A Certain Heir

New Employee Orientation

New Employee Orientation

"There you go, that should do it," the young IT whiz said the Myka. "I've uploaded all the programs you've asked for."

Myka thanked the young woman who had stopped in to see her almost every day since she started a couple of weeks ago. Myka wasn't surprised that people were not entirely friendly to the new lawyer on staff, but when they did talk to her, it was almost out of sympathy. As if they were expecting her career at Wells Corp to be a rather short one.

"Oh you hung pictures?" her administrative assistant asked one day.

"Is that a bad thing?" Myka asked wondering if there was a policy against personalizing your office.

"Oh no, no ..you know…just more to pack up …..if you ever need to of course," she said.

Claudia Donovan was the only person who introduced herself to Myka and in the second week, offered to show her around. In the middle of her tour, the office manager, a middle aged grumpy guy with glasses ran literally into them.

"Artie?" Claudia yelled out after steadying herself.

"Claudia! Where have you been? I've been looking all over for you. Who are you?" he snapped at Myka. In spite of his rough demeanor, Myka took a liking to him right away.

"I've been showing the new corporate lawyer around…," Claudia said jerking her head toward Myka.

"Myka Bering," Myka said and extended her hand.

"Too busy to care," Artie said shaking it back. "She got through your latest fire wall and all hell is being raised up there."

"Oh for God's sake, would someone please find that woman something to do besides test my security systems!" Claudia yelled.

"She wants to see you now," Artie said and hesitated to say something to Myka. He knew his first impression was not a smooth one. "Lives are at stake here," was all he said, as if that should explain it to the new employee.

"I gotta go. She gets really cranky if she thinks we can't secure the databases here," Claudia said.

"Who is she and why is she hacking into Wells Corp's systems?" Myka asked thinking this had to be a breach of some ethical standard.

"She is Helena Wells, your boss, my boss and sometimes she thinks the world's boss. And she's doing it quite frankly because she's bored. Don't tell her I told you that," Claudia smiled.

"Now - Claudia!" Artie yelled .

People's heads shot down as Myka looked around. She returned to her office and spent the rest of the morning familiarizing herself with the company and its CEO. What she didn't find in a file or report, she could easily find on the society pages of the local NY papers. Day after day, there were photos of her new boss out on the town with a different man each time.

"Quite the socialite," Myka said to herself only to look up from the paper and see the Director of HR standing at her desk. Startled, Myka jumped back in her seat.

"Mrs. Frederic!" Myka said, trying to shake the nervous tone to her voice.

"I'm afraid your services are going to be needed sooner than I had hoped," the woman said without apologizing for the intrusion. It was just something she did – and if she didn't apologize to Helena Wells for doing it, she wasn't going to apologize to anyone.

"Oh okay, sure. What do we have?" Myka asked ready to tackle her first assignment.

"It's a delicate matter, Ms. Bering. One that will require your utmost discretion," the older woman said sitting in the chair.

"Of course," Myka assured her.

"It seems that the latest ….business liaison between our CEO and a certain employee has ended rather poorly. He's alleging that there were some promises made in exchange for … some time spent together," Mrs. Frederic said and it was the first time Myka heard the woman hesitate in her speech.

"Have you spoken to this individual? I mean, is this a simple case of extortion?" Myka asked as she reached for her legal pad to take notes.

"Ms. Bering, nothing is simple when it comes to the CEO of this company, but you'll learn that on your own. I feel it's my duty to tell you this is not the first time this type of thing has happened," the HR Director shared.

"Well, I'm not surprised. A rich, powerful, wealthy head of a corporation is often the target of malicious attacks for the sake of hoping to extract money," Myka said already planning what her strategy would be.

"I'd like to speak to both parties of course to get both sides. I'm assuming HR has spoken to the accuser?" Myka said waiting for the response.

"Indeed we have, Ms. Bering." Mrs. Frederic said. Something in her tone made Myka stop and look up.

"And?" the new lawyer prompted.

"We have a problem," Irene said and pursed her lip. "A big problem."

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