A Certain Heir

Just Desserts

Just Desserts
In spite of how ill Myka was feeling she felt she better step in.

"Sam hopes to one day be on the security detail that protects the president," Myka said hoping this would explain his comment.

"A noble cause to want to protect others," Helena said as the entrees were placed in front of them.

'Oh thank God, food!' Myka thought hoping everyone's mouths would be too busy to talk.

Pete returned to his seat to find the largest steak the restaurant had to order. "Oh thanks Boss," he said. He glanced over at Sam's entrée which was only a small portion of what was on Pete's plate.

"So tell me, Mr. Martino, how do you feel about having a long distance relationship?" Helena asked as she took a bite of her food. She timed the personal question just so Sam could not start his.

"Well, this was all Bunny's decision," he let out.

"Bunny?" Pete asked. Helena watched as the flush rose up Myka's face.

"As in Bugs?" Pete asked smiling. Myka's cheeks became crimson.

"No, just a nickname ….Sam…. calls me," Myka laughed trying to put more food in her mouth.

"And what does Ms. Bering call you, one is left to wonder," Helena said and Sam wasn't sure if she was asking or not.

"Just a term of endearment because she's….," Sam started to explain and Myka coughed as she choked on her food at the thought of him explaining the origin of that nickname.

Myka grabbed the wine glass and thought she caught the slightest glimmer in her boss' eyes. 'She's actually enjoying this!'

"Are you okay, Ms. Bering?" Helena asked and Myka assured her she was.

"I'm gonna call you Bugs," Pete said and when Helena shot him a look of disdain, he added; "Or not."

"So will you be relocating to New York then?" Helena asked as Sam made his second attempt to eat. He put his folk down.

"Oh no, my job is in Washington. Bun…Myka knows that. No, we'll work this long distance thing out, don't you worry. Myka is your girl for now," Sam said.

"Is she indeed?" Helena said devilishly. Her eyes shot back to Myka.

"What Sam means," Myka said dabbing her mouth with her napkin, "…is that I have no intention of relocating…..even if there were unforeseen circumstances ….let's say," Myka said looking back at her boss.

Pete was too busy enjoying his steak to keep score, but if he had been, he would have given that point to Myka.

"No, even if I lost my job, I wouldn't expect Myka to move back," Sam said because of course he thought she was talking about his career – not her own. "So what exactly does your company do, Miss Wells?" he asked.

"Oh, we do a great many things, Mr. Martino. We have a biomedical engineering division, a research and development division, as well as overseeing the copyrights to all of the works of the great HG Wells," Helena said.

"And Ms. Wells does a ton of charity work," Pete added.

"Oh, yes she does," Myka said in her head, but then saw the expression on everyone's faces. Those words came out of her mouth! Myka looked at each of the others and then grabbed her glass that the waiter had refilled and said….."I mean….we're quite familiar with your philanthropic work….with the HG Wells Foundation."

"I'm more of a Jules Verne man myself," Sam said and Myka closed her eyes in discomfort.

"Why am I not surprised," Helena said slowly.

"I identify more with Verne's optimistic view. To me, Wells was always more pessimistic about mankind's ability to run things," Sam said.

"Without a doubt. A view I share wholeheartedly – about – men – running things in general," Helena said, turning the phrase around to suit her. She was neither pleased nor surprised when Sam missed her point.

"What are you like his great great great granddaughter or something?" Sam inquired.

"Oh God," Myka murmured and took a big gulp of wine. Even Pete noticed how much she was drinking now.

"Something like that, yes," Helena said. "Speaking of HG Wells, Ms. Bering - has Mr. Kenney made his decision?" she segued.

Myka should have been expecting that question since she knew Helena instructed the man to call, but it took her by surprise and she spilled what little wine remained in her glass down the front of her dress. She jumped back and Sam went to help her, spilling his glass in her lap.

Now there was general chaos at the table - except for Helena who sat perfectly still – observing. When she saw that Myka was practically on the verge of tears, she stood up and said; "Come Myka, we'll go to the ladies room and take care of that."

Moist green eyes stared up at her. Helena's tone sounded so comforting, so caring. Myka smiled and got up and followed Helena to get cleaned up.

Then she remembered what Helena had said about the ladies room; "…and then you and I can go powder our noses in the ladies room where you can regale me with how you solved this issue…"

Helena wasn't being nice! She was going to the bathroom so Myka could tell her about Sykes and then tell her how she missed the producer's call. There would be nothing to regale ….. and then Helena would fire her! Myka stopped steps behind Helena who didn't notice and kept walking.

