A Certain Heir


Questions, Questions and More Questions
There were many unanswered questions that Myka had, but she knew they could wait. What mattered was that she was where she wanted and needed to be.

She had tried to tell the young administrative assistant that she and Helena had talked and that this was 'all for the best'. The young woman lost it – and told Myka a story about a young girl who didn't follow her heart because her head told her it would work out. "Don't listen to you head, Ms. Bering, listen to your heart," Eileen implored her. Myka did, and changed her flight planes then and there.

Myka knew there was time now to ask Helena how the handwriting expert who authenticated the autographed copies of any books they sold, told her that the writing in the book and the letter were one and the same. He also said that he could confidently say that the ink sample in the book was over one hundred years old. What he could not explain was how the same person could have done this. Myka wondered if Helena had any idea.

Helena wanted to share so many things with Myka, but knew there would be time for that. She realized she might just need an attorney when she went back to South Dakota to claim what was rightfully hers. Mr. Kosan must have had the agents remove the crystal from her Time Machine hoping it would go unnoticed, and it did until Helena failed at her attempt to use it the night before. Now that she realized what was missing, she was going to go back and get it. She would first try going through the front door of the warehouse with her lawyer in tow - who would explain the nuances of the law to them. If that didn't' work, she might just have to go through the back door, but she knew that would take some explaining to Myka first.

Helena didn't necessarily want to do any time travel anytime soon, but she wanted what was hers.

"You know it's unusual for an employer to take back an employee who was fired," Myka teased Helena as her head rested in Helena's lap.

"You weren't fired, you quit," Helena pointed out. "But I will take you back."

"And why is that?" Myka asked as Helena pulled a blanket up over her so she could sleep.

"Because I am the kind of woman who does not settle for anything but the best," Helena said as Myka yawned and closed her eyes.

"Thank you, Helena," the Chief Counsel said falling asleep.

"So you don't think Ms. Wells will wonder how her bodyguard went to bed and didn't check the front door?" Leena asked Pete over early morning coffee after he drove Eileen back to Brooklyn.

"Nah, then she might have to explain why she was going out at that hour. She'll be fine. Do you have more cookies?" Pete asked.

Steve had spent the night at Claudia's because he had wanted to share some big news, but they never got to it. He fell asleep watching the Yankees as his friend busied herself at her computer all night. He made them breakfast of bagels and orange juice when he saw that she never made it to her bed. She assured him it wasn't her job, but even someone without a six sense could tell she was lying. He was about to share his announcement when he heard the news.

"United Airlines 682 in route to Bermuda from Colorado Springs made an emergency landing at JFK Airport yesterday when the pilots reported that their instruments were throwing them off course. They landed safely and no one was hurt on board," the news caster shared.

Steve turned to look at his young friend. "You didn't?" he asked wide eyed. He expected to hear loud pounding on the door any minute as federal agents descended on the hacker.

"What? No, no that was not me," Claudia said her hands in front of her chest to signify her defense.

Steve stared at her – she was telling the truth. Claudia took a bite of bagel and went into the shower to get ready for work.

"But you still have to get up pretty early Jinxy to pull something over on me," she said in a low voice as she looked down at her computer that was logged into the new Personnel Files at Wells Corp that showed the recent hire of one Steven Jinx. "Now why would Helena hire her friend?" she wondered.

When Irene Frederic saw the news that morning, she too, texted her first suspect.

"Why does everyone think it's me?" Claudia asked. She assured the HR Director that she had nothing to do with the faulty equipment of the plane Myka was supposed to be on before she changed her flight.

"Well, then I guess fate was going to make sure our two friends met, one way or the other," Irene said.

Fate was no match for one determined young woman from Brooklyn who still believed there was true romance in the world.

Leena served Helena and her guest tea and scones early that next morning. Helena smiled and thanked her and then said to Myka; "She's got to work on the tea. Perhaps Eileen could show her or that tea barista they had in the hotel in Colorado."

"Helena, I'm pretty sure they do not have one at the Four Seasons," Myka said smiling at her hostess.

"Really?" Helena asked sincerely and Myka assured her she knew that because she had stayed there on business.

"No tea barista?" Helena checked again.

"No, I'm certain I would remember that," Myka assured her.

"Oh I am really looking forward to going into work this morning," Helena said smiling slyly.

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