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Somewhere among the stars || PJM ||


"I will still find you somewhere among the stars." Park Jimin had been confining himself from the world due to his underlying problem, but a series of coincidences leads him to meet a girl who ends up being the light of his dark shelter. But what when her light couldn't brighten up her own world.

Romance / Drama
Vanessa C
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13 October, 2017 ~

It was the coziness in the cold air, or maybe the peaceful darkness as the dusk was settling in, his heart was at ease. The cause for this day being special wasn't his birthday, Jimin had long quitted on celebrating any occasion and each year this day only reminded him that he's getting one year closer to death.

The darkness comforted him and the cold night breeze made him feel warm instead. He was waiting for the stars to rise up as he sat by the river listening to crickets singing for their love, the sound being nuisance to many listeners felt peaceful to his ears.

He shifted in the grass making himself comfortable, then finally laid down to admire the night sky. After few more minutes the moon came up surrounded by few stars which guarded the circular territory of the white ball.

Jimin smiled to himself as the sparkles kept filling the dark space above.

This is a better way to spend the night, he thought bringing up his fingers, joining the stars to form different images. The night had just commenced and he didn't intend it to get ruin, at least not until he count stars to sleep, but he knew his peace wasn't meant to last long and it was confirmed as he heard a scream.

His head jerked up towards the voice and the figure far from him, he assumed it to be a girl who was jumping and running around yelling on top of her lungs.

He could care less as he started laying back down to focus on whatever he was doing but the moment he heard footsteps thomping towards him, he defensively sat up. Just as he was registering the girl's motion for where she is, soon his keenness was answered by the figure approaching near and suddenly falling over him.

The darkness played a major role in the collision of these two bodies, though the girl must have noted it as a beautiful accident, but Jimin called it his fate which started their new story.


The girl struggled getting up from over Jimin's hard chest. Not that she wanted to stay in that position but she got her right hand struck behind his back while collapsing and now it was unable for her to move her limb even after freeing it from between his heavy back and the ground.

Jimin's annoyed self couldn't take the wait for the unknown girl to move and he pushed her over, and with a loud thud she fell beside him, impacting her back. She hissed in pain but Jimin just stood up, wanting to leave the place as soon as possible. His wish to enjoy the stars faltered, and he knew the next time he would want to stay in dark, this incident would repeat in his mind to press his desires.

He was walking his way far from there, but before even taking the 6th step he was bombarded with someone's rage.

"You heartless creature."

Jimin heard the voice shout behind him, and knowing well where the situation was leading he didn't waste a second standing there and started walking away.

"Halt there old man." The girl demanded again and it eventually made Jimin stop and turn at her figure slowly standing up from the ground.

The darkness didn't let any of them guess out each other's faces. But both of them knew that the other holded anger and annoyance for each other due to the brief encounter.

"What do you want?" Jimin asked out of anger.

"I'm expecting a sorry." She spoke up coldy describing no emotion in her voice, still making through her point.

"I should be the one expecting that." He retorted.

She scoffed and put her fine hand on her hips stating the anger she was trying to hide while her now-sprained hand hung on her right side totally numb.

The way her one hand was in power posturing the left half of her body to look strong while the other hand conveyed equal helplessness, it didn't go unnoticed by Jimin even in the dark.

Before the girl could speak another word, Jimin confessed out, "I'm sorry."

It took two seconds for the girl to catch whatever he said, but another fifty-eight seconds to figure out why he said it out. A minute it took for her to register that the guy did just apologize.

She got relaxed real quick after hearing those words as she wasn't actually expecting him to say that after behaving so rude and mentally she was preparing herself for a fight. Though she knew he must have said it out of pity and not guilt, she still accepted it.

"I'm sorry." Jimin repeated and gave her a slight nod as a que to leave.

"Hey", she yelled out a bit gentle than before, "You can continue whatever you were doing. I will take my leave." She smiled though she knew he cannot see it but Jimin did make it out. And without his consent, his mind fixed that smile in him.

That perfect warm smile.

He nodded and she took her cue to leave him alone,"I'm sorry too." She whispered as she crossed by him.

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