Something To Protect

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

"There, all done!" Kagome whipped the sweat off her brow as she finished helping Sango and Keade with dinner.

"Thank ye so much for all yer help girls. Now get dressed in yer best yukatas, you'll help serve the dinner as well." The old woman turned away to finish the final touches on dinner, ignoring the complaining going on between the two girls.

"Jeez we've been working all day on this dinner. Who knows when the guest will be ready to leave.” said Sango.

"Yeah well we have to grin and bear it. Not like we have much say so around here." Kagome grumbled.

Their Lord Hiroshi was a kind ruler as long as you did as you were told. If he felt you were being a delinquent or disrespectful, there would surely be hell to pay.

Kagome and Sango continued to walk down the large hallway to the servants’ quarters to begin getting dressed. Eventually they reached the small room they shared and walked to their respective dressers to pick suitable outfits for this evening.

Just as Kagome and Sango finished getting ready a young girl came into room telling them the guest had arrived and Lord Hiroshi wanted them down in the dinning hall at once.

"Of course here we come." All three girls rushed down hall as to not keep their lord or his guests waiting.

Kagome felt a slight fluttering in her tummy as the came closer and closer to dining hall. She simply shook the feeling off as nerves, but she knew deep down it was more than that. Something was happening tonight, her only question was would it be good or bad?

Inuyasha, Miroku, and Lady Izayoi rode in their carriage towards the Aomori castle.

"Inuyasha stop sulking. I don't care how much you don't want to be here but you will be respectful to these people." Izayoi said sternly to her son.

"Keh!" was his only reply.

"Come on Inuyasha I can tell you it won't be that bad, especially if Kikyou Aomori looks anything like I've heard she does, Ouch!" Miroku yelped as his aunt smacked him upside the head.

"You will be respectful as well Miroku! You'll do best to keep your wondering hand to yourself this evening." Izayoi scolded him.

"Ha! Telling Miroku not act like a perv is like telling a fish to breathe air, it's impossible!" Inuyasha laughed at his cousin's expense.

Miroku sat back in his seat with a pout. He was so misunderstood. Soon after their carriage began to come to a stop. A young man came and opened the door to help Lady Izayoi out. Inuyasha shrugged him off when the man tried to help him and Miroku politely declined the help.

Soon they were greeted by Lord Hiroshi, his wife Lady Ayako, and their daughter Kikyou.

"Welcome to our castle. We do hope that you'll enjoy the meal that will be served later on tonight." Lord Hiroshi and his family bowed in respect.

"The pleasure is ours. We thank you for inviting us." Lady Izayoi said as she and the boys bowed back to the family.

"Well then let's get started shall we?" Quickly, they were lead into the castle.

'Hmm this place seems familiar, like I've been here before.' Inuyasha thought as he stared at the castle. As he came back to reality he realized that the others had moved on without him.

"Oi! Wait for me!" he shouted as he ran to catch up with the others.

"Kagome I need ye to get the good china for the tea, and hurry!" yelled Keade.

"Okay!" She ran down the hallway to where the china and other extra dinning utensils were kept. Startled by a sudden masculine curse, she momentarily forgot about the china as she took a peak around the corner to see who was using the foul language. Though whom she didn't expect to see was the strange boy from her dreams.

"Dammit! Now I’m lost." Inuyasha cursed as he recognized the painting on the wall he’d already passed twice.

Mindlessly he wondered down the hall when he couldn’t help feeling like someone was watching him. He stopped for a second and tried to look out the corner of his eye to see if he could catch anything. When he figured it was just his imagination he kept walking. Not soon after he stopped the first time, the sensation of being watched hit him again.

"What the hell?" He whispered. He turned around quickly to catch who was spying on him, and got the surprise of his life when he saw the girl from his dreams. When she spotted him she gasped and hurriedly turned around to run in the opposite direction.

"Hey wait!" Inuyasha yelled, but it was too late, she was gone.

"Inuyasha!" he turned at the sound of his name to see Miroku running towards him.

"What happened to you? We turned around and you weren't there." Miroku panted.

"I got separated is all.” Inuyasha said distractedly, still staring at the spot where the girl had once been. Was she real, or was his mind playing tricks on him? He had every intention to follow her, but before he could get his feet to move Miroku was pulling him in the opposite direction.

"Come on man! Dinner is already being served and the girls are hot if I do say so myself." Miroku continued to tug on his cousin’s arm, he was in a hurry to get back to the eye candy.

