Something To Protect

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

"I'm your father." Inuyasha could do nothing more than stare at the regal man standing before him. The man who had died the night he was born, protecting him and his mother.

"You're the voice I've been hearing?" he asked.


"Were you the one giving Kagome and I the strange dreams?"


"Not a man of many words are you?" Inuyasha grumbled as he slowly pushed himself to lean against the wall.

"No." his father said smirking. "Unfortunately I wasn't sent here to exchange pleasantries." His tone becoming serious, Inuyasha continued to eye his father, waiting for him to finish speaking. "I'm afraid that your mother left out some significant details when explaining our past."

"Like what?" Inuyasha asked becoming suspicious.

"You're different Inuyasha, different from everyone else, in a class all your own." Toga said.

"I'm not following."

"You're hanyou." Inuyasha stared incredulously at his father, his eyes widening in shock and fear. How was that possible?

"I…I'm not human?" He asked slowly as mind started racing a mile a minute.

"No you're not, at least not fully. Your mother is a human but I'm a full blooded demon. a dog demon to be specific. There are some things that you should know about that night Inuyasha. The reason your mother was rejected by my people was not only because of her common status, but also because of her human DNA. Back then hanyou were seen as weak, a taint on this world, a spot on the Earth that should be wiped clean. Though I loved your mother and through tradition to the wind. After I was killed Izyaoi had no choice but to start over and in doing so made the choice to raise you human. With the help of many powerful concealment charms your demonic abilities and looks were sealed away."

"Why are you telling me all of this?"

"Because the truth is what will give you the strength to save that girl. Have you ever tried to use the Tetsusaiga Inuyasha?"

"Yeah, but it's practically useless. I don't think that thing could cut paper...wet."

"That sword once belonged to me you know. It was forged from one of my fangs. If you truly want to master it then must be in your true form." the Inu no taisho said.

"But how do I do that? I don't even have Tetsusaiga with me." Toga smiled down at his son, as he pulled one of the three swords he carried from his waist. Inuyasha immediately recognized the old scabbard.

"Now you must concentrate Inuyasha. Close your eyes and reach deep down inside yourself, find the missing part of who you are." The image of Toga was slowly starting to recede. He was disappearing.

"Wait! Father, don't go! I still have so many questions!" Inuyasha yelled shooting to his feet.

"You must trust in who you are. The desire to protect the girl will not be enough if you do not believe in your heart of hearts that you can do it. I'm sorry I wasn’t able to be there while you grew up Inuyasha, but even so you have turned into a fine young man. My blood runs strongly in your veins and I couldn’t be more proud of you." Smirking, the spirit of the dog general finally faded and Inuyasha felt a piece of himself leave with his father.

Inuyasha looked down at the great sword that his father had once wielded himself.

'Concentrate Inuyasha, find the missing part of who you are.'

"The missing part huh?" Closing his eyes Inuyasha began to meditate. In his mind there was an endless hallway of doors. Each door a different memory, a different emotion. Together they all made up his entire being. Inuyasha continued down the hall until he came upon a door different from all the others. This one was marked with a blue crescent moon, and it was covered in chains and pad locks.

"This must be it." Walking over to the door he reached out a hand to touch one of the locks when it shocked him. "What the hell?"

'With the help of powerful concealment charms your demonic abilities and looks were sealed away.'

Nodding in understanding he reached out again but this time he let his hand hover over the lock. Concentrating as much as he could he finally let out the breath he didn't know he was holding when the lock gave way.

Over and over Inuyasha broke through each lock and chain. By the time the last lock was off he was mentally exhausted. An image of Kagome being impaled by Naraku ripped through his mind and with renewed energy he opened the door and let the power of his father’s youaki ancestry flow through him.

He could feel his broken bones reform, his torn and stretched muscles repairing themselves. Everything suddenly became too loud and his ears began to ring. His nose was assaulted by the disgusting stench of blood, death, and gunpowder. Silver locks fell over his shoulders, and when he felt am unfamiliar twitching on top of his head, he found two puppy ears instead of his human ones. He could see his reflection in the marble...his eyes now a shade of gold like his father instead of violet like his mother.

Looking down his dull human nails had become sharp talons, his human teeth replaced by fangs. All in all he felt stronger than ever. As a human his injuries had been enough to nearly kill him, but with this new strength he knew he would get Kagome back.

