Something To Protect

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

They were idiots, the lot of them.

Humans were so easily controlled.

By greed, lust, and power. They desired it all.

And that will be his downfall.

His darkeness, his coruption, his power, it will backfire on him.

And then he well be no more

The blows had stopped and for now the prince and corrupted human stood at an impasse.

"Are you ready to give up yet Inuyasha? It's becoming quite apparent that you won't make it out of here alive." Naraku sneered. The evil glint in his eyes intensifying as he continued to stare down his prey.

His plan was coming together just as it should, nothing and no one would stop him. There was only this one final step, and then the world as these pathetic creatures knew it would cease to exist.

"What's wrong Naraku cat got your tongue? I said come at me!" Inuyasha taunted. Suddenly an octopus like tentacle shot from Naraku's body and straight towards the human Prince.

Inuyasha dove quickly to the right, the offending appendage grazing his leg. Rolling into a crouch he pressed a hand against the small wound in an attempt to staunch the slow trickle of blood.

"Tell me something Naraku," Inuyasha said slowly getting back on his feet, "just what is your true objective?"

"You want to know my true objective little prince? I desire power! Strength so immense that even the great Inu no taisho himself would've cowered in fear."

"I don't understand Naraku, what do you hope to gain from all this destruction? Does destroying the lives of everyone in this castle make you feel that powerful?" Kagome questioned him.

"This castle and everyone in it is nothing more than collateral damage. I want the Shikon Jewel and nothing else."

"What the hell is the shikon jewel?" Inuyasha asked, sharing a confused glance with Kagome.

"You'll see soon enough." Naraku said. Just then an albino girl dressed in white appeared by Naraku's side. "Kanna it seems we have a traitor in our mists...dispose of her."

"I think we're getting closer!" Miroku yelled over the commotion. A large tremor shook the castle’s foundation. Paintings and vases fell from their perches in the halls, old, decaying walls crumbled into dust.

"If this goes on much longer the whole castle will be destroyed!" Sango said.

They continued to run, their footsteps pounding into the ground, their breaths coming out in short labored pants. Sango was startled when she ran full force into Miroku's back, the impact nearly knocking her on her ass.

"Miroku what the hell-" Her hazel orbs widened when she say exactly why he had stopped running.

"P-Princess Kikyou?" Sango stuttered out. She looked almost the same, her skin so pale it almost looked transparent, her raven locks were free the ponytail she usually kept it in. Instead her shinning locks fell about her face and cascaded to her hips, the only true notable difference was...

She looked happy.

"Long time no see huh Sango?" Her voice was soft and for the first time Sango saw her genuinely smile.

"How can this be? I thought you died?" Miroku said, his eyes still wide with shock.

"It's true, but I have been unable to move on."

"What ties your soul here?" Sango asked.

"I made many mistakes when I was alive. I'm here again to right those wrongs, though I cannot do it alone. I need your help for your friends are in grave danger." Kikyou said anxiously.

"You mean Inuyasha and Kagome?" The princess solemnly nodded her head and Sango and Miroku shared a worried look.

"It is Kagome who you must worry most about, for she is the ultimate key in Naraku's plan."

"What plan? What does he want?"

"Have you ever heard of the Shikon No Tama?" When both Sango and Miroku shook their heads Kikyou continued to explain. "It's an enchanted crystal the contains the power to grant it's user one wish."

"Five hundred years ago lived a powerful priestess named Midoriko. She had the power to purify the souls of demons. Fearing her power, together the demons attacked her and a fierce battle raged on for seven days and seven nights."

"She must have been some priestess." Miroku complemented.

"That she was. Many of the lesser demons merged together to form one great demon. When they had Midoriko in their jaws she reached deep inside herself and seized her soul...while simultaneously forcing out her own heart. They say that is how the Shikon No Tama came to be."

"What happened to the demons?" Sango asked.

"Midoriko trapped their souls in the jewel along with her own. It is said that a battle between good and evil still wages on in the jewel today."

"And you're saying Naraku wants this jewel?"

"Yes, but the jewel was lost many years ago. No one knows what happened to just disappeared. Naraku hopes to create a new Shikon No Tama."

"Dammit all to hell!" Kagura shouted to herself. How had she lost two stupid humans so quickly.

"Kagura." Spinning on her heel, fan ready, the wind youkai stood face to face with Kanna. Expelling a breath of relief Kagura closed her fan and walked over to the young girl.

"Don't do that Kanna you scared the shit out of me." Kanna was a void demon, she had no youki, no presence. She was just...there.

Do it.

"But I don't want to." Kanna whispered

"Did you say something?" Kagura asked.

Kill her.

Kagura stared into Kanna's blank orbs. She was a strange child.


She could see the small crystalline tears lining the young girls eyes.

'But Kanna has no emotions. She can't feel.' Kagura thought to herself.

Do it now!

"I'm sorry."

Kagura's eyes grew wide in surprise. She could feel the blood rushing through her veins, the missed reverberation in her chest, her heart was back!

And in that same instant it all stopped. Looking down she saw a tentacle sticking out from Kanna's mirror and right through her chest...right where her newly regained heart sat in her ribcage.

A lone tear flowed down Kanna's face as Kagura crumpled to the ground.

'I'm sorry.'

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