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The Ghoul With A Quirk (Todoroki x OC x Bakugou)


Bad writing and the occasional collaboration-with-characters-from-other-fandoms.

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Heyy, I'm the author, and I'm just here to say that you don't necessarily need to read this chapter. I wouldn't really call this a chapter but you get the point. You can just skip to the next chapter and if there's anything you don't understand, you can just refer here or just ask me in the comment section. Also, the first few chapters are kinda terrible but my writing gets better! I swear on the river of Styx it does! Okie, that's all, bye!

Name: Akuma Tatsugami

Species: One-eyed ghoul

Status: Alive

Gender: Female

Height: 4'9


Sexuality: Straight (...?)

Birthdate: 20th February (Pisces)

Sibling(s): Touma Tatsugami (older Brother)

Junior high school: Aldera Junior High

High school: U.A. High

Quirk: ice cold

Quirk explanation: Whatever Elsa can do, but better, can shoot ice from her fingertips and palm like a gun, can release extremely cold air from any part of her body and the ice that she creates can go down to -273.15 degrees celsius (absolute zero) if she wants it to.

Drawback: headaches/ brain freezes when she wakes up the next morning if she overuses her quirk. She is also vulnerable against heat strokes.

RC type: Rinkaku


Name: Touma Tatsugami

Species: One-eyed ghoul

Status: alive

Gender: Male

Height: 6'0


Sexuality: Bisexual

Birthdate: 23rd February (Pisces)

Sibling(s): Akuma Tatsugami (younger sister)

Junior high school: Aldera Junior High

High school: U.A. High

Quirk: Time Manipulation

Quirk explanation: He can freeze time, speed things up, slow things down, see the future, see the past and reverse things to their original state(also works for people and animals),

Drawback: Migraines the next morning when he wakes up if he uses it too much.

RC type: Ukaku


Name: Ryuu Tatsugami

Species: human

Status: alive

Gender: Male


Age: 34

Sexuality: Straight

Birthdate: 5th September (Virgo)

Wife: Ichika Kaneki

Children: Touma Tatsugami (first born) and Akuma Tatsugami (second born)

Father-in-law: Ken Kaneki

Mother-in-law: Touka Kirishima

Brother-in-law: Kaida Kaneki

Quirk:(Same as Akuma's)

Drawback:(Same as Akuma's)


Name: Icika Kaneki

Species: One-eyed ghoul

Status: deceased

Gender: female

Height: 5'4

Age: N/A

Sexuality: Straight

Birthdate: N/A

Sibling(s): Kaida Kaneki (younger brother)

Husband: Ryuu Tatsugami

Children: Touma Tatsugami (first born) and Akuma Tatsugami (second born)

Quirk: N/A

Drawback: N/A

RC type: N/A

Father: Ken Kaneki

Mother: Touka Kirishima


<other facts>

1) Ichika died due to Epilepsy

2) Both Touma And Akuma are able to consume human food without difficulty. They are still able to eat human flesh but choose not to.

3) if they have the time, Akuma and Touma will help their grandparents, Ken Kaneki and Touka Kirishima, out at their coffee shop in the 20th ward, :re.

4) Ryuu is a hero support engineer. He makes and sells top of the line tech and weapons for heroes all over the world. He owns his own company Tatsugami Hero Support, T.H.S.

5) Ryuu and Bruce are close friends from university. Ryuu supplies him with most of the equipment he uses and it never fails to exceed his expectations.

6) T.H.S. Is the current leading support company in the world with no lawsuits, no complains and no rumours about or against the company or gadgets.

7)Touma and Akuma has a white Pomeranian named Aki

8) Ryuu goes to the US a lot for business trips, most of the time he brings Touma and Akuma with him. That's how they met the bat bros

9) Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian are Touma and Akuma's childhood friends


Ok so this was edited, congrats to anyone who read the original.

I'll add more and more facts in the future if needed.



(Published 18th July 2019)

(Edited 31st August 2019)

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