In a flash the hallway of doors was gone and he was back at the castle. Tetsusaiga pulsed in his hand as if telling him it was time for a new battle to begin.

Hold on Kagome, I'm coming for you!

He had done it!

Soon he would be the most powerful being who ever lived. All would cower in fear and show him the respect he so rightfully deserved.

He would never be out done by anyone again.

He was invincible.

'I must thank you naive little Kagome. Your act of "bravery" sealed your fate and now your little prince will die'

Naraku stood still gently holding Kagome's soul in his hands. He willed himself not to drop it, the brightness and purity of it almost becoming too much against his taint.

Carefully Naraku cut his finger with his fangs letting the blood drip onto the floor. Making a circle around himself, he chanted the incantation he'd spent years learning. He'd practiced the ritual so many times he could do it in his sleep.

Closing his eyes and concentrating Naraku began to mumble incoherently. His voice was soft, barely audible and soon a dark purple barrier began to surround him and Kagome's soulless body. He could feel the power hungry demons that resided within him begin to stir. They wrestled and writhed against each other trying to get to the immense power they were feeling.

'Soon my demons, very soon.' Naraku cooed.

No one would stop him.

Sango couldn't breathe. What the hell just happened? Suddenly she realized that she was on her knees sobbing hysterically with Miroku shaking the life out of her, calling out her name.

"Sango! Sango can you hear me? You've got to snap out of it!" Miroku yelled. He was overwhelmed and everything was spiraling out of control. Kagome was gone, Inuyasha was gone, and an unmistakable evil had just been unleashed on the world.

And Sango wouldn't stop crying.

"Sango I need you not to fucking fall apart on me!" he screamed loosing all his patience. He couldn't do this alone. He needed her.

"M-miroku, please tell me it's not true, t-t-tell me that they’re okay." she whispered brokenly.


"What are we gonna do? We can't fight him on our own Miroku." As much as he wanted to tell Sango she was wrong he couldn't. Naraku now had all he needed to create a new Shikon No Tama.

"First things first, we should try to find Inuyasha."

"No need to look very far." Came the unexpected voice. Whipping around both Miroku and Sango stood gaping at the newly transformed prince.

"Close your mouths, you're gonna catch flies."

"Nice to know that you haven't lost your sense of humor." Miroku stated dryly.

"What happened to you?" Sango asked slowly rising from her knees. Walking over to him she gently fingered his silky silver strands of hair, and before she could stop herself reached up to touch his ears. Though she pouted when Inuyasha quickly intercepted her hand.

"Don't touch the ears." He said calmly.

"Look as much as I too want to sit here and pet the new puppy, we have bigger things to worry about." Miroku said pointing to Naraku's growing barrier. The lost and angry souls of the soldiers and castle dwellers were quickly being absorbed by his barrier. With each new soul devoured Naraku's power grew.

"Okay first: Don't ever call me a puppy again, and second: My father came and spoke to me." Inuyasha said.

"He taught me about my true heritage. I'm half Inu-youkai. Do you remember my sword Tetsusaiga Miroku? It used to be wielded by my father, and the reason why I couldn't use it was because my mother had sealed my youkai blood."

"Can you use it now? The Tetsusaiga I mean?" Inuyasha reached to his waistband and pulled the great sword free from its sheath, the once dull and rusted blade transformed into a sharp, lethal looking fang before their very eyes.

"It's amazing." Sango whispered.

"Okay so you have demonic abilities and a kick ass sword, is that really gonna be enough to defeat Naraku?" Miroku asked.

"I don't know," Inuyasha said matter of factly,"but all I know is that I will get Kagome back...even if it kills me."

"You said before that the sword wouldn't transform for you, how do you know how to wield it?" Sango asked.

"Well I used to practice all the time. I'd heard of a few techniques from Sesshomaru but none of them ever worked, so eventually I just stopped trying." Inuyasha answered.

"So back to square one: How do we stop Naraku?" Miroku cut in.

"We need to stop him from completing the ritual, that means we have to break down the barrier. You guys leave that part up to me." Inuyasha said.

"What should we do?" Sango asked.

"You guys are gonna be the diversion." Inuyasha finished.

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