"The hell I am walking into that room so she can do that to me," she thought, but again the words had escaped her lips.

The couple at the table where Myka had paused looked up upon hearing her declaration. They stared at her, and then looked at Helena who had now stopped and then turned back to Myka. She realized she wasn't moving. Suddenly Myka didn't feel well – the room because very noisy and started to move. Myka was on overload and down she went slowly.

Helena was the one who moved swiftly to catch her as she fell.

Patrons jumped from their expensive meals and the Maître d' ran to Helena's side. "She'll be okay," Helena announced with certitude. "But I think we better get her home."

The waiter had to tell Sam and Pete their presences were needed. Pete shot to Helena's side as Sam leaned down to Myka.

"What happened?" he asked.

"I think she fainted," someone told him. Helena had instructed the waiter to carry Myka to a chair in the waiting area. Myka was conscious, but feeling the effects of the wine now.

"Oh hi, honey," she said almost laughing to Sam as he knelt in front of her. "What happened?"

"You got up and passed out, Myka. I think it was that wine," Sam said, now feeling woozy himself.

"Oh yeah! You know what? I was on my way to getting fired. Was I fired Sam?" Myka asked. Pete pulled back a little.

"Fired? No – why in the world would you be fired, Bunny?" he asked.

"I screwed up, Sam," Myka said before passing out and slumping in the chair.

Pete jumped in front of Sam who was feeling unsteady. He picked Myka up in his arms and looked at Helena.

"I don't think I can take care of her," Sam said feeling ill himself.

"That's the first thing you have said all evening that I agree with, Mr. Martino. Mr. Lattimer, take her to my car," Helena said.

She then instructed the waiter to help Sam to a cab after finding out where he was staying. "Tell Bunny I'll call her in the morning. You'll take care of her right?" he asked Helena holding his stomach.

"Indeed I will," Helena said to Sam. "Now you go home and rest, Mr. Martino. Don't worry about Ms. Bering. She's in very capable hands now."

Sam thanked Helena and got into the cab. The Maître d' asked if Helena needed any help, but she assured him she had everything under control. And she meant it.

Pete sat Myka in the back of Helena's Bentley and held the door open for Helena. "You be okay back there with her?" he asked Helena.

"Yes, Mr. Lattimer, thank you," Helena said.

"To the Penthouse?" he asked.

"No, Pete. Take us to the townhouse. My sense is that Ms. Bering will a rough night and morning," his boss said.

Pete started to drive as Helena secured the seat belt around Myka. She slumped over onto Helena's shoulder and moaned.

"That was the worst dinner I have ever had in my life," she said in a low voice.

Pete arrived and came around to carry Myka into the townhouse on Central Park West. Located in-between rows of tall apartment buildings, the late 1800's structure with the view of the park, stood out as the only thing left of a time when gorgeous houses like this lined the street.

"Where should I put her?" Pete asked Helena. Myka felt the strong arms that cradled her and smiled. Sam was carrying her to bed.

"Follow me," Helena said as they ascended the stairs. She opened the door to the master bedroom and it dawned on Pete he was inside his boss' bedroom. He laid her down on the bed and Myka smiled to feel the soft, cool sensation on her body. She felt so sweaty and hot a few minutes ago.

"Now what?" Pete asked, wondering where his duties ended.

"Now we allow Ms. Bering to sleep off her inebriated state, Mr. Lattimer," Helena said.

"Right," Pete said, his mind unable to stop taking the next Tram to Fantasyland. "Of course," he added when Helena waited at the door.

She walked him back to the entrance and thanked him. "Do make sure Mr. Martino got to his hotel alright, would you please? I want to reassure Ms. Bering he was taken care of."

Pete assured her he would check in on him now and text her.

Helena closed the door and went back to her employee who was sprawled across her bed. She looked down at how peaceful Myka looked for the first time that night. She didn't regret the plan she put in place although she was sorry she made Myka so nervous, that she drank too much.

Had someone asked Helena if she had seen enough that evening, she would have told them – she wasn't done.

"Now let's get you out of your clothes," Helena said as she looked at the wine soaked dress.

As soon as Helena moved Myka she moaned. In Myka's intoxicated state, her eyelids were too heavy to open. But she remembered feeling Sam's strong hands carry her in here. Now he was slowly taking her dress off. For a man who seemed all thumbs sometimes, he was certainly having no trouble tonight.

