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You are not real, find Anna!


A person wakes up with an artificial brain in an amazingly lab. He is connected to a computer which gives him the first instructions from his inventor to find his missing daughter Anna

Scifi / Thriller
simone de rooij
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

He opened his eyes, not knowing were or he who was. His brain was wired and attached to a huge computer. He felt stiff, like he did not move himself for a year or so. He was attentively watching the room he was laying in, on a small surgery table. He was very confused, did not know what happened to him at which he did not have any recollection of. Suddenly he watched in front of him, there was a large computerscreen and suddenly he saw that his wires from his brain were connected to it. What the hell did that mean? After a few seconds, he heared a large buzz coming from the computer. He lift himself up, stiff as he was, and watched at the computer screen. He flikkered with his eyes to understand what was written. 'You are not real, you do not have a human brain, you have an artificial brain. You have to find my daughter Anna, because she has being kidnapped.

I will give you instructions how to proceed'. Who was Anna, he thouhth. He did not know any Anna. Seconds later another buzz came from the computer. There was a name written on the screen, with some further information. It was said that Seth Baldwin was his inventor and that he does teach him everything he has to know to find his daughter. Suddenly, an array of pictures from a young girl appeared on the screen. hitchIs case was to memorizes these pictures. It were pictures from Seth Baldwin's daughter Anna. There was a silent voice coming out of the speakers in the laboratory, a stuttering voice that sounded very afraid started to talk to him. "These are recent photographs of my lovely daughter who was just kidnapped last night when she came back from a movie with friends. Before she could take her key to open the door of her parents' house a car was driving by with high speed and took Anna.

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