The Originals: His Alpha Mate

Chapter 1

Indigo's POV

Great stories never end happily but never end disastrous or so I thought. My mame is Indigo Alexander, I'm 20, and a werewolf. My first shift was when I was seven, I killed a classmate of mine in a fist fight on the playground, I was kicked out of school. I'm from the Cabbo pack, in Parish, Louisiana. My Mother is the Alpha and my father died when I was 8. I have one sibling and her name is Violet, don't know why our names are colors but it fits. Right now I am packing my bags to go to New Orleans to see my best friend, Nova. I haven't seen her in over two months and that is the longest we have ever gone without seeing each other.

3 hours later

I just got to Nova's apartment and she is not there so I think I'm going to look around the French Quarter. I'm walking on the street when I bump into a hard chest in a nice suit.

"Excuse me miss, I didn't see you there." He said, and that's when my nose caught the smell of fresh evergreens and strong cologne, it hit me like a wave and I almost fell over, not because it was bad but because it was good, amazing. I looked up at his eyes and I felt the connection, mate.

"Oh it's fine," My head was spinning and I felt like I did when I was at that high school party after drinking a straight 8 pack of beer. "I have to go."

The thing is I didn't want my mate yet, I mean I wanted him but I don't want him now. I'm not ready. I run to Nova's apartment holding onto walls and falling constantly. When I made it back I ran to the toilet and puked up everything that was in my stomach, I was puking up my own blood when I finally stopped.

Elijah's POV

I was on my way to see Hayley when a girl walked into me.

"Excuse me miss, I didn't see you there." She looked confused and quite sick after she ran into me like I was the cause, then she looked into my eyes and I looked into hers they said sadness and confusion, I wonder... Is the only thing I could think of. She said something and ran off looking very out of it in the process.

Weeks later.

I see the girl walk in the French quarter all alone. She looks at me then starts to run off so I run in inhuman speed after her.

"What do you want!" She yells.

"What's you name?" I ask.

"My name has nothing to do with you following me." She says.

"If you tell me yours I'll tell you mine." I reply.

"Fine! My name is Indigo Alexander, chiefs daughter of the Cobbo tribe." She says.

"Elijah Mikealson, son of Mikeal Mikealson of the English Vikings." I answered with a bow and she curtsied.

"So your an Original?" She asked.

"Yes Ma'am." I replied.

"So your like as old as the dirt I walk on." She laughed.

"Hey, I may be old but I'm as strong as a lion." I said and she chuckled.

"I'm sorry Mister lion but isn't it a little cool out here, should you not be in the great Savannah of Africa." She said in a mocking tone, this time I laughed.

" Well my dear, it seems I have to go meet me tonight at the bar and we will have a few drinks and talk if you don't mind, Miss Alexander, wolf." I said.

" I shall see you tonight." She replied.

"8 pm." I said and ran off in inhuman speed.

Indigo's POV


I am getting out of the shower and getting on my clothes, I put on my leather Jacket over my strapless black crop top, my ripped grey pants, and black high heels. I put on some more mascara and a little eyeliner. I look into the mirror at my final appearance, to see my long dark brown hair with one purple streak flowing perfectly in place and my bright grey eyes fading into a perfect mixture of white and grey. Then I leave the room to tell Nova I'm leaving and that I will be back later tonight. Then I'm on my way.

I get to the bar a little later then 8 but only by five minutes. Elijah is just sitting at the bar with a bottle of bourbon in his hand. He had a dark blue button up shirt on and a pair of black pants with some black leather dress shoes on.

I sat next to him and asked for a couple shots of tequila and handed him two twenties. The bar tender asked for my ID and I gave him a fake one knowing it would work bc it has my first name but a different last name and it says age 22. He nodded and fixed my drink.

"Fake ID?" Elijah whispered in my ears so quietly so that I could only hear. "How old are you?" He asked.

"20." I whispered and he nodded. "So what did you want to talk about?"

