Something To Protect

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

"Inuyasha look out!" Kagome screamed. She looked on in terror. Naraku and Inuyasha had been battling for what felt like decades. What could she do? How could she help? Looking closely at Naraku she could tell that something was off about him, if she hadn’t thought Naraku was human before she was even more skeptical now.

What was going on? One minute he was blocking a punch, the next thing he knew a knee was flying at him then another fist. When had Naraku become so fast? Quickly putting his mind on the task at hand Inuyasha ducked out of the way of a kick to the face.

Inuyasha could feel himself slowing down. He was bleeding from several wounds that weren't too serious, but the pain in his gut was starting rear its ugly head. Too lost in his thoughts Inuyasha had no time to dodge the swift kick delivered to his solar plexus.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled out but not moving from her spot in the corner.

"So disappointing. I thought once learning the truth about your mother and kingdom you'd have a bit more fight in you, guess I was wrong." Naraku sneered.

"Keh, is that all you've got? I'm just getting warmed up." Inuyasha said rising to his feet.

"You haven't seen anything yet little prince."

"Dance of the Dragon!" the wind sorceress was relentless, throwing everything she had at the two humans before her. She'd be damned if she let them get the best of her.

"Sango!" Miroku called out. Said girl was forcefully thrown back by the wind attack, stepping behind her so she crashed into his chest and not a wall.

"Miroku this isn't working! We can't get close to her when her wind just blows us around like this." Sango panted.

"One more time." he said looking determined.

"Oh no I'm really scared now." Kagura mocked with a wicked smirk.

"Dance of blades!" Razor sharp wind was flung their way. They ducked and weaved through the attack. Kagura was a little more than shocked when the wind disappeared and the humans were gone.

"Now Sango!" With no time to react Kagura was taken off guard when a solid punch to the face sent her stumbling. She lost the grip on her fan and did a quick summersault to regain her poise. Cradling her nose she had to admit, the girl had one heck of a right hook.

"Not so high and mighty now without your little toy are you?" Sango mocked.

"Since you no longer pose a real threat I think we can talk civilly, ne?" Miroku inquired.

"You think just because you have my fan that I'm completely powerless? Ha! I'm a full fledged demon, I could still crush you if I wanted!"

"Well you want this back don't you? Answer a few questions and you can be on your way, fan intact." Sango stated.

Kagura simply glowered. She hated being threatened, especially by those she felt were below her.

"What does Naraku have to gain from all this?" Miroku asked.

"What’s it to you?" Kagura snapped.

"Our friends are in danger, we all are. Naraku needs to be stopped at all costs." Sango interjected.

“I get paid handsomely for my service, that also includes my silence.”

"I can sense the your aura is bound, locked away by something more powerful, does he truly pay you so much that you were willing to sequester your freedom?" Miroku asked, putting the lessons he’d learned from a few Buddhist monks to good use.

"You could say that. Naraku has my heart, literally."

"How is that possible? How do you live without a heart?" Sango asked.

"I'm hollow inside. By fusing some of his demonic energy with mine my life is sustained. He keeps me bound so that I’m unable to betray him, but I wish to be free."

"Wait demonic energy? I thought Naraku was a human bandit?"

"He used to be human. Naraku sold his soul to demons to make himself stronger and gain power." Kagura told them.

"What is his true purpose? Is he really going to such lengths just to get to Kagome?" Miroku asked.

"I have no idea. Naraku doesn't trust me enough to give me details. I do as I'm told and then go on about my business. Plus it's not like I care anyway. There's no need for me to get caught up in human affairs."

"Thank you for the information but we must be going." Tossing the fan at her Miroku and Sango took off down the long corridor.

"Wait! Aren't you going to help me get my heart back?" Kagura yelled but they were already gone. Growling in frustration she too ran down the hallway.

Inuyasha groaned in pain as more of his blood was spilled on the ground. His vision was becoming blurry and his limbs felt like lead. All in all this was becoming a very bad situation.

"You disappoint me little prince." Naraku sneered.

"Shut up!" But this time he didn't charge. He sat back waiting for Naraku to make his move. If he wanted to defeat him he needed to look for a weak spot. An opening. Anything.

"What are you waiting for little prince? Come at me!" Anger boiled inside Naraku when there was no response to his taunt. Who did this little twit think he was to ignore him?

Quickly putting his emotions in check he let his defensive stance slacken.

Inuyasha looked on never taking his eyes off his target, still patiently waiting.

Naraku let his head fall forward as his inky black locks fell over his shoulders, covering his face. Taking a closer look Inuyasha could make out the slight shake of Naraku's shoulders.

Was he...laughing?

"What the hell is so funny?" Inuyasha screamed. Getting ready to charge he was stopped by Kagome's calming hand landing on his arm.

"Inuyasha wait. Something isn't right." Kagome whispered.

"What are you talking about?"

"Something is off about Naraku. His aura is wrong."

"I'm not following." Turning his head to look at her the circles under eyes than were darker than ever. She looked so weary.

"Naraku is a human, but his attributes have changed. Haven't you noticed he's faster than usual? Has sharper reflexes?" Realization dawned on Inuyasha's face as he turned once more to stare at the not so human Naraku.

They think they’re so smart. They don't even know the half of what I've done.

Naraku stood still, his head tilted downward, smirking at the ground.

They think they understand. My want, no, need for power.

Slowly he lifted his eyes to lock with Inuyasha's.

I want your blood. You are the spitting image of that traitorous bastard. Today you will die by my hand...just like your father.

Naraku's body began to shake. He could feel the bloodlust of the demons he had absorbed. It was growing, trying to overtake him. His cold eyes shifted over from the prince to the young servant girl by his side.

She was whom he truly wanted.

She would make his plans complete. Turn his dream into reality.

Kagome was the key to gaining back the one thing that would him the most powerful being in the entire world.

The shikon no tama.

"Stop! Do you sense that?" Miroku looked around frantically, Sango coming to a halt behind him.

"It's evil. Very evil." Sango shuddered as the feeling left her gut feeling hollow.

"If we follow this aura I bet we'll find Inuyasha and Kagome." Miroku began running once more.

'I hope we're not too late.'

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