Chapter 7

The interrogation room was quiet. Natasha sat across the table from one Alexandei Vertain. Danielle stood in the corner, leaning into the wall. Tony's theory had work. She could effectively not only heal, but unheal. Alexandei's face rested against the table, and he groaned. A bucket sat on the table.

"Who do you work for?" Natasha asked for the 16th time.

"I can't-" he said, and heaved into the bucket. It was mostly dry now, he was dehydrated.

"We can keep going for a long time. Give me a name, Alexandei. You're sick right now, but it can all be over in half a second if you tell me a name."

He gasped for air, rubbing his face. Danielle felt sick herself.

"Richardo Emesil." he said. "The business name is Precision Horizons Industries."

She nodded, standing. Danielle stopped the onslaught of illness, and the man's face lit up.

"Bring the man something to drink." Natasha said coolly to one of the guards as she walked past. Danielle followed her out. "You did well." Natasha commented as they walked down the hallway together. "It didn't take long."

Danielle shook her head without a word. She couldn't believe she'd just done that. Tortured another person. She saw Steve in one of the work rooms and took a detour, leaving Natasha to walk to Fury's office alone.

She opened the door quietly, listening to The Captain give a tactical procedure speech to the men in the room. She leaned against the door, chewing on her lip, her mind somewhere else. Steve had yet to notice her, and the calm and modulated yet serious tone of voice he spoke with soothed her slightly.

He finished his presentation, and finally looked up.

"How did it go?" he asked, approaching her and speaking quietly. She shrugged.

"They got what they wanted." she said. "Look, I think I'm going to head home. I'm exhausted."

"What happened, Danielle?" he asked carefully.

"I didn't want to do it." she said. "Any of that. Making that man sick so he would talk. I tortured him for an hour unti-" she stopped. "Why would anyone want to do that? I understand there's other parts. Lives at stake. But I was almost killed a day and a half ago. I didn't want to hurt anyone! I just wanted to help. Not like that, though. Help you. Not them. I don't even know them." she motioned wildly around her.

He touched her forehead. "You're burning up." he said.

"I'm mad." she sighed.

"No, come here." he took her hand, pulling her out of the room and down the hall. "Kiara! She's running a high temp." he said as he burst through the lab door. She jumped, and scurried towards the pair of them. She placed her hand on Danielle's cheek.

"Jesus." she whispered. She found a thermometer, scanning it over her head. "120. Sit down. Get her some water, Cap." she said. She pulled Bruce up on a video feed with a tap on a laptop.

"Danielle is running 120 degrees." she said. Bruce didn't look up, only sighed. He looked exhausted.

"Check and see her cell regeneration rate."

"I need a blood sample." Kiara said timidly.

"Oh for fucks sake." Danielle exclaimed grumpily, her eyes flashing like they had done earlier that day. She reached for a scalpel and waited as Kiara gathered a container. She sliced her arm wide open, letting her blood poor out.

"You're bright red." Steve said as he handed her a water bottle. "Is she okay?"

"Her cells are reproducing at three times their already above average speed, Dr Banner." Kiara said from the microscope.

"She's upset." Banner said. "Something triggered a chemical reaction. Give her a few minutes, calm her down. It's her electrical processing. That's why her eyes keep flashing. It's highly stimulated neural connections, I'd guess. Just like when...normal people get angry, they get red in the face. Only multiplied."

"So she's fine?" Steve asked, and Banner sighed loudly.

"She's fine." he said before shutting down the video feed.

"Remind me not to ever steal from that man's lab." Kiara said. "I'll go grab some fever reducer."

Danielle chugged the whole water bottle, and crushed it in her hand.

"My hearts racing." she commented, and swallowed. Her hands shook. Steve moved his fingers to her neck to take her pulse, and she sighed. "You're so cold." she said, pushing his whole palm against her neck and shutting her eyes. He moved his other hand to her cheek, and gradually her pulse slowed.

Kiara returned to the room, and paused, looking at the pair of them.

" fever reducer?" she asked, shaking the bottle slightly.

"That's a negative." Steve said.

"The girl needs to stay under our protection for now. She's our...control sample for the serum's effects." Fury said to Natasha.

"She didn't seem too happy about helping with the interrogation before." she replied. "But she likes Steve." she flipped open a file on her tablet. "I'll put him on guard duty."

"That's fine. Keep tabs on any friends and family she has. Get a doctor's note to her employer."

She nodded, tapping this into the computer.

"How's Banner?" he asked.

"Didn't ask. Probably unhappy."

"Keep eyes on him too. I don't want him tearing anything up."

"Tony's already on that, sir."

Fury sighed, turning around in his chair. "Of course he is."

"You're on guard duty, Cap." Natasha announced as she walked into the lab.

"Am I a prisoner now?" Danielle said.

"No, under temporary protection until we get these serums sorted. You're the only tie we have to what the serum can do. We'll need you."

"No more interrogations, Natasha." Steve said. "And if you ever shoot her again-"

"I get it, Cap. Big star-spangled bruise on my ass." she said. "Sorry. About shooting you." she said to Danielle, who nodded. Natasha turned back to Steve. "You can take her to your place, or any of the other SHIELD safe houses."

"And what about my stuff?" Danielle asked.

"We sent someone to gather some of your belongings."

"Great. Cassidy's going to kill me." Danielle sighed, but then smiled up at Steve. "Glad it's you."

"Me too."

A/N: this is literally the fastest I've produced a fanfiction- and I am loving every second of it, so I really hope there's somebody out there reading. More to come, very soon! Thanks everyone! xxx

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