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Versa Sauveuse tries to achieve many things in her life. Travelling, watching concerts, working in hospital, meeting the one. But to make that happen, it isn't easy since she has many problems—with herself, especially.

Ashila Anja
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Before y’all beautiful readers read the story, I wanna say HALO (Indonesian)!

Yes, I’m Indonesian so I hope you could understand my grammar error, limited vocabulary, and something else because I’m still trying my best to learn English :)

I write this based on my experiences (some of it). Also, as a place to express my feeling during the dark period of mine so this isn’t just a romantic fanfiction, but also a life lesson story. I’ll slip some of my valuable experiences here so y’all beautiful readers could take the lesson <3

It’s 18+. Not because it’s smut or erotic HEHE. Believe me it isn’t and it WON’T. I’m just going to make some mature scene so please be a wise reader if you’re underage :)

Every chapter name is inspired by episode name of Friends.

Imma iKONIC. I miss Hanbin every single day—oh God, I wish he is okay and always remains happy & dork like for old times’ sake. Getting stressed with collage life (hEy I still wanna call myself highschooler because I’m mentally 13), I came back with iKON story.

Imma very labile person because for the millionth time I post a story. AGAIN. Hopefully, I will never delete it every time I get writer’s block or whenever I don’t feel confident about this story. I think I’m having this chronic disease where I couldn’t finish my story since 2013.

Um, I think that’s it. I hope this story has many readers:( Even so, I hope y’all really really enjoy reading this.

May 2020 be my year. Amen.


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