Chapter 5

"Reflexes first." Bruce said, guiding her over to an examination table. "Should be heightened."

As she settled, she saw a red headed woman in all black sneak into the room quietly, watching her with curious eyes.

Bruce took the small reflex hammer and aimed it for her knee. Half an inch before it hit the skin, her leg kicked.

"Funny." he said. "Just relax."

"I didn't do anything." she said. "Honest. Try again."

He went to hit the knee, with the same result as before.

Suddenly, Natasha crossed the room. Her arm went back, moving to strike Danielle. Without turning her head, Danielle felt her hand move quickly to block the blow and catch Natasha's wrist. Danielle looked at the woman who's arm she held.

"Were you going to hit me?" she asked.

"I guess not." Natasha smiled. "Fury will be pleased."

"We need to do a CAT scan, I want to see her brain processes and nervous system at work." Dr. Banner said. "And we'll need to find out her reaction to outside elements, extreme heat or cold."

Danielle exhaled, running her hands through her hair.

"Let's get this over with." she said.

"Call me when the tests are through." Natasha said before slinking away again.

After a good 4 hours of rigorous tests being run, three men, Natasha, and a slender brunette woman walked into the room.

"Banner," a huge man with an eyepatch addressed the scientist. "Someone raided your office and lab."

"What?" Banner said, nearly shouting. The clipboard in his hand snapped. Steve grabbed Danielle, pulling her behind him.

"There's never been a successful break in. As you might expect, Stark is in pursuit." Natasha said. She gave both Steve and Danielle a look, glancing Danielle up and down and then grinning.

"Who?" Banner said, taking his glasses off and rubbing his forehead.

"That's the problem, we don't know." Nick sighed. "Not Hydra, not any American-based terror threats. But they took the serum."

"Someone must have gotten into the emails, or leaked some information without knowing it. Nobody, until yesterday, knew I was working on those Serums, except for the people in this room."

"They took all of them."

"That's a problem." Bruce said. "The serums are composed differently, all slightly changed in one way or another. The one I chose for Danielle was the weakest one. I didn't want to kill her, nor turn her into a monster. Clearly, she still is exhibiting some sort of...supernatural effects. The others, specifically those in high potency, could kill whoever they distribute them to. But, the ones somewhere in the middle..."

"We're going to have a whole gang of super-powered super-people to deal with." A shorter man with a bow and arrow on his back said.

"It's not like we don't have some super-powered people to fight back with." Natasha said, motioning towards Steve.

"I can help." Danielle said quietly, and everyone stopped to turn and look at her.

"Impossible. You don't even know the full extent of your powers." Nick said.

"Bruce, if one thing in this whole world would be able to stop the Hulk, what would it be?" Danielle asked, her eyes still on Fury.

"Another Hulk." he admitted.

"I may have received the weakest serum, but I can help. I have what they have inside me. And, I can heal you guys if you get injured."

"She's right." Steve said. "She'd be an asset, that's for sure. Like a medic, in battle, only able to return soldiers to the field instantly."

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Natasha asked.

"Yeah. Yeah, it'll be fun." Danielle replied, nodding. "I know I can. I want to help."

"Find her something to wear that isn't jeans and a sweatshirt." Fury said to Natasha. "Wheels up ASAP."

In 15 minutes, the team regrouped in the underground SHIELD bunker, where they kept their small collection of aircraft. Danielle wore slim fitting tactical pants and a black tank top with a green military jacket over it. Her hair was pulled back, and she had a heavy bag of medical supplies on her arm. She climbed into the plane, which looked like no other plane she'd been in. She looked around for a moment, taking in the huge windows, the jets on the back that looked like they rotated.

"You'll need these?" Steve asked, appearing behind her and looking inside the bag. She shook her head.

"I think Fury just wanted me to prepared." she said, smiling slightly.

"Can't believe only 16 hours ago you were bleeding out on Bruce's table." Steve said.

"You're telling me." she sighed. "But, I owe you guys-"

"Is that why you're doing all this?" he said, interrupting her. "Because you feel you owe us? You don't. We saved your life, but that's our job."

She paused, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

"No...I want to help. Like you helped me." she said, before smiling. "And you look good in blue. Makes your eyes pop."

"Where's Stark's location?" Natasha asked as she walked inside, the man with the bow and arrow beside her. They both sat in the pilot seats, and she tapped something into one of the keyboards.

"Just flew over Vermont." the man said, pulling up the coordinates.

"Vermont?" Steve said, confused.

"They're putting up a chase. We think they're heading towards Canada."

"They don't know SHIELD has international diplomacy?" Steve asked.

"Apparently not." Natasha said. "We're going up in 5. We've got two more crafts behind us. They're flying in single man aircraft, so they'll be easy to take down."

"Not if Tony hasn't already, don't you think?" Steve suggested.

"Good point." she sighed. "We'll try to get them on the ground. We might overpower them easier that way."

"And we obviously need one of them alive, for information." the man said. He turned to look at Danielle. "Clint Barton. Hope you don't get airsick."

"Nice to meet you too." She replied, and he sniggered.

The engines roared to life, and they began to rise. Garage doors in the distance opened onto the street, and Natasha guided the plane out and into the skies of Manhattan.

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