Something To Protect

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

"Naraku hopes to create a new Shikon no Tama."

"How does he hope to accomplish this?" Miroku asked trying to digest all the information being thrown at him.

"The jewel was originally formed when the pure soul of Midoriko and the tainted souls of the demons collided, this is where your friend Kagome becomes the most important piece in Naraku's puzzle." Kikyou explained.

"Naraku is going to use Kagome's soul to form a new Shikon jewel." Sango stated more than asked.

"Where is he going to get the tainted souls from? I’m sure the few demons left in the world wouldn’t willingly sacrifice themselves." Miroku said.

"The war. All the blood and hate tainting this castle will be more than enough malice to create a new jewel." The princess clarified. Her form was starting to become more and more cloudy.

"This form is not going to last much longer," with the last of her strength Kikyou enveloped both Miroku and Sango is a pink aura, "I'll take you to where your friends are but after that your on your own."

"You've done more than enough Kikyou-Sama and for that we thank you." The two humans disappeared in the light as Kikyou was bathed in a light of her own. She had done it, she had repented for her sins and now she could find eternal happiness.

'Please be safe. I wish all of you the best of luck.'

When the light faded away...Kikyou was gone.

"I grow tired of these petty games!" Throwing out a tentacle Naraku caught Inuyasha around the neck, lifting him into the air.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled from across the hall.

"It's over little prince! I've told you before that the Kami did not bless me with much patience. You're tapping on my last nerve and it is time for me to get what I truly desire."

The tentacle snapped sending Inuyasha crashing into the far end of the hallway.

"Leave him alone!" Crimson eyes landed on the raven haired beauty standing before him. Slowly Naraku stalked towards his prey. He could smell the fear dripping from her every pore. It excited him.

"Before you asked me what my true objective was. I want the shikon no tama and you girl are going to help me get it."

Kagome continued to move away from the enemy, all too soon her back hit the wall and she screwed her eyes shut praying this was nothing more than a terrible nightmare, she’d soon wake up from.

"I don't know what you’re talking about. I can't help you!" She said finding the courage to speak. When she opened her Naraku was standing in her face and she had to clamp down on her tongue to keep from screaming.

"Oh but you can, for you are the final step to complete this grand scheme of mine. If you do what I want I'll even promise to spare your beloved prince." He sneered.

"Don't do it Kagome! He's a liar! He'll never keep up his end of the deal!" Inuyasha yelled crawling out of the darkness. He was weak from fighting so long and loosing too much blood, too many bones had been broken, too many muscles torn and stretched.

Placing his finger under Kagome's chin Naraku forced her to look at him. "You have two choices: give me what I want and let the prince live or disobey me and have him die."

"Don't listen to him!" Looking over at Inuyasha Kagome could see how beat up he was, and it was all for her. Because he wanted to protect her he was going to die...and she couldn't let that happen.

But what if Naraku was lying? What if he killed Inuyasha anyway? She didn't know what to do.

"Time is running out." Naraku taunted.

"Don’t do it!" Inuyasha screamed.

"You must choose."


"I'll do whatever you want... just please don't hurt Inuyasha anymore." Kagome whispered.


Naraku smirked.

The light faded and Miroku and Sango found themselves in a dark hallway.

'Please be safe. I wish all of you the best of luck.'

They heard the soft voice of the princess and knew that she had finally been able to move on. Taking a few seconds Miroku clasped his hands together in a silent prayer for Kikyou's safe trip into Nirvana.

"Let's go Miroku!" When his eyes opened Sango was already halfway down the hall.

"Wait for me!" He said running after her.


"That sounded like Inuyasha!" Sango said. Now running in a dead sprint both Sango and Miroku reached the end of the corridor in time to see Naraku run his claws through Kagome's chest.


Her chocolate orbs widened in surprise as Naraku's claws invaded her flesh. But why wasn't she dead?

"You're not dead because the intent was not to kill you." Naraku said. Could he read her mind?

Naraku chuckled, "No. Your soul is just very open. One look inside and I could know anything I wanted about you."

This is what he was after? Her soul? Why?

"To recreate the jewel of course. I need a pure soul to mix with the tainted ones of the dead soldiers and castle dwellers. I knew ever since the night I killed your family that your soul was the only one pure enough to make a new jewel, that's why I didn't kill you that night, and why I came back for you."

Everything made since now to her.

"I'm glad you understand, but now it's time to say goodbye."

Kagome's senses went numb and her body felt cold.

'Inuyasha, I'm sorry.'

Then everything went black.

All he could do was watch as Kagome's eyes went dull and unfocused. Her slim body fell against the wall and slid soundlessly to floor.

He was a failure. He promised to protect her. She was his something to protect and he couldn't save her. Could he do nothing right?

Inuyasha let the tears collect in his eyes. What did he have left now that Kagome was gone?

Do you want to save her?

Inuyasha laughed to himself, it was a hollow and empty sound, "Not you again."

Do you want to save her? Is she important to you? The voice asked.

"Yes, she means more to me than anything." Suddenly a gentle blue light appeared, almost blinding him with its brightness.

Reach for the light.

Should he do it? What if this was another one of Naraku's tricks?

If you want to save the girl then you must trust me.

He couldn't explain it but this voice sounded so familiar. The aura engulfing him was calming and it didn't feel dangerous. Slowly and tentatively Inuyasha reached out a shaky hand.

The orb of light burst and he had to shield his eyes from the brightness. When he opened them a tall man stood before him, his silver hair was swept in a high ponytail, and his topaz eyes stared down at Inuyasha with an emotion the young prince could not recognize.

He wore a white kimono decorated with amour and three swords tucked securely at his waist. He looked like an ancient warrior from the feudal era.

"Who are you?" Inuyasha asked.

"I'm your father."

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