "Seems to be the secret here, just like your friend over there was dying too." she looked towards the cement beam where Danielle stood.

"We can help you." Steve offered. Her fingers lit up with fire, and she looked at them curiously.

"That's what the scientists told me. They haven't been much help though, just lots of painful experiments and then ordering me around."

"We can. That's what we do. Banner, and the scientists here, the real scientists." Steve said to her.

Ana narrowed her eyes, turning her head to the side.

"You're trying to trick me." she said, her hands alighting again.

"No. No, I promise." he said. She looked conflicted.

"The other soldiers, they need to stopped, they can't be reasoned with, the human within them is gone. Not you, though." Danielle said, coming around the corner. Steve moved in front of her. "You got lucky. And now we can help you. That's what..."

She was interrupted by a crashing noise. At first, she thought it might have been The Hulk, but the thing that rushed into the room was taller, and glowing.

"Oh shit." Ana whispered, backing up from it. It certainly resembled Banner's mutation, it had a human looking face, but it's coloring was wrong, a deep crimson red. "He got bigger." Ana said, forgetting her original plan of fighting Steve.

"Banner wouldn't create another-"

"The scientists added radiation to one of his serums, actually. It was the only one they changed." Ana said. "And he started growing. I thought they had him contained. But it appears-"

The massive creature rounded on the three of them.

"Run?" Danielle asked, and Steve nodded, looking up at the thing. Ana followed Danielle up the stairs.

"Don't try and kill me, please." Danielle said as she ran, taking the stairs two at a time.

"Wasn't gunna." Ana replied. The creature let out a huge scream, and Danielle turned to look at it land a blow on Steve's shield. Iron Man flew down to help, but neither of the men seemed like they might be able to overpower the creature. If this was another Hulk, it would take a Hulk to stop him.

Danielle whipped out her cell phone, taking a video of the newest creature. Sam, up above, was taking on the electric man and the other Harpy on his own. She sent the video to Banner, although, she figured it was a long shot.

The noise from the fight was deafening. The creature was smashing the room to pieces trying to get at Iron Man and Captain America, who could only avoid his blows and keep him distracted.

Her phone buzzed. She gasped, pressing the answer button.

"Dr. Banner!" she shouted.

"I'm on my way. I can explain everything later, but try and keep the creature contained. The Hulk can stop him."

"Okay." she said, her hands shaking with relief.

"Is Banner coming?" she heard Tony shout.

"Yeah. Keep that thing here." Danielle replied.

Natasha appeared around a corner, and held her gun out when she saw Ana.

"Stop, she's fine, she's fine!" Danielle said, putting her hands on the gun. Natasha raised a brow, looking unconvinced.

"I just want to get out of this alive." Ana explained. "And I'm the only one who's mind didn't turn."

"Banner is coming." Danielle said, and Natasha nodded.

"I heard. Good." she said. "Communications are back up. Thomas sent a team out of DC to arrest the men in charge of the new corporation. I sent a chopper to collect Kiara, we need to get our people back. Fury is also on his way. We need to order a full evacuation. Also can you come take care of the scientists, we might need them."

Danielle frowned. "I have to?" Natasha gave her a look, and Danielle begrudgingly followed her towards the lab.

She quickly cured the scientists, while Ana looked on in awe.

"That's cool." Ana said. "All I can do is burn shit."

The three scientists sat up, rubbing their heads. They looked up at the three women.

"Ana-" Jemenson said. "You were our last hope of the program."

"Well, I'm over it." she said. "One too many experiments, and I don't like taking orders from fat white balding men. Do what they say, or I'll burn your heart out."

He stood, shaking, and heard the noise from the fight outside.

"And your precious Henry, he got bigger." Ana explained. "Now these people are cleaning up your mess."

He sighed, sitting on one of the stools. "What do you need?"

Banner powered up right outside of the SHIELD offices, shattering the glass doors as he walked through them. He still had his head, since he controlled his phase, and he set to work, tackling the glowing red beast, ripping up the floor tiles as they slid across the atrium. The red man was bigger, but Hulk was stronger. The noise became heart stopping as The Hulk beat the creature into submission.

Once the red creature was properly destroyed, it took only a couple of minutes for The Hulk to kill the other two serum victims. When he finished, the entire floor became silent. He let out a victory yell, and it shattered any other window not already broken. After a few minutes of self focus and concentration, he shrunk back to his original size. Sam landed, helping Cap up with an extended arm.

"Where the hell have you been?" Tony demanded at Bruce, opening his helmet up as he landed beside him.

Banner sighed. "I just needed a few days away from SHIELD, that was it, so I could focus on some work without interruptions. I've been in Long Island, at a private lab I rented a while ago, trying to mock up some anti-serums. They're in my bag."

"Anti-serums?" Steve asked.

"Returns whoever got received original serum to their original state." Banner explained. "I brought it with." he walked over to the door he broke when he came in, picking up a messenger bag he'd left next to a potted plant.

"You developed this in 9 days?" Tony said, raising his brows. "I thought I was a genius."

"I'll start administering it to see if the host bodies can survive."

"Where are the girls?" Clint asked as he dropped himself down from the railing of the floor above.

"I saw one of the soldiers, the only one that was coherent, follow Danielle and Natasha to the lab, probably."

"Kiara just arrived." Natasha said over the earpieces. Tony repeated the message to Banner, who looked pleased.

"Send her down, she can help me with the administration." Banner said, and Tony relayed it back to Natasha. Steve began climbing the stairs, and Sam went to help him, as he was limping. Sam had been burned as well, by the electric man, and had a burn that looked like he'd been struck by lightning across his shoulder and disappearing under his shirt.

They passed Kiara on their way up. She was moving quickly, and looked thrilled to be back at SHIELD.

"Hey Steve!" she said. "Danielle can help you with that when you get up there. It's nice to see you!" she called behind her as she hurried down the stairs.

"Who was that?" Sam looked over his shoulder at Kiara.

"Kiara. She's pretty much the usual scientist in charge here. Nice girl."

"Sure looks nice." Sam said, and Steve laughed.

"Leg?" Danielle asked as she approached the men, bending down to heal the small fracture in Steve's shin. She touched Sam's shoulder gently, and his skin returned to normal.

"You know I honestly thought that looked kinda cool." he said, looking at his back. "Ladies love scars, right?" he looked at Danielle, who nodded.

"Most definitely. However, didn't want you to die from any radiation poisoning." she said with a smile.

"Ah. Thanks."

"Well, we have succeeded in our hostile re-take over of SHIELD, and with Fury on his way, I think it'll be about time for everything to return to normal." Natasha said. "And these lovely scientists have some serious explaining to do, but we'll wait 'til Nick returns."

"Banner's anti-serum seems to be working." Tony said over the earpiece. "But the state they're in is pretty weak, can you come down here Danielle?"

She pecked Steve on the cheek before hurrying out of the lab to go help.

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