A Certain Heir

The Kiss Off

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The Kiss Off

Pete was busy trying to put together what he was seeing when he realized Helena was storming out of the room, seconds behind Myka. He decided he owed Myka one – for telling her that she was going to the restaurant that Helena chose when she was going to fire people. Helena never fired anyone at a restaurant – she would have had to be socializing with her staff to do that – and Helena rarely dined with her employees. No, that little tidbit of information was planted by request.

Pete pulled out the cell phone and pressed the button that had been tampered with by their resident junior IT genius.

"Speak to me, Pete," the image of his friend on the phone said.

"Doors to the ballroom at Waldorf, can you lock them?" he asked.

"Not all at once, but simultaneously maybe," Claudia said as she tapped away.

She had come up with this idea to help Pete in his duties. He was after all, only one guy and Helena was a handful. She had the grids and schematics to any place Helena went with all the escape routes marked for Pete. "I'm in the Helena Matrix," he said and he wasn't far off. With a few keystrokes, Claudia could control the security systems of most buildings in New York. She could change traffic lights on a good day, but only at night so as not to be found out. Now as her boss flew to get Myka, door after door that she pulled at to get back into the Grand Ballroom was locked. Fury grew in her eyes as she looked at Pete to do something, but he shrugged his shoulders.

Myka had made it inside the large room in time to see Sam standing in the middle of it. He had finally gotten away from the vote seeking politician.

Sam saw Myka walking – no marching toward him. 'What the hell?' he thought to himself as she came in closer. 'What was all over her mouth?'

"There's my Bunny," he greeted her.

"Oh, shut up, Sam," was the last greeting he expected, but got.

Myka kept up her pace as she grabbed his hand and spun him around to follow her. She needed a modicum of privacy. When they were close enough to the wall, but away from the crowd, she stopped.

"Kiss me," she said with her hands on her hips.

"What?" Sam asked. He understood her words, but not her demeanor. He searched for something that might explain what she wanted.

"Kiss me! Go ahead. Like you haven't seen me in weeks. Kiss me," Myka instructed.

"Myka, I don't think…," Sam started.

"If you don't kiss me right this minute….," Myka said.

Sam snapped into action. He pulled Myka in closer and pressed his hand on her back, tilted his head and placed his lips on hers. The only think Myka noticed …..was the familiar scent of Chanel.

'Oh my God, she danced with him so she could leave her fragrance on him,' Myka thought …..and was- absolutely- correct.

"Do it again," Myka instructed trying to forget the perfume.

"Myka…," he tried.

"Sam!" she said with urgency.

He grabbed her harder, leaned in faster, and pressed his lips onto Myka's mouth while holding her hands and pulling her closer. He released her gently. And waited – he wasn't sure for what, but he waited. Myka cast her eyes down, searching for the feelings that had just erupted in her when she was inside with Helena. Her heartbeat didn't change; she felt nothing anywhere else in her body, no surges of electricity. This was in fact …..what she always felt with Sam's kisses.

"Sam, one more time – please," Myka said and Sam started to get the feeling he was being graded.

"What the hell is going on, Bunny?" he asked.

"Sam please," Myka said putting her hand on his arm.

'Must be PMS-ing,' Sam thought as he took a deep breath and locked lips a third time. This time Myka didn't notice the Chanel. She tried to rub the roughness of his five o'clock shadow and pull him into her. She couldn't help but notice the differences though – no ache – anywhere in her body; he didn't bit her lower lip and send her body into a heated frenzy.

"Must be three for a quarter night," Pete said uncomfortably as he and Helena watched. She had found an opened door and Pete figured he had given Myka as much time as he could. He wasn't sure what she needed it for, but given the state of his boss, he figured it couldn't hurt.

He wanted to ask his boss why they were staring at her Chief Counsel kissing her boyfriend, but Helena's body language is what really confused him. She stood there with her weight on one foot, arms crossed, and head lowered with her eyes locked on the couple. It was her smile that looked the most familiar to Pete. Yes, he had seen that look. It was Helena's victory look – like when she pulled the rug out from under a major bio mechanical company that was on the verge of releasing its new product for diabetes, and Wells Corp beat them by a month.