"Yeah well no one asked you!" Inuyasha said already irritated with his perverted antics.

As they reached the dinning hall Inuyasha and Miroku took their seats.

"Where have you been my son? We were getting worried about you." Izayoi said in a motherly tone.

"Sorry mother. I just got a little turned around is all" He replied.

"Well we're glad you made it back safely. Lets enjoy the first course." Lady Ayako said with a smile. Picking up a small silver bell the woman rang it only once when a few servants came rushing in carrying food. Inuyasha’s eyes widened at the sight of the girl he'd seen in the hallway.

Kagome ran down the hallway with the china.

'Was that really him? I could have sworn I heard him say something but I-' her thoughts were cut off by someone yelling her name.

"Kagome! What took you so long? You know Lord Hiroshi is not a patient man." Sango said hurrying to fill the cups of tea and wine to be served with the dinner.

"I'm sorry. I got a bit distracted on my way to get the china." Kagome said apologetically.

"Distracted? What do you mean?" Sango said pausing in her work to stare at her friend.

"I'll tell you later. Right now we have to get these to the guests." Kagome said rushing to fill the few remaining cups with wine and tea.

They heard the bell and knew they were being summoned. It was understood that once the bell was rung it was in your best interest not to keep the royal family waiting.

When Kagome and Sango walked into the dinning room to pass out the drinks Kagome went pale and felt as if she'd seen a ghost.

There he was, the boy from her dreams. He looked exactly the same, the same dark eyes and the midnight hair to match. The formal red kimono suited him well. She didn't really get the chance to look at him before.

Kagome jumped when Lord Hiroshi cleared his throat impatiently and demand she stop gawking at the guest and pass out the drinks.

She swallowed nervously and nodded her head as she began to pass out the cups with a shaky hand.

"It's her." Inuyasha breathed in disbelief.

"Who's 'her'?" Miroku whispered.

"That girl with the dark hair and brown eyes, she's the girl from my dreams. I saw her in the hallway right before you came but I thought I was imagining things." Inuyasha whispered back.

"Well what are you gonna do?" Miroku asked

"That's a damned good question." Inuyasha continued to watch when the sound of the Lord clearing his throat brought Inuyasha out if his trance.

"Kagome why don't you hurry with those drinks huh? I think my guests have waited long enough." Lord Hiroshi said courtly.

"Y-yes my lord." The girl stammered obviously nervous.

'Kagome, pretty name.'

She began going around the table handing out the drinks.

"So Prince Inuyasha what are some of your hobbies?" Princess Kikyou asked him.

'Inuyasha.' Kagome thought to herself as she continued around the table. She liked the sound of his name.

"Um, I like to practice with my sword a lot, the Tetsusaiga, it was passed down to me from my father." He answered.

"Wow sounds interesting." Kikyou said.

"Um yeah, it's a pretty nice." Inuyasha broke eye contact, beginning to feel a little awkward.

"I'd love to see it sometime." She said a small blush staining her cheeks.

"Uh, okay, sure." Inuyasha said back sporting slight blush of his own.

He turned to his mother seeing her locked in a deep conversation with Lady Ayako. Then he looked over to Miroku who was flirting one of the servant girls pouring him more tea. Usually the girls Miroku flirted with would instantly flirt back, his status obviously appealing to them. Though this girl looked nothing short of irritated, and when Miroku's wondering hand found its way to her back side her fist clenched and unclenched rapidly as she stormed out of the room trying to get her anger under control.

"She wants me." Miroku said with a smirk.

"Sure..." Inuyasha replied, the sarcasm thick in this tone. The sound of a small voice grabbed his attention and him turning to face Kagome, who had her hand out offering a cup of tea to him

"Your tea Prince Inuyasha." she said quietly.

"Um thank you." Reaching out to grab the cup from her hand Inuyasha’s fingers brushed hers, and they both gasped at the sudden spark that shot up their arms. They pulled their hands back and the teacup broke on impact with the ground, spilling the hot liquid everywhere.

"Kagome!" yelled Lord Hiroshi.

"I'm sorry my Lord! I'm sorry Prince Inuyasha! I didn't mean to!" She pleaded.

"It's okay, really, no big deal" Inuyasha said with a small smile.

"I'll clean it up at once!" Kagome bowed once again in apology and ran out of the dinning room to find something to clean the mess with.

Inuyasha stared as he watched her run off, while Kagome stood on the opposite side of the door, one hand on her chest to calm her racing heart.

What the hell was that? They both thought in unison.

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