"Anything." Is his reply. "But mostly our of curiosity, were you the daughter of the alpha that killed their classmate, rumor has it they were seven."

"Well you are very correct I killed my classmate in a fist fight at the age of seven in do so I triggered my 'curse'." I put quotation marks up when I say curse.

"Why the quotation marks?" He asked.

"Because I don't see it as a curse I see it as a blessing, because if it wasn't for me being a werewolf then I wouldn't be able to to have the friends I have now, and I probably wouldn't be aware of the supernatural world, and I could get compelled and not know someone messed with my head." I replied.

"You know if you want someone to mess with your head, all you have to do is ask." A guy with blonde hair and blue-ish green eyes with a statistically sarcastic smirk on his face.

"Niklaus, what in the blessed name of kind people are you doing here?" Elijah replied to the guy of the name Niklaus.

"You see dear brother I am here wondering about why you are with a girl, Indigo Alexander to be exact?" Niklaus replied.

"How the hell do you know my name?" I say as I feel my eyes flash bright blue.

"What the hell?" Niklaus asks shocked to see that my eye color truly does represent the alpha of the species.

"Yeah, now please do tell me how is it you know my name!" I growl.

"Well you see love, a lot of people know your name, especially me." He says as he launches himself at me going for my throat but I quickly react grabbing his hands and throwing him to the ground only to pick him up by the neck and tossed him across the room. I flash my eyes bright blue again telling him to show me some respect. As fear flashes to his face.

"Don't you ever do that again!" I yell.

"Indigo," Elijah gives me a warning look.

"Don't Indigo me, just be happy I didn't beat him till he can't stand." I inform and he nods to this. Then I sit down at the bar and sip on my tequila. The rest of the night runs by smoothly, then around 12 midnight Elijah ends up taking me home because I am so wasted I can barely walk or speak.

I wake up the next morning in a room I do not know and a bed I do not recognize. Next thing I know the smell hits me along with the headache and I realize exactly where I am.

"Good morning, I hope you slept well there's a glass of water and some aspirin the table to your right." Elijah says with a towel around his neck in a pair of black dress pants.

"Good morning and thank you." I reply. I discreetly watch as my mate takes the towel from around his neck and sets it down and puts on his suit shirt and tie. I still wonder why the moon goddess would give me an original vampire for a mate knowing that I as an alpha werewolf will need heirs and that it would be impossible with some that can't procreate. I guess I will find out as to why sooner or later.

"You know the deeper you think the more you dwell on things that are useless to be dwelled upon." Elijah says snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Eh." Is all I say.

"Do you have any idea what you've taken from me!" I hear what appears to be an angry woman yell.

"The very thing you sought to take from me, the chance to raise our daughter, the punishment fits your crime." I hear Niklaus explain.

"Your family was ruining her life." The woman exclaimed.

"My family saved your life while you were off playing hide and seek in the forest." Niklaus yells and I hear some violent movements and the woman grunts in pain as a man sounds to be breaking chains as I hear a sound of a witch spell and the sound of the man falling to the ground yelling 'he'll kill her' and the witch yelling 'he'll kill you'

"There's a very short list of people who try to take Hope away from me and you're the only one left breathing." Niklaus exclaims.

"Are you that delusional, Klaus!? You cursed all of us, every wolf that I fought for, every wolf, everyone that stood up for our daughter, you took all of them away from their families!" The woman yells.

"Yes, yes your precious pack, that family you chose over us and in doing so you chose over Hope!" Niklaus yells.

"Is that what you were planning on telling her when she grows older and asked for me? That I abandoned her!" The woman grunts again breaking something wood and throwing it and then jumping up the compound. "My parents left me, yours turned their backs on you, look at us now Klaus,"

I didn't even notice Elijah leave until I hear him yelling up at the two, 'Niklaus'

"She deserves something better than what we had Klaus, that's all I wanted for her something better." I hear her push and beat at him some more "Fight back, fight back!"

And then I leave jumping out the window and leave to go to Nova's apartment.

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