A Certain Heir

Second Chances

Second Chances

Helena closed her eyes after setting the machine in motion. Unlike the agents in South Dakota, this was not her first ride. She knew what to expect and she was well aware of the limitations and consequences.

Helena had one objective – go back to yesterday and be kind to Myka. She had reduced it to its simplest form.

The noise seemed louder to Helena, but then again, she was in a relatively small space compared to the last residence of the machine. She worried for a moment it was not working, but then she saw the familiar bright white lights that signaled her consciousness melding into yesterday. The machine was on autopilot, set to return at a specific time. Helena felt the chair come slowly to a halt. She knew she was in a different place because the air was so different from the library she had just left. And colder.

The bright lights thinned and Helena watched as Myka came into her office. She had made it.

"Ms. Wells, I tried to stop her," her young assistant explained standing in the doorway behind Myka.

This was Helena's chance to make everything right.

"It's okay Eileen," Helena said smiling. "There was a mix-up in my schedule, Ms. Bering. I do apologize. Won't you come in?" Helena said standing up and shaking Myka's hand. She was off to a good start.

"Thank you," Myka said to her new boss.

"Eileen, would you get Ms. Bering a refreshment, please?" Helena asked nicely. "Please sit down," she said to Myka and they sat near each other in chairs at a coffee table.

"Ms. Wells, I just want to say what a pleasure it is to work here," Myka said truthfully.

"Myka, the pleasure is all mine. I welcome such an experienced person as you. I'm sure you'll do just fine here," Helena said and took in how calm Myka appeared. She wasn't certain she had seen Myka smile like that.

"I've got a couple of ideas on how to handle the television contract and the Mr. Sykes situation," Myka said taking out papers.

When she did, Helena saw the pen that Claudia had given her. She had to take it back.

"Oh great, I'd love to hear them," Helena said and saw how Myka's face brightened up because her boss was allowing her to do what she did best.

Helena listened – for the first time to what Myka was proposing and it was not only good, it was sound planning.

"So I will see Mr. Sykes today and go over everything," Myka said and started to put her papers away. "Thank you for taking the time to see me. I know you must be very busy," Myka said as she got up.

Helena was desperate. She needed that pen back. All of this being nice would not count if Myka still felt she was being used.

"I need your pen," Helena blurted out.

"Excuse me?" Myka said smiling, but confused.

"Your pen, I need it please," Helena said and put her hand out. She wanted that pen.

"You want my pen?" Myka asked and started to put her hand in her bag to retrieve it. "May I ask why?"

"I …we're not using those pens anymore," Helena announced. Her hand remained stretched out for it.

"I'm sorry Helena, I can't give it to you," Myka said and Helena looked at the expression on Myka's face. She already knew why she wanted it back. Myka started to leave.

"What?" Helena yelled. "Perhaps I didn't make myself clear. I wasn't asking you for the pen," Helena said and realized she had to do it differently. 'Differently,' she said over and over in her head.

But Myka was still walking out of her office.

"No please, Myka, please. Listen to me, I'm sorry. I can explain, Myka, please. Please give me a second chance," Helena said as the machine ripped her out of that room for her return trip.

"How is she Doctor Calder?" Pete asked as he paced the floor in the emergency room.

"Who is Myka?" the doctor asked him.

"Her chief counsel. Her friend," Pete said hoping that was true.

"You better call her to come," Vanessa said and put her hand on Pete's shoulder.

Myka's phone went off and she figured it was Sam trying to get her. "Go away," she said turning over on the couch, exhausted and shutting her phone off.

"Mrs. Frederic? It's Pete. You have to come here to the hospital. It's Helena, Mrs. Frederic. Something bad happened," Pete said frantically.

He looked down at the envelope that the fireman had given him. It was crumpled now and the ink had smeared on the front. He called Claudia and then Artie.

"She's in good hands, Pete," Artie tried to comfort him. Pete was inconsolable – he felt responsible for leaving Helena alone after dropping her off.

"I didn't sense anything, Mrs. Frederic. I swear to you, I didn't sense anything was wrong, if I did, I wouldn't have left her…," Pete said holding onto the older woman when she came.

"I know you wouldn't have, Pete, I know," Irene said to him as he fought back tears.

"Sonovabitch, I had no idea how much she means to me," he said trying to make himself laugh.

"Have you gotten in touch with Ms. Bering?" Mrs. Frederic asked when she saw the envelope with her name on it.

"There's no answer. I don't even know where she is because her boyfriend called before saying she wasn't at her apartment," Pete said wiping the moisture from his eye.

"Holy crap! What the frack is going on?" Claudia said making her noisy appearance in the waiting room.

They filled her in with what little they knew.

The black out in Brooklyn sent the Con Edison guys on a search to find the source of the power drain. They quickly assessed that it was coming from Manhattan and that's when they located the cause. Firemen were dispatched to the scene because it was assumed that much power might be highly explosive. Smoke emanating from a second story window sent them crashing through the door and up into the room. It took them awhile to get in, but once they did, they found Helena strapped into a chair and unresponsive. The ambulance brought her to the ER, where Doctor Calder was amazed that although her vitals were all good, she appeared to be in a coma like state. Helena was ungracefully placed on a gurney with bright lights over her head as Doctor Calder performed CPR when she was first brought in. Nothing seemed to work.

"Let's have this messengered down to her apartment. She's got to go back there sometime," Artie said and put the private note in an envelope and had a messenger service pick it up and deliver it to Myka's apartment.

