A Certain Heir

Sam I AM - NOT

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It took Myka a few seconds to realize that the person staring back at her – intently – was not whom she expected. She simply could not comprehend how Helena was sitting where Sam should be. She braced against the door frame to steady herself.

What was her boss doing there? How did she find her? Did she miss her opportunity to fire her and tracked her down? - were just some of the fleeting thoughts.

"What are you doing here? Myka said looking around for Sam. "Where is Sam?"

"He's not here," Helena said slowing getting up from her chair and walking toward her surprised guest.

"Oh no, you're mistaken. He's here. He is definitely here," Myka laughed nervously. "That's why I am ….. he…," she stammered.

She suddenly became aware of two things – Helena kept moving directly to her - and she was standing in the sheerest nightgown she had ever been in.

"Oh my God!" Myka said as she realized her state of dress. Her hands went up to cover what she could. "SAM?" Myka called out wondering where the hell he could be.

"I told you Ms. Bering, Sam is not here. We put him in a cab last night and he went back to his hotel room. He returned to Washington this AM on a very early morning flight," Helena said with a knowing smile on her face.

"No, he was here! He….he carried me upstairs…," Myka said walking backwards slowly.

She stopped suddenly and wondered how she was going to bend over and get the robe back that she dropped. There simply was not enough material to cover her if she bent over. She tried to snag it with her foot, but the material was too slippery.

"Allow me," Helena said politely - picking up the robe and holding it out. Myka would have to take a step towards Helena to get it.

"He was never here, Myka. That was Mr. Lattimer who carried you upstairs," Helena said as Myka grabbed the robe and put it on. It was like being naked in Times Square even though there was only one other person with her.

"What?" Myka said and felt gripped with fear. "No, Sam carried me … I felt him," Myka continuing her backwards march. She held onto the wall. She was going to go back upstairs and wake up from this.

"No, that was Mr. Lattimer who carried you upstairs," Helena said with a raised eyebrow.

"Look, I don't know what is going on here, but that's impossible. Sam carried me upstairs and I know because I kissed him! Unless you're telling me that your bodyguard kissed me and that did not happen!" Myka insisted. A smile came over Helena's face and her eyes narrowed.

"You did not kiss your boyfriend, dear," Helena said.

"Oh yes I did. I …was … up there and … I felt him kiss me. I felt his lips on mine," Myka said getting confused.

"Oh you did kiss someone, but it wasn't Sam," her boss said still walking towards her.

"I know my own boyfriend's lips," Myka insisted. "Are you telling me I don't know my own boyfriend's lips? I kiss them all the time and I know what they feel like," Myka said unable to look Helena in the eye.

Helena reached down and took Myka's hand gently and grazed her finger across her own lips.

"Do these feel familiar?" Helena asked. The sensation of those soft lips brought Myka right back to last night. Myka froze with the undeniable proof that those were very familiar lips. Touching them shot sparks through Myka's body and her knees literally felt like they were going to give out.

"You kissed me? You got me drunk and kissed me?" Myka yelled.

"Got your drunk? No darling, your nerves did that to you. And I did not kiss you – I let you kiss me," her boss said, clearing it up. That didn't clear it up.

Myka burst out in a nervous laugh at how ridiculous this was. She felt the bottom step of the staircase and slowly started to walk backwards up to the bedroom. Helena hadn't changed her pace – she kept following her.

"They warned me ….. that you were a polar bear…and …and …all hedgehog-y inside," Myka said – her breathing quickening now. "…..but that ego! Like I would want to kiss you!"

"Polar bear you say? Do you know they are considered opportunistic hunters?" Helena said matter-of-factly. "And hedgehogs? You didn't find my touch prickly last night," Helena said.

"Your touch?" Myka said moving backwards. "Why did you touch me?"

"How do you think you got out of that dress, Myka?" Helena said devilishly. She stayed a few steps behind Myka, but she was on the move nonetheless.

"You… you took my clothes off?" Myka said – her eyes darting back and forth trying to remember something – anything.

"Well, I couldn't let you sleep in ….wet….. clothes," Helena said smiling.

Myka moved back on the landing until she felt the door behind her. "I just want Sam," Myka said because this was getting out of hand now.

"Do you, Myka? Because your body language last night indicated otherwise. You want – something, Myka, but my instincts tell me – it isn't your G-man who probably has no idea what the G-spot is," Helena said boldly.

"The G? Hey! He …knows….things," Myka said wanting to defend Sam for some reason. Myka's hand searched for the doorknob. "We have….we do….just fine."

"You have the most incredible green eyes," Helena said looking into them.

God this woman was intoxicating. Myka wanted to move, wanted to run, but it was as if her feet were made of lead and they wouldn't move. It was as if Helena had some kind of hold over her.

"Thank you," Myka said to be polite. "Now if you would get my clothes…."

"Do you know what I like most about light eyes?" Helena asked and Myka shook her head no.

"It's easy to see when they are dilating," Helena said slyly.

"Dilating?" Myka repeated – her brain shutting down so that she was left with mimicry.

"As in …," Helena said invading her space. She didn't want to offend Myka by being too bold. "…when you're interested in what you're seeing. Based on your eyes, I'd say you were very interested," Helena said confidently.

"Are you suggesting ….that ….I am interested..," Myka wanted to protest – wanted to get away until she had time to think this through, but her body was done waiting.

While her brain scrambled to remember her native tongue – her mouth opened invitingly. When she moved toward Helena just the slightest, Helena made her move. She moved in and pressed her lips on Myka's waiting mouth. The movement pushed Myka back against the door which was a good thing because her knees were having trouble supporting her. Helena instantly reached out and held Myka up.

Helena pressed gently against Myka and felt her melt into the push. She knew it was setting every nerve in Myka's being on fire.

Myka's brain was yelling at her to stop – that her boss was doing something to her that was wrong. Myka's entire body could not have disagreed more. The sensation of those soft lips on hers, pressing her back and the smell of Helena's hair was powerful. In seconds, this gave Myka a stronger buzz than the bottle of wine last night.

Helena held Myka in place for a few seconds – long enough to convince her body what she was the one who had evoked the passion the night before. She released her as gently as she had held her and Myka's body fell back against the door.

"Oh my God," Myka said and it was with a mixture of surprise and gratitude.

Helena smiled proudly. She was as confident in the bedroom as she was in the boardroom. She was aware that this was a lot for Myka to take in, and she had to think about what to do next. So she did the only thing she felt was fair to Myka; Helena opened the bedroom door and waited for her to decide if she wanted to come in.

Myka stared at Helena. Then the bed. She knew what Helena was asking her and she didn't know what to do.

"I am ….Sam…. I mean so confused," Myka said and Helena knew she was going to lose Myka if she let her think too much.

Helena reached over and kissed Myka's hand. "Only if it feels right to you, Myka," Helena said.

Everything about Helena felt right to Myka. She didn't know how or why, but there was no denying that she had never felt anything like this.

If Myka could have shut her brain down – she would have lay down on that bed and begged Helena to release the pent up fire building inside her. She would not have questioned it. But Myka was not impulsive, spontaneous and she worried about the fact that she was in a relationship. The internal argument between her mind and body was clear to Helena, who knew instinctively Myka would wrestle with this dilemma.

After all, Myka was one of those 'good girl' types.

Fortunately for Myka, Helena was not.

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