"Oh Sam, I can't believe that bitch was going to fire me! And I didn't even get to tell her …wait," Myka said as her bra straps being pushed off her shoulders. "I don't think I told her about Sykes. You know what his crime is? He loves her! Yeah, he has a tape ….oh I shouldn't be telling you this…," Myka said remembering it was confidential. "And I missed the producer's call and I couldn't get him back," Myka ranted as she was released from her bra and then her underwear. By now, Sam's hands were usually all over her and yet it seemed his not zeroing in on her was turning her on more.

What was so different?

It was his touch - his hands were so caring, so tender as he rolled her over gently and put a nightgown on. She had never felt him be more attentive or caring. Myka felt him pull the covers up over her. No! she thought. She wanted him to touch her more so she reached up and grabbed him by the neck and kissed him as hard as she could. This didn't quench the fire building in her at all.

God - he was a good kisser – his lips felt so full, so soft that Myka tried to push her tongue in past those lips. The fire she felt before was back, but it wasn't in her head now.

"Oh God, touch me please," Myka begged because she never felt the tension build up inside so fast in her life. She was certain if Sam only put his hand on her, she would explode.

Helena watched as her Chief Counsel squirmed in her sleep and then relented and gave into the slumber.

"Another time perhaps, Ms. Bering, another time," she whispered to Myka's request and shut the lights.

Pete checked in on Sam and even helped him get into bed. "She'll be okay with her boss right?" he asked Pete. "I mean, she won't eat her?" Sam asked as he ran to the bathroom to throw up.

Pete flopped down in a chair in the hotel room. "Really didn't need you to ask that," Pete said to himself. "I will not sleep at all tonight," he confessed.

That night, Sam slept across the hotel bed alone, wondering how his night of expected passion had turned into this. Pete went home to his apartment and took the coldest shower he could stand, but it didn't help. He finally relinquished and threw away any pangs of guilt. "Perk of the job," he convinced himself.

Myka had the most peaceful sleep of her life. The night hours seemed to be one long dream for her – of Sam being the gentle lover she had longed for. His tender caressing soothed away her vulnerabilities and his love-making was the most intense she had ever felt.

Helena woke more than once to her guest's moans of ecstasy in the bedroom next door calling out the name of the man Helena was certain was not good enough for her.

Myka's phone was downstairs, so she never got Sam's early morning text asking how she was as he made his way to the airport. Helena did reply on Myka's behalf, explaining that she was still sleeping and rested well. Sam thanked Helena for taking care of Myka.

"My pleasure," Helena said but didn't text back.

Myka woke up slowly. The sun that cascaded through the blinds was too bright for her. Her head felt as if she had hit it and her mouth was very dry. Yet, she remembered how wonderful Sam had made her feel.

Was that because he felt bad for her? Had she gotten fired and he was trying to console her? She didn't remember her boss firing her. No, she would have remembered that she was sure.

Myka felt the coolness of the silk sheets. Where was he staying that the hotel had silk sheets on the bed? She ran her hand down her front and felt the sheerness of the nightgown. Where the hell did he get this? Myka forced her eyes to open and look around. This couldn't be a hotel. He must be staying with friends. Myka wondered where he was and if there was a robe to go with this short nightgown. There was and it was at the foot of the bed, waiting for her. God, he was so thoughtful.

Had her mother been right about Sam all this time? Was he a diamond in the rough? Myka was certain of one thing – she liked it. Whatever he did to her last night – she had never felt so turned on before. She couldn't remember everything - the damn fifteen hundred bottle of wine saw to that!

She went to the bathroom and freshened up. There was a definite feminine touch to this place. Myka's head hurt, but she was going to march downstairs and drag Sam back to bed and make passionate love to him before this wonderful feeling left her body. She would just ignore the throbbing in her head.

Myka put the robe on, stepped into the waiting slippers, and went down the stairs. She sensed there was no one else with them. She could smell coffee and heard the distinct sound of a cup being placed back on the saucer.

Sam had let her sleep! Absence does make the heart grow fonder, Myka thought. She listened at the swinging door and could hear him snap the paper. She took off the robe, pushed the door opened and stood there with her arm up the door frame with her hand on her hip and asked;

"Want some of this for breakfast?" she asked seductively.

Dark eyes and a Cheshire like grin met Myka from the other end of the table.

Helena was done playing nice.

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