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Snatchin wigs wit the Carters


Short stories about beyonce and her family enjoy๐Ÿฅต

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Coachella gone wrong

This is a short story about if the Carters had a reality TV show...enjoy๐Ÿ˜˜

"Babe are you sure your ready? You look a little scared"

"I know I'm tryna get Sasha to come out but she won't!" I said throwing a mini temper tantrum

He laughed "Babe calm down juss call out on Nala..."

"Babe it doesn't work like that!!"

"Bey Your on in 30 seconds"

"Gotta go Babe!"

Next outfit change

Ugh I'm so tired like gosh but that is what I get I guess I walk in seeing Jay still in the same spot with his eyes on the Tv looking at the transition that just happened

"Babe you did so good!" He came up to me squeezing me

"Like I always do?" I said flipping my hair going to get my next costume

"And-I-oop juss snatched everyone's careers before there eyes!" Jay said which made me laugh

"Here let me help!"

I let him help and he started kissing on my bare neck and he turned me around and we made out the the some crazy bitch busted in and stared at me and laughed


"Uh no! Watch that butch word" I said pointing at me

"Bey 3 minutes!"

"Ok sasa!!"

"Come on Babe here" Jay said helping me In my costume

"Damn girl" he mumbled in my ear

"Girl your not even that cute" she laughed "I must be cuter"

"Why you think that girl?!" I questioned while laughing my ass off

"Bey 10 seconds!"

"And-I-oooo! Gotta go come back Nala!!" I said running be I still heard that bitch that's what made me so mad

"Because I Fucked your man while you were on vacation!" She yelled which pushes me to go harder

Which I did

Here take a look๐Ÿ˜

Yea i know I did that!!๐Ÿ˜˜

But yea...

When I came off that bitch was gone but Jay was still there

He could tell that I was pissed

"Baby I can explain"

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