How did she win this? Pete wondered, but didn't dare ask.

Helena could not help herself. She was an astute observer of human behavior and it took her seconds to understand what was happening, or more accurately, what was not happening. Helena saw Sam confused perhaps, but trying his hardest to comply with Myka's requests. She watched as the man attempted three times to ignite what Helena knew Myka felt before – in one kiss. It wasn't going to happen and Helena knew it. If there was a chance that it could, it wouldn't have taken three tries. Now Helena knew it and soon Myka would be sure too.

Helena indeed, had scored the more precious of the works of art that night, and she could hardly contain her joy.

Sam saw Myka's expression and then he caught sight of their voyeur.

"Are you okay? Did you get fired? Bunny, it's okay. You can come back with me," he offered.

"Don't take this the wrong way Sam, but you're an idiot," Myka said.

"Because of the kiss?" he asked stunned.

"No, not because of that. You tried your best, I know that, and I appreciate it. I can't explain it yet," Myka said realizing this still left a lot of unanswered questions.

"Then why?" Sam asked.

"Because after all this time, you still don't know me, Sam. After all the time together, you still only know the version of me you want," Myka said with a mixture of sadness and frustration.

"But Bunny," Sam said.

"I'm not Bunny, Sam! I'm Myka! Now go back to Washington, Sam. I need time," Myka implored.

Myka caught sight of Helena. Helena glanced away, so as not to appear as happy as she was. She knew it was only a matter of time before Myka caught on that Sam was not good enough for her. She was happy it was so soon. It would clear the way for …..

"And you!" Myka said turning to face Helena.

"Oh oh," Pete said knowing this was more than one body guard could handle.

"Darling I,…" Helena started unable to suppress how pleased she was.

This was never a contest to Helena. She heard Myka ask her to touch her, she felt Myka's kiss. For Helena, this was Sam's exit interview.

"Don't you darling me," Myka said in a tone that caught everyone's attention, but the most surprised was Helena. "I know what you did, Helena. From the minute you met me, I became a pawn in your scheme to get things done your way. And when you weren't sure if the Midwesterner would play along, you gave me a gift that in reality was there to do your work. Then you made sure I knew I could be fired at any moment, just to watch me do all these things under pressure. And then, because I managed to get through those hoops, you got me drunk and tried to seduce me!" Myka said and now Sam and Pete locked eyes.

You would think this yelling and revealing intimate details would embarrass the accused, but it did not. It bothered Helena that Myka was so perturbed by her actions and that is why she had apologized to her.

"I did do those things, Myka, but I had no time to waste to see if you could get the jobs done. I may have tested your skills, but you performed beautifully. I would think you'd take that as a real credit to your talents," Helena said.

Sam was still processing all of this.

"Helena, if you wanted to test my skills, you could have waited to see how I handled the TV show and the harassment suit. You could have given me at least 24 hours to see if I could perform. What you did was underhanded," Myka said, arms crossed and standing in front of her boss.

Helena went to speak – to point out she had apologized, but Myka stopped her –again.

"I can't explain all the rest, Helena, but I know I don't like being used," Myka said and turned to Sam. "Go back to Washington, Sam. I'll call you soon. I just need time. You have to give me that, Sam," Myka said and walked away.

"Myka!" Sam called out.

"Please Sam, do this one thing for me," Myka said, tears welling up in her eyes. She hurried out the door, leaving the three of them watching her go.

Sam couldn't figure out where this was coming from. This was not his mild-mannered, understanding girlfriend. Something or someone had done something to cause this. It didn't take him long to catch a glimpse of the expression on Helena's face.

"You! What did you do to her? Did you fire her?" he said.

"More like fired her up," Helena said under her breath as she went after Myka. "Let me speak with her," she said to the confused suitor.

Pete put his hand out to hold Sam back. "Let her try," he suggested.

Helena caught up with Myka outside and called for her to stop.

"Myka, aren't you tired of placating people? Putting the men in your life ahead of yourself? Bering and Sons? You don't even have brothers! And Sam? Could you have found a more domineering lover?" Helena tried to point out.

"Only if I had stayed longer this morning, Helena," Myka said and turned and raced down the stairs.

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