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A Beck oliver Carol

By sitcomfanatic


Chapter 1

Beck's POV

ever since Jade broke up with me I started drifting away from the gang. Jade and I broke up 3 months ago and since then, i started avoiding them. Half of the reason i'm avoiding them is that ever since the break-up they're siding with jade and making it look like i'm the bad guy in the relationship which made me angry. Jade's the one who's always jealous and she's the one who's always picking up a fight, and she's the one they're siding with? It made me angry that my friends and my best friend sided with jade. She doesn't even consider them as friends (well except for cat because she's jade's best friend).

"hey ! Hey Beck " Robbie screamed through the crowd running towards me. I noticed him but i ignored him . I started talking (and flirting) with the girls around me. I'm now one of the popular crowd here in Hollywood arts. the popular crowd in Hollywood arts are the students who already made it in Hollywood. They are the most popular and hottest kid in school. One day a director came up to me and gave me a minor role for a movie which became a hit. And ever since then, directors are lining up to ask me to be in their movie.

"Hey beck..." Robbie started ,i haven't noticed him until he's right in front of me. I just stared at him.

"I-I was wondering, Y-You know our tradition, during the last day of school every Christmas break ? Our guys night ? Well..we're wondering if you'll come and join us like every year."

"Uhhh... sorry Rob but i've got a lot of plans tonight. " I said cockily

"starting now" i said eyeing the blonde girl and the brunette girl giggling at me. I started walking towards them leaving Robbie.

"Hi Girls " I greeted them smiling seductively . The smile that can bring girls crawling at my feet.

"Hey ! " the blonde girl with a tan skin smiling seductively at me . the brunette has the same look.

"so which of you girls is willing to ditch class and date me ?" I yelled so that every girl in the hallway can hear me. And sure enough, almost all of the girls in the hallway started to pile in front of me. 'you!" I said to the brunette girl with a pale skin wearing a pink blouse and a super short mini skirt. "You're the lucky girl the finger chose today. Want to go out with me now?" the brunette agreed giddily.

After ditching class we end up making out in the janitors closet. When i opened my eyes ,i saw a blueish green eyes . Wait...i blinked again and saw 2 brown eyes. "Beck.. Beck you okay?" the brunette asked . "Yeah, Uhhhh..?"


"Yeah. Janice. I really enjoyed you today. Wanna be my Girlfriend?" I asked

She giggled. "I would love to" she said cheekily

"Great." Then i started buttoning my shirt and walked out of the janitor's closet and into my locker. When I reached there I saw the girl who broke my heart.

Jade's POV

"So..?" Andre asked Robbie. We're sitting on the stairs in the hallway.

"Well, he said that he have a lot of things to do" he said disappointed.

I looked at the boys and sigh.

"I'll try to talk to him" I volunteered

"No!" Andre said quickly.

Then beck made her announcement and picked Janice. The girl from our creative music class..

"Yeah he's so busy... with girls" I said

"guys .. did you notice that after jadey and beck broke up beck started dating girls every day?" Cat said

"Yeah.. I noticed that too" Tori said.

The bell ring and we started to go to our class at sikowitz. As expected he's not in here.

after our class with sikowitz I went to his locker and waited for him. When he arrived i stared at his appearance. His hair is disheveled and his shirt is crumpled. Look's like he's making out with another chick.

Be strong jade. He's not with you and you're not with him. He's moved on and so should you. I fought the urge to cry.

"what're you doing in here?"

"first you avoid the gang then you ignored us and then you won't give them a time of day? What's going on with you. It's just one night. Can't you spare some time for your best friends?!"

"those aren't my friends they're just some losers who backstabbed me" he said

"Losers? Backstab? What's wrong with you!? " i yelled at him

"Nothing's wrong with me. I just happened to wake up from those horrible nightmare which once I called my best friends. And now, look at me, I have great friends who'll never betray me"

"Hah!you call those wazz-bags your friends?"

"Yeah..because at least they were there for me when i need them !"

"yeah? Like when ?"

"When we broke up , where's the gang ? in your side ! no one even care whati did they're always with you. You're the one who broke up with me without any reason ! But you know what ?i think it's for the best. Look at me now. I'm living the life !the only problem is you and your pathetic friends !"

"Those wazz-bags are not your friends beck! They're ganks! They're just using you!"

"Well then I must be gank proof because I dated you !" He stormed off.

Beck's POV

I'm so pissed right now! She just have to come and ruin my day !Uggghhh! Why can't they just mind their own business? Can't they see that I don't want to be a part of their lives anymore?

the class ended. I was looking for Janice so we can make-out when I saw a blonde eyeing me. I stared at her. She's wearing a short dress that showed a lot of skin. She's eyeing me up and down. I smiled at her seductively and i took out my phone to text Janice.

To: #56

From: Beck

We're over

The blonde walked over to me. "heyyy Beck, wanna have fun?"

I smiled as I dragged her to the nearest closet.

