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Maybe, Flowerboy


A ticket- cruise for one.. or so he thought.

Romance / Mystery
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Seoul- June 2019

"Can I see you in my office? I have a question for you, however the rest of the room doesn't need to know."

Namjoon immediately tensed up, he couldn't help but think the worst. As a songwriter, the labels either love you or hate you, he couldn't afford to lose this job.

His boss sighed before sinking into the leather chair in front of him, the artists records that hugged the walls just made him feel empty, the pit in his stomach grew.

"Namjoon, I'm noticing you're... struggling with the work I've been giving you lately."

Oh god

The image of himself snoring into the piles of messy handwriting filled his head.

I thought I told Yoongi not to tell anyone.

"It's too much. You're obviously the best writer here and I know that, it's time I give you a break."

Namjoon's dark eyes widened in shock. His boss sighed once again before continuing.

"I've been thinking about what's best for this company, Namjoon. I know that I need my employees here at their best, I'm giving you a two week vacation."

I don't need a two week vacation.

The picture of him passed out on his desk resurfaced in his mind- once again.


"No buts. We'll be fine for two weeks, the others haven't have slacked off too long anyways, I'm sure they'll be fine with a little extra hours. Thank you for volunteering but we all can see that you deserve some time off."

"That's why I'm giving you a ticket to a two week cruise."

Namjoon sits there, stares at his boss, mouth gaping dumbfounded and nods.

"Pack your things, I'll see you in two weeks."

He tries his best to leave with grace, stay calm. But of course, Namjoon nearly trips over the chair before dropping his empty coffee mug. Great.

Still in stupefaction he gives his boss a look of thanks. He couldn't even walk, much less speak. Shock and exhaustion were not a bittersweet pair, he couldn't help but wish things were like his books. Namjoon was already starting to write a gratitude email in his mind while opening the door to exit.

"Oh- And thank you, Namjoon."

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