Dr. Calder assured them she would keep them informed and went back to check on her patient. What the good doctor did not understand was that Helena did not want to be revived – she was on the other side fighting like hell to stay there because she believed with her heart she was on the verge of accomplishing what she set out to do.

In fact, Helena never traveled back in time. The machine went haywire and spun her into unconscious state. The only place she traveled to was the ER and the only one who didn't know it, was the Time Traveler.

Then Helena woke up – in the emergency room – and quickly figured out what happened.

And then …..all hell broke loose.

The Wells Corp staff members that had gathered in the small waiting room heard the loud noise of yelling and metal hitting the floor. Nurses were yelling for help and above it all came the distinctive call of 'bloody hell' several times.

"They are bloody mad," Helena yelled when she saw the employees gathered in the room. "Get them the bloody hell away from me," she demanded walking in- clad in only a hospital gown. "They are bloody insane," she said looking to see if they were following her. They were.

"Helena, uhm ….Helena," Claudia said to her boss who apparently had no notion of how hospital gowns worked.

"What do they use in England," Mrs. Frederic wondered out loud.

"OK you can forgo my raise this year," Pete said staring at the perfectly formed derriere that was fully exposed.

Claudia was the only one who could move, so she slid up next to her boss and brought the curtain down on the best show Pete and Artie had seen all year.

"What the bloody hell is going on? Where am I?" Helena shouted giving her location away.

Doctor Calder arrived with the army of nurses. "Helena, we need you to return with us," she said and had no idea how terrifying being restrained was for Helena. She had awoken and thought she was still strapped to the chair – straps she knew very well how to unleash. They certainly weren't attached to the vein in her arm. Helena ripped the IV out, the cardio patches off and made her escape. Helena felt the unfamiliar apparatus attached to her and panicked.

"Madam, hell will freeze over before I join you again," Helena said in her most indignant voice.

Vanessa looked at Artie for support. 'Oh this is a great place to be caught,' he said to himself. He pushed his hands out in front of him indicating this was 'hands off' as far as he was concerned.

"We can sedate you if you rather," Vanessa said and didn't realize this was like throwing lighting fluid to the fire. No one quite understood how sedation was interpreted by someone who had been immobilized all those years.

"I will bloody hell take your head off. I will go to my office, get a check, buy this entire hospital, and then I will come back here personally to fire the bloody lot of you," Helena yelled.

Only Mrs. Frederic noticed how frightened her boss sounded. Everyone else was too busy – well, being frightened.

"I think we can take care of this if you'll give us a minute, Doctor Calder," Irene said in her calming voice. She stepped in between Helena and the doctor. "Are you concerned for her health?" she asked the doctor.

"She was unresponsive before, but seems to have snapped out of it. I would like to check her vitals," Vanessa said.

"Send someone in to do that then," Irene said and turned to Helena. "They just want to make sure you're okay, Helena, before they bring your clothes and release you," she said and got her to sit still long enough so that they could take her blood pressure and listen to her heart.

"I think she should see a neurologist," Vanessa said to Artie.

"I think you really mean a psychologist," he said back to his girlfriend.

Helena waited patiently while they brought her clothes back to her. "What the hell were you doing?" Artie asked his boss.

"Trying to undo my egregious mistake, Arthur," she said to him. "I should have known better," Helena said sadly as she walked out.

Myka woke up to the buzzer ringing in her apartment. "God Sam, please just leave me alone," she yelled as she looked through the peephole. It wasn't Sam.

"Special delivery for Ms. Bering," the doorman said on the other side. Myka knew him and opened the door, in spite of the hour. She thanked him and went inside. There were only two kinds of papers that were ever delivered in the middle of the night –subpoenas and termination letters. Helena was either finally firing her or suing her for breach of contract.

"Ha!" Myka said thinking it was the latter. "Won't you be surprised, you crazy woman," Myka said of her own letter lying in wait for Helena. "Think I'm going to take your money because I have a year contract? Think again Helena," Myka said as she opened the letter.

She slipped the lilac colored folder sheet out of the envelope and opened it slowly. The stationary was not Wells Corp, but Helena's own. Myka smelled the damn Chanel as soon as she opened it and pulled it up to her nose before reading a word and inhaled. Anger melted as the perfume reminded her of being so close to Helena.

Myka sat down on the couch. She looked at the wrinkled condition of the outside of the letter and the eloquently graceful writing that filled the page.

Dear Myka,

If you are reading this letter, then I have failed in my mission to undo the past. I have set a course to retrieve my harsh words, and replace them with what I was really feeling when we met. In spite of my gift for language, I cannot yet explain how my entire being has been captured by your presence. With my deepest sorrows, I apologize for how I mistreated you. You would not understand me if I explained why and there truly is no excuse for such behavior.

If you are reading this Myka, it means I will not get the chance to tell you in person that I have known a great many people in my time, but none can hold a candle to the goodness that emanates from your heart and soul. We have known each other for the shortest amount of time, and yet, I will carry your presence with me forever. That my heart could be so touched, is a testament to all that you are Myka Bering.

With affection always,


Myka folded the letter back. She wasn't sure she understood what Helena meant other than she was trying to apologize. If only Helena had spoken so eloquently to her when they met.

Myka put the letter in her bag and got ready to catch her early morning flight. She wasn't sure what Helena meant, but she was certain now, it would take her a long time to get over her.

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