~! #$%^&*()_+~

After "having fun" with #57, chloe my current girlfriend, I walked out of the janitor's closet. She left a little while a go. I want to be alone for a while. This janitor's closet brings back a lot of memories. There's no one left at the hallways of Hollywood arts. Figures, its 2 hours after the classes ended. Everyone must have gotten home. I looked straight ahead and saw Jade, she's talking to someone on her phone while putting her books in her locker. She's laughing but tears are threatening to escape from her eyes. She's breathing heavily. It looks like she's crying but she doesn't want to let the person she's talking to know. I continued to stare at her. Her hair covering her face, her mascara smudged, her nose is red maybe because of crying but she looked beautiful. I don't know how she does that. Only jade west can pull off any look but still looking beautiful. She hanged up and shut her locker. She rested her forehead on the door of her locker and the breathed heavily. She looked up and saw me. Our eyes met and she looked at me. She looked at me from head to toe and then shook her head and left.

~! #$%^&*()_+~

I went straight to my apartment. After my first movie, I decided to buy my own apartment so I can have parties and so I can bring home girls without being questioned by my nosy parents. I didn't bother to change and went straight to bed. It's a very long day and I just want to end it. Little did I know, it's only just the beginning.

~! #$%^&*()_+~


What's that noise?! I looked at the my bedside clock. 12:30. Uuughhhhh... who's at my house at midnight? I grabbed my bedside lamp and went to the living room.

"Who's there?" no one answers.

"I have a gun!"I yelled. No one answered.

I opened the lights and saw no one. All of my stuff are in there and in place. I looked over the kitchen. Same. Maybe it was just my imagination or it's just my neighbour. I went back to bed and closed my eyes. I felt someone watching me. I sat up and turned around and there I saw. My Grandfather sitting at the at me. Which was weird because...he died a year ago.

"Heyyyy Beck! How's my favorite grandson?" my granddad said standing up making his way to me.

"Pops? How-? But you're dead! " I said shocked. I couldn't believe this. Why is he haunting me? I didn't do anything to him!

"Relax Beck, is that how you greet your grandfather?"

"Uhhh... welcome back?"

He chuckled. I stared at him. Is this real? I pinched myself .Ow! I looked over my grandfather again. He's still smiling at me. What is happening?

"You're not dreaming Beckett, i'me here because I'm concerned for you. What happened to you Beckett?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"why did your life has come to this?"

"What are you talking about? I'm good. Better even. I have my career, I have tons of money, i'm the most popular and the hottest guy in school. What's the matter with that?!"

"You really do believe that you have everything you need?"


Granddad looked at my eyes and looked down.

"heard you broke up with your girlfriend"

"who? Chloe? I was planning to, a while ago but then i got tired and-"

"No! Not her! The other one"


"My dear boy! How many girlfriends did you broke up with?"

"I don't know. This month, Maybe 20?"

"20 girls?! How long did your relationship lasted? A day?"

"sometimes an hour. But if I really enjoyed her, I let her date me 2 days max." I said cockily.

Granddad looked at me with a disappointed look.

"what happened to you boy? You know, Once there was a boy who came up to me and he's grinning happily. I asked him why he's so happy and then he said that her girlfriend agreed to go with him to Canada to meet his family. I've never seen him so happy and giddy. And then I thought, whoever this girl must be special because she's the only one who can make our boy this giddy." He smiled at me and sat down next to me.

"july 2nd, his plane landed and i waited for him to introduce her girlfriend. When I saw her, i was surprised and shocked. Because she's nothing like we ever imagined. Instead of blonde, she has a black hair. Instead of tan, her skin was white as snow. Instead of a smiling face, we were greeted by a scowl. At first i thought don't judge the book by it's cover maybe she's a bucket full of sunshine inside. But boy was i wrong." He chuckled at the memory and I smiled.

"we started to welcome her but she's snappy and snarky. We were taken back because we're really surprised by the way she acts. We don't even know if he's playing a prank on us or she is. By the time we settled in, the family tried to get to know her better but every time we tried to ask her something, she answers with a mean and snarky tone. Even though she's mean, the family started to warmed up to her but not me. I mean, i've never been treated with such way and i'm not very happy about it."

"I'm very distant to her during her stay and one day, while she's trying to cook with the family the boy went up to me and he's grinning madly while looking at her cussing about the steak she's cooking. I asked him, 'What did you see in this girl?' he answered with a smile 'she makes me feel very special by just being with me. She's very different from the other girls i've known and she can make my world happy without her knowing it. She gives life to me in everything she do and every time i'm with her, she makes my heart burst out with happiness.' I looked at him as if he just got out of the mental hospital."she's the one pops, i know it. And i'm never gonna let her go. Ever." He said with such determination in his eyes. And since then, I saw how they look at each other, the simple glance that can make the other swell up. The simple touches that can calm the other simple smiles that can make the other burst out with such happiness."

" beck, do you know who this guy is?" my grandfather asked me

"me" I said with a sigh.

"No beck, that guy was gone 3 months ago and he's been replaced with a jerk."

"WHY ARE YOU HERE?! To give me a sermon? Well, it's a little too late for that pops" I spat out as I walked over the balcony.

Granddad stood and followed me.

"My dear grandson, 3 ghosts will come and visit you tonight. Each will show you the past, present and future. "

I laughed. " Yeah. Good one pops " I said as I nod nonchalantly turned around and saw no one. "Granddad?!"

Granddad was gone. Was I dreaming the whole time? I just shrugged and went back to bed. I think I'm